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  1. blawler

    Whats On This Weekend For Fishraiders?

    I pick up my new motorbike :-D
  2. blawler

    What Other Hobbies Do You Have

    I play world of warcraft. I also play DnD with ym friends once a fortnight/week (yes I am a geek) But alot of the time I am working. Also enjoy riding on my Mountain Bike and Generally just chillin at the pub with my mates.
  3. blawler

    Mainbar (bundenna)

    I have to say I have never really had any luck in that part of the world. But I think I am just going to the wrong spots :-( Lala
  4. blawler

    Water Restrictions.....

    I didnt think they could do this. Doesnt it Damage the engine not to flush it. If the council band you the use of water to flush your engine and damage ensued, then they would be liable for the repair. Maybe you should point that out to them? It poses a safety risk. What next, are they going to ban you from taking a shower? Brad
  5. blawler

    Ramp Security

    I put a lock on mine and it is attached to the car. So I would definately lock it up. Milperra ramp is notorious for theivery, I now people who refuse to launch their boat there. Georges River (Revesby) is better as it is a national park and there are lots of people. But definately lock it up Brad
  6. blawler

    Boat Servicing

    Yeah I was just talking to my mate and thats where he takes his too.. Might give that guy a go then. THanks Brad
  7. blawler

    Boat Servicing

    Thanks for the quick reply George. Much appreciated.
  8. blawler

    Boat Servicing

    Hey guys and girls. I have a 60HP Yamaha engine (2004 oil injected) and I was wondering where I should get it serviced. I hadnt taken my boat out on the water for quite some time (although I ran engine reasonably regularily out of the water) and it was running quite rough. I live in Sefton which is in teh south west of sydney. Thanks in advance Brad
  9. blawler

    Lane Cove River Carp Fest

    Yeah Ill come provided the day is good for me...
  10. blawler

    Chicks On Boats

    I have no problem with it. The ladies that I regularily fish with bait their own hooks ties their own rigs, bring the sandwiches, etc.. One of them is my wife, the other my best friend.. And they are both tops at fishing. Although they arent to keen on the early starts, so I do get alot of fishing time with just the boys. B
  11. blawler

    Here We Are..

    Congrats on the new boat.. Now begins the endles cycle... Soon I am sure you will be saying my favourite line from Jaws.... That boat should fly with the 60hp on the back.. My glass cuddy flies with the 60... Good luck with it mate Brad
  12. blawler

    Carp In The Lane Cover River - Chapter 19

    I can fit 5 in the pajer easy.. 7 if needed.. I am always up for some covert fishing action, I will even wear my cammo gear.. Put the training to some use..
  13. blawler

    Best Fishing Spot?

    Girls and fishing do mix.. My best friend goes out fishing all the time with us and she loves it.. I prefer fishing the southern side of sydney. Georges River and Port Hacking. THe sand spit at mainbar is a great place...
  14. blawler

    Boat Licences

    You will probally be required to undergo a boat drivers training course. Me and the did this and thought it was great.
  15. blawler

    Whats On This Weekend ? 27/28

    I need to change the brakes on the pajero... Starting to get a bit difficult to pull her up these days.. Other than that not much. Might go for a fish out picnic point way on friday night...