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  1. That's hard core! Fish of a lifetime, just awesome.
  2. Looks like Rip Bridge, Brisbane Waters.
  3. Good effort dude and entertaining video. Thanks for posting.
  4. Great report Gordo thanks. Which do you think are better eating, the rainbows or browns?
  5. Good on you, that looks about as good as it gets - idyllic surroundings, plenty of action, unforgettable time spent with loved ones and a good feed as a bonus. Exceptional results, keep it up.
  6. Nice catch Ryder! Great score picking up the Avon from Vinnies - mine was stolen from my car many decades ago!
  7. Hi Lakelad, I used to catch blackfish all the time as a boy and young bloke. The most important tips I could give you are: 1. Fish light - no more than 6 lb trace 2. Balance your float (the smallest possible for the conditions) with lead on your line beneath float so that it is only just floating with only the very top of it visible. This way when the fish takes the bait the float will go down without the fish feeling any resistance. 3. Present your bait simply and naturally, not a big bunch but a small strip of weed or cabbage with a half hitch to keep the hook covered. 4.
  8. Guitar playing and fishing go hand in hand! What a magnificent feed that is..
  9. Screw the jews and reds - I would be eating the squid!!
  10. Sorry, can't work out how to delete the post. Maybe admin can help. Was trying to help people get onto some fish. Promise I won't come back to the forum though. Have a great year everyone!
  11. Sorry for the offence. I'll delete the post.
  12. Jesus mate I must plead ignorance - I thought it was 20. That's how long it's been since I've been fishing. I'll know for next time. I thought people were impressed - my bad. They were telling me I did a bad thing. Over and out. Good luck everyone!
  13. After a long break from fishing been getting back into it. Been using live worms and nippers and struggling to get 1 or 3 fish, sometimes nothing. Then last Saturday night after the southerly died down, and then the following morning I got amongst them. Bronte Beach. Rising tide, live beachworms, running sinker rig with 8 lb leader. Been eating these all week. Bloody good to know that you can still catch a great feed in the middle of Sydney. On Sunday morning I was plucking them out from in between about thirty surfers!
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