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  1. Ka-Ching

    Yellowfin Tuna And The Weekend

    Im going to give it a bash... Taking out a bunch of mates that have seen the photos of the fin over the last few weeks and have been begging so thought i would try and get amongst the jelly beans on some lighter tackle this week. If anyone is out throw a Holla on the VHF. Cheers Dan
  2. Ka-Ching

    Fellow Fin On The Shelf

    Hello Raiders, Im sure your alot of you are sitting at your desk's wishing you were fishing like I am, so i thought i would post yesterdays trip. Headed out from Bayview at about 7am and headed straight to the shelf. Arived at about 8:30am and set the spread. Decided to head south as heard on the radio that alot of boats were at browns so left the 20.5c water for what i thought would be warmer water, boy was i wrong!!!! By the time we were south of North Head we were trolling in 19.4c and I decided to pull the pin on going any further south and turned her around and headed back to 300fth off long reef. Found some better water at about 20.4 and within minutes double hookup on bellybeans. 30 mins later we got a tripple hookup on sprokets with everyone on board having a heap of fun. Lures back out ( running 2 off the outriggers, short and long corner and a shotgun) and everything got hit.... landed all 5 and decided to call it a day.. Total of ten yellowfin.. Will this yellowfin bite every stop??? Here is a pick of one of the smaller ones.. Tight lines
  3. Ka-Ching

    Outwide On The Weekend

    Hi guys, I will be out wide Sunday chasing fin and what-ever else pops up!!! Will be on VHF 81 call sign "Ka-Ching" Only new to the site, this is my mini battlewagon Cheers Dan
  4. Ka-Ching

    Yellow Fin Crazy....

    Thanks guys... Thought I would show you my little baby, so if any of you are out on the weekend you know where there is a beer waiting...
  5. Ka-Ching

    Yellow Fin Crazy....

    Ohh and here is a photo... Cheers
  6. Ka-Ching

    Yellow Fin Crazy....

    Thanks everyone for the replies... Anyone else heading out wide this weekend? Cheers Dan
  7. Ka-Ching

    Yellow Fin Crazy....

    Thanks guys, going to head out again this weekend and have another session late in the arvo. I heard on the radio that alot of boats were just heading home when we got on the shelf. It will be interesting to hear if any more reports filter through during the week. Dan
  8. Ka-Ching

    Yellow Fin Crazy....

    Hi everyone, This is my first post as only found the site on Saturday and thought after yesterdays session I should let you all know how I went after ready some great posts on Saturday night. Day started very lazy on Sunday morning, having a coffee at the marina in Bay view at 7:30 waiting for the rest of my crew to turn up at the boat. 9am comes and everyone is finally here and ready for a day onthe water. The plan was to get some livies at West Head and head to the FAD off broken bay for some light takle action on the dollies (after reading of a rumour of dollies around the FADs) but of course the one thing I ask my brother to bring (light tackle) he turns up with 2 X 80W's and 4 X 50W's which turned the light tackle session into a winch session Anyway arrive at the Broken Bay FAD at about 11 and trolled livies, lures and everything under the sun without a sign of life. Made the decision at about 12:30-1:00 to head to the shelf and pull some plastic. Heading south east to about long reef and hit the shelf at about 2:30. Cross the shelf and hit 200 fathoms and SCREEEEAAAAAMMMMMM Double hookup on the 50W's which were about 8 meters from the boat, landed one 6kg yellowfin and dropped the next . Lures back out and 30 mins later Tripple hookup on 50's..... With four ppl on the boat made my life very difficult running the boat, clearing the lines, teasers etc but that just makes it all more fun. Landed all three. 12Kg yellowfin. Lures back out at about 3:30pm and working the same area that we have now pulled 4 yellowfin from and after 10 minutes see a free swimming beaky, think he had a full tummy as he only showed a little bit of interest and was happy just surfing down the waves. 4:30 and we get another tripple hookup and land all 3, again fin about 10Kg's. Started the hump home at about 5:30 with high fives all round. The secret of the day was small feathers with metal heads and once we got a strike I keeped trolling for about 2 minutes in which time close to everything in the water got nailed. All fish were caught in water temp of 21.2, with the hotest I could find was 21.5. funny enough no birds at all and apart from schools of dolphins feeding it appeared to be very dead. So in total 7 yellowfin in about 2.5 hours once we hit the shelf. Will post photos of the fish in the next few days when my mate sends them on. Will also put up some photos of my 30ft blackwatch (named Ka-Ching) Anyway thought I would chuck my two cents worth in.. Tight Lines...