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  1. Great report and a great fish congratulations on your first Marlin I gurantee it wont be your last. I cant beleive those conditions, great effort.
  2. Markwi

    Jb Saturday 8/3

    Unlucky Sammy , just got to keep trying and it will all come together.
  3. Markwi

    Out Wide

    Congrats on your first Marlin. Hopefully many more to come.
  4. Markwi

    The "hump" And Off Cronulla

    Well done Peter thats a nice feed, smoked sweep heh hmmm maybe I'll try it one day. The leatherjackets are getting pretty ranvenous of late down Marley way we had them taking chunks out of flathead.
  5. Markwi

    Botnay Wide 8/3/08

    An early start had us gathering livies off Molinex point, I decided to head south so we pushed down to Jibbon and did a troll along the coastline for Kings to Marley with no results. We then started to head out to the south east and put the lures in heading for the shelf water was 22c. At around the 100mtr mark we had numerous Dolphin fish hit our lures these fish were between 60-70cm and were attacking Marlin lures of which 3 were released. As we got to the 200mtr mark water temp dropped to 21.4c and stayed that way all the way to the shelf, we turned and headed north towards the Southern Canyons and then North east to come in from the east on Browns we had no hits and saw no activity other than Mutton birds. All up we covered 205km were on the water at 4am and off the water at 7.30pm. I didnt see many boats out yesterday either, the conditions were great so maybe everyone alse knew something, fishing can be frustrating sometimes but lucky there's always next time.
  6. With the weather looking good I may get out to tempt a Marlin or anything "I'm not to fussy". Will either head from Oatley of Cooks.
  7. Markwi

    Snapper On Plastics

    Lovely fish there Snap, the planets certainly lined up for you
  8. Markwi

    Back With A Vengance!

    Congrats on the rig Sammy she looked very nice. Glad to see you caught a couple of fish too.
  9. Markwi


    I'm running the 600w transom mount on my 585 gives great performance. I dont do a great deal deep water fishing but I can pickup the bottom in 400mtrs when doing less than 3 knots. Remember a shot through tranducer will not shot through metal so the install becomes a lot more complicated, take Anthony's advice and ring Mark he helped me with my selection.
  10. Markwi

    Tag Lines

    Thanks guys for info. Warnie why the peg for live bait and roller for switch, is the peg a softer release?
  11. Markwi

    Tag Lines

    Anthony Mine are setup with a plastic clip at one end and a snap swivel on the other. The snap being the connection to the trolled line, so I was going to connect to the line with a rubber band as I do now. You think its better to get rid of that snap?
  12. I havent used my tag lines yet but intend to during this season, I am interested to see if others have changed across and seen a difference in their hookup rate when using them?
  13. Markwi

    Radio Call Signs

    Hi All When out on the water it would be nice from time to time to contact fellow raiders. Quite often we may not be aware that members are out on the water being that their radio call sign is different to their Fishraider user name. With this in mind I thought it maybe a good idea to start a thread listing the details. In my case the boat name is “Whitecaps” but my logon with Coastal Patrol is SY178 Callsign: Sierra Yankee 178 Radio VHF: I always monitor channel 16 Boat: Barcrusher 640c With some raiders now licensed to use their VHF radios DSC numbers could added when available as well.
  14. Markwi

    Marine Radio Course Results

    Another happy vegimite here got mine.
  15. Markwi

    Jb Whitesands Tournie 23-25th Nov 07

    Great effort Caige & Dave lovely fish