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  1. 3 years ago our boat was berthed at Bobbin Head and a guy purchased a second hand 50 foot cruiser. He had no boat experience and the first day he had it he went out with a mate and got on the turps big time, came back in and whilst trying to berth it he hit 5 boats causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. When they finally got him in he was charged by the police and his insurance company wiped their hands of his claim. Now that was pretty dumb. Luckily our 47 was not hit.
  2. Scratchie is a good bloke on all levels.
  3. wonder what they do with a shark of that size when they have finished weighing and photography? You could hardly put it in the freezer at home.
  4. what a great catch. Looks like it was about as long as your leg and that is a big fish.
  5. I was just thinking it would be a hike in
  6. I find it is easier to remove the hook with long shanks.
  7. harold


    I saw the video of them and it looks crook. Best keep out of the water.
  8. harold

    Would you report?

    A difficult scenario for anyone to be placed in. One does what one feels is right in these circumstances. Happy New Year to all
  9. What an interesting session. Congratulations on your catch
  10. My first wife died of colitis.
  11. We have caught quite a few in the various sandy bottom bays around Pittwater, mostly around the warmer times of the year.
  12. harold


    Game 2 will be brilliant. I hope JT is back as I love to watch him play, even though I hate the maroons. go the mighty blues.
  13. harold


    Blues all the way but without Gallen it might be a bit tough. Mind you it's always very tough.
  14. there is a mob at ultimo (02) 9810 0336
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