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  1. Marlin01

    SouthWestRocks Highlights

    Great eating with the tusky, fantastic spot too!
  2. Marlin01

    Port Stephens Wide

    I’ve eaten fish frozen for 18 mths and it’s been fine. I would say safely twelve months and it’s like it was caught yesterday! That said buy a good machine (sunbeam is hard to beat) and also good quality bags or rolls, cheap stuff is rubbish and will waste good fish. Not Allmark but not far away, easy 2.5-3knts of current, marked a few big fish mid to top water, maybe sharks. Lots of toads or jackets also, lost lots of gear gets exxy with 32Oz leads 8-( .
  3. Marlin01

    Port Stephens Wide

    Weather looked great so locked in a trip for Monday. Not quite the winds we were after with 10 knots of Northerly on top of left over NE slop but away we go. Launched at Shoal Bay, looked like it would be interesting on the low tide. Livies were easy, tank full of slimies in 15min along with a few for cut baits. Bashed Out to 80 fathoms, very sloppy. Ran through a couple of current lines but temp was constant. Arrived wet and well tenderised. Rigged the rods with traces sinkers and bait, noticed we had drifted 1.2 kms in 10 minutes, obviously lots of current. Ran back to the mark and scored a king and a nice 2kg red first drop, looking good. Hard work over the next few hours but scraped a bag of reds to 4 kg, a few great kings, big goats and a weird yellow cod? Much better run home, entertained by the whales along the way. Low tide meant Shoal Bay was a no go with a shipload of sand on the ramp a car and boat already stuck so split to Halifax which wasn’t much better but managed to get out first attempt. Long day, hard work (felt it on Tuesday) but good fun and a great feed of fish. No pics, I was flat out all day. One pic of my share of the vacuumed fillets!
  4. Marlin01

    North Coast Warms Up

    Just fishing in the berley, not many berley up there. Really is a lucky dip what’s going to bite in the cubes. Most snapper had berley in their guts, shows it works.
  5. Marlin01

    North Coast Warms Up

    The charters went well a week ago, nice spotties too, I reckon you’ll do well!
  6. Marlin01

    North Coast Warms Up

    He doesn’t waste much, yum! 14Kg Wahoo, I’ve gaffed a few but never caught one ☝️ Done ✅
  7. Marlin01

    North Coast Warms Up

    The last day for fishing arrived so back to Grassy, water was blue and warm (26deg). Too much current to berley for reds. Surface fish were the order of the day. First livie ot got short back and sided, I always wonder how they miss all those hooks? Start readying for another livie deployment when Nicho spots a couple of Wahoo cruising, jam on a slimie and no balloon, instant strike and wait for the screaming run....and wait and wait. Strange fight, never got more than 50 M from the boat, start thinking tuna but no telltale headshakes? Guesses keep coming, I’m thinking big Spanish. After 20 min we get a flash of silver 15 M down, Spanish. Pump and wind and spot the blue stripes 10 M down. Nicho finishes with a great gaff shot and my first Wahoo hits the deck, pretty stoked. Manage to loose three big spots in a row as the stinger falls out 2 m from the boat each time. More tuna and a couple of spotties actually landed sees us finish a great trip. Love fishing up here, so many options, took the kids fishing and crabbing also a couple of times. Ill be back!
  8. Marlin01

    North Coast Warms Up

  9. Marlin01

    North Coast Warms Up

    Week two saw the temp keep sneaking up and a few more reports of Spotted Mack’s. Plenty of bluefin tuna along with Mack tuna for a work out! Current started to run a bit harder but surprisingly the bottom fish shut down, glad we got a couple of pearlies and tuskfish first week. Fished Tuesday and didn’t have a fish in the boat at 12 o’clock. Fish in closer again to get a few reds and a hot Spaniard bite going, lots of current. Fished Grassy wide next day and wound up with some great reds (the sharks got the big ones ?? Even managed a few spotties to top off the day!
  10. Marlin01

    North Coast Warms Up

    The bar is typically quite good on most run in tides and the first half of the run out. This is all swell dependent along with wind direction. We fished twelve of fourteen days and had no trouble on the bar. We did utilise the “chicken run” on the North wall a few times just to avoid the pressure waves on the main bar. This is shallow (.5M under the hull) but very safe and allows waiting for a break if required. Back to the fishing, more snapper and a few nice Spanish appeared by the end of week one as the temp snuck up to 23.5deg.
  11. Marlin01

    North Coast Warms Up

  12. Marlin01

    North Coast Warms Up

    Well that time of year, up to SWR for a couple of weeks with the family. Arrive Friday, unpack and relax whilst prepping for a fish Saturday. Saturday dawns, bar was flat so up to Grassy we head to be greeted by green, cold water (21.5deg). Very dead on the wider grounds so headed in closer and the snaps were co-operative unlike the Mackerel! Went south the next day, big swell (3M+) and only a couple of small snapper. Fished real close up North and went well on the reds. Landed a 5 and 6kg red on light gear along with some great pan fish, bluefin and yellowfin and a couple of school mackerel. Great day TBC
  13. Marlin01

    Swansea Flathead, yum

    No photos, chased a few reds in close this morning, started well. Reds in the berley straight away, all good till I pulled the hook on a nice one and shutdown time, doh! Out for a few flatskulls, good bite with a few doubles. Got my ten in just over an hour with a few upgrades. Nice bag of fillets! Gave the electric a run, all good. Cheers Marlin
  14. Marlin01

    Sounder help

    I'm with stevefish, a 587 Furuno and a tm260 will cover all bases. Marlin
  15. Marlin01

    Any news from South West Rocks

    Still fishing well last week with Mackerel and Tuna still around. Snapper also in reasonable numbers. Just had two weeks and fished almost each day with only one poor catch. Plenty of bait, caught yellowfin, bluefin, Spanish and spotted mackerel along with snapper, Jew and a few pearlies. Well worth the trip! Cheers Marlin01