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  1. Sensational fish. A lot of good eating too right there!
  2. Reminds me of going to the Hawkesbury with my dad as a kid with a wicker basket of handlines. Great stuff. Roughly where in the river were you and did you catch them on the drift? Bait?
  3. Hey Yowie I have greatly enjoyed your reports and pics. That's a great catch. Such a meaty red inside on a handline. Top stuff. Plus, would have been a treat on the table. Thanks for the inspiration and keep the reports coming
  4. Thanks for that update! That's great - whenever lockdown ends!
  5. I was looking for an update about this. As most know, due to fears over white spot disease infecting prawns, Queensland bloodworms have been banned for sale in NSW for some years. I found this report which sounds like they will be allowed again, but it is undated, and I can't find any other references. Anyone in the know about when we might see these again in bait stores in NSW? Report here: https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/biosecurity/aquatic-biosecurity-risk-review-south-east-queensland-bloodworms-for-use-as-fishing-bait
  6. Quality whiting there. Do you keep the tailor for bait or the table? If the table, what's the best way to cook them?
  7. What happened to the bream fillets??
  8. Dude from memory (as I haven't fished off rocks for luderick for ages, having done a lot in my teens, 20s and 30s), make sure your float is balanced with enough lead so a small bite makes it disappear - the cockies are not fussy but the luderick are.
  9. Saw a whole bunch (20 or 30) at my local fish shop yesterday stacked on ice. The biggest would have been maybe 50 cm. How is it that commercial fishermen are able to dispatch illegal specimens for sale on mass in broad daylight? What message does that send out to us as amateurs?
  10. Wow there's some great eating coming up for you.... Did the big snapper drop the lures or bust you off?
  11. I stayed with my 19 yo son at a house in North Durras back in December - great spot, caught a feed or two of whiting at the lake entrance. Just far enough away from Batemans Bay to be nice and quiet.
  12. Great video and nice touch releasing him. I've never caught a bronzie but I hear at that size they are very good eating.
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