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  1. Awesome mate, a welcome piece of reading while in quarantine with my old man . Thank you!
  2. Nice fish there Scratchie! To pull out results like that on a day that was dead everywhere else is a real credit to you! well done mate!
  3. Well after an early start at work yesterday and a few hours under the belt, I decided I would go down to the boat and give it a wash and thought we might throw a couple rods in the back just in case. Haven’t had a chance to get out on the water for weeks due to work commitments and with the weather being so good we couldn’t help ourselves. So off we went for a squirt to long reef and throw some soft plastics around. Got to longy in no time, flying down the cost from palm beach at 30knts! Wasn’t much happening so change of plan and off to the washes at north head. 10 casts later, and a nice cast into the wash, 2 twerks later and got hit by a steam train! Had to work very hard to get him away from the washes. 10 minutes later after the typical dog fight we had it boat side, a quick photo and back in the drink to harass everything else in the area! Those Stella outfits are unreal.... Sorry no specifics around size and weight but he was bigger than the esky and prob around 5ish kg. I’m a 120kgs if that provides some scale:) haha Quite a bit of bait around at longy and north head, water temp 21.8-21. The phone wouldn’t spot ringing so felt like We quickly achieved our goal for the day and time to belt home and give the boat a was down. Thanks for reading!
  4. Nice snaps there mate! What a life... an afternoon up at the island having fun getting stretched Looked like he crunched that plastic. Well done as usual! Cheers mate
  5. That is awesome footage! Never seen anything like it.... being tied to a desk working for the last few weeks and for the foreseeable future that gets me fizzing! can just imagine how many hours of fruitless footage you have to film to capture situations like that! cant wait for the water to settle down a bit and get amongst it! thanks for sharing!
  6. Mate those conditions look awesome! We brought the boat back to Pittwater on Sunday for Australia Day weekend and that 4knt current on a southerly swell and 20knt wind created a very ugly ocean! Temp went from 19 up to 27 within a couple miles, never seen it climb so much before! Once we hit terrigal it was flat and we hammered home at 30knts... looked very fishy, a couple marlin reported alone the coast but not much else. All we got was mini Mahi Mahi that I think we ended up towing for a couple miles each time cause they weren’t big enough to take drag! Ha What a way to save the day, my mouth watered looking at that snapper! As usual you pull the rabbit out the hat.... Great report as always!
  7. Well done scratchie! Out of interest, what’s your favorite way of cooking the snaps? Was there a heap of red algae in the water up there? Saturday it was everywhere and the water was horrible, yesterday a little better. Unfortunately wasn’t fishing, just taking my old man for a run. There was talk on the marina yesterday of a few blacks tagged... will keep the ear close to the ground. again well done and loved reading your report!
  8. Hi MikeMac, yeah we are at the marina in the blue sea fox center console with twin 300hp Evinrudes. Yeah haven’t been able to turn a reel on the livies at all. Including live squid!! will give it another crack and in he morning.
  9. Cheers mate, no scratchie size snapper that’s for sure.... inspired by your master yoda work on the snapper! I reckon those big fellas that striped 30+m on high drag would of been more like your standard but will give it a crack tomoz and let you know!
  10. Well we hit the marina this morning to find our upgraded simrad electronics package was still out of action (waiting on a recalled power module replacement) so heading wide wasn’t an option as we had no water temp and no sounder! So decided to get some live bait at cabbage tree island and head up to broughton. Loaded up in slimies in no time! No burley needed, just a bait jig and had a tank full in 10 mins. got to the north side of the island by 8am and decided to work the washes all around the island with soft plastics while having a live bait out the back. Live baits didn’t get touched all day, but the soft plastics got smashed on the drop but only when we were casting into the washes. Ended up with a handful of snapper and got smoked by some much larger models on my new Stella 4000 combos running 30lb braid! All fish were released.... back at it tomoz!
  11. Well done scratchie... great report! I think I might of saw you heading out this morning as I was coming back in. We are in the 28ft blue sea fox center console with twin 300hp Evinrude’s. We got to just south of the FAD with the water cold 18.6 and like a washing machine so decided to head back to the marina! Looks like we should of packed some lighter gear and headed up for some snapper! Hopefully one day this week we will do the same.
  12. Im going to give it a bash... Taking out a bunch of mates that have seen the photos of the fin over the last few weeks and have been begging so thought i would try and get amongst the jelly beans on some lighter tackle this week. If anyone is out throw a Holla on the VHF. Cheers Dan
  13. Hello Raiders, Im sure your alot of you are sitting at your desk's wishing you were fishing like I am, so i thought i would post yesterdays trip. Headed out from Bayview at about 7am and headed straight to the shelf. Arived at about 8:30am and set the spread. Decided to head south as heard on the radio that alot of boats were at browns so left the 20.5c water for what i thought would be warmer water, boy was i wrong!!!! By the time we were south of North Head we were trolling in 19.4c and I decided to pull the pin on going any further south and turned her around and headed back to 300fth off long reef. Found some better water at about 20.4 and within minutes double hookup on bellybeans. 30 mins later we got a tripple hookup on sprokets with everyone on board having a heap of fun. Lures back out ( running 2 off the outriggers, short and long corner and a shotgun) and everything got hit.... landed all 5 and decided to call it a day.. Total of ten yellowfin.. Will this yellowfin bite every stop??? Here is a pick of one of the smaller ones.. Tight lines
  14. Hi guys, I will be out wide Sunday chasing fin and what-ever else pops up!!! Will be on VHF 81 call sign "Ka-Ching" Only new to the site, this is my mini battlewagon Cheers Dan
  15. Thanks guys... Thought I would show you my little baby, so if any of you are out on the weekend you know where there is a beer waiting...