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  1. PPSGT

    Fish ID Bass or Estuary Perch

    Thanks - it was caught in the Murray River in SA. EP are listed as living there but not bass
  2. Hi All, Friend showed this pic of his mates "Bass" caught in a most unsual place From this pic can anyone ID it? Thanks Jason
  3. PPSGT

    Solo Offshore Broken Bay

    Ive used stripies for Tuna Tataki. Served up to a big group of foodie friends they loved it Tasted awesome
  4. PPSGT

    Harbour Hoodlum

    Thunnus 12000 on monster mesh rod and 50lb braid to 60lb leader and 4/0 circle hook.
  5. PPSGT

    Harbour Hoodlum

    Hi Raiders, Longtime between posts, still read them so thought i'd contribute a post Hit the harbour today at 5.30am Livies easy to come by and hit the sabikis in full strings. Downrigged markers around the harbour with big baits for trophy fish ? First strike its on.... reel screaming like its in free spool.... baitrunner was on - looked very impressive and a very hungry 50cm rat gets boated Next pass - drag engaged but this time its truly like its in freespool under heavy drag r od buckling over and the monster mesh tip is under water. Grab the rod, its around the DR no chance of untangling the freight train and my PB trophy fish is gone My mates rod is still in the action and 20 metres later he is on. Big fight with lots of runs a few minutes later gets colour and put back the net and grab the gaff and 110cm of kingfish hits the deck 2nd fish was nowhere near the strike or power of the first but theres always next time! Its my second smoking this year on the elephant gun tackle by unstoppable fish Continued out to South Head for 40cm king on jig
  6. PPSGT

    Outside Port Hacking - shark I.D.

    Leopard sharks are a type of cat shark. there are many types some with perfect small round spots all over top/side usually black and look the similar to leopard shark in shape there are a few different species
  7. PPSGT

    STOP! Hammer time

    Hi Raiders, Went for a lazy start time 7am at the ramp, lazy fish today back home at 1pm Filled tanked with livies from micro yakkas to yakzillas and lost more sabikis to kings so headed off to drift around south head with no particular plan. Livies down deep and one on the surface - surface one on a thunnus 4000 baitrunner gets nailed. Goes down deep and puts up a great fight on 20lb leader/main line. Hoping for a good king, but it comes back up and makes a surface run. Circle hook nicely in the jaw and a little 1.2m hammerhead is boat size. I was keen to get better pics but it pulled the hook boatside and was on its way Also picked up trag/bonito/tailor/sergeant baker and plenty of 64.5cm kings to deplete the bait tank and call it an early day, whilst my two deckies got to test their new saragosa's one an 8000 and one a 6000 (purchased after bith getting owned by dollies a few weeks ago on their bream gear) Not that we got to turn them on anything really angry, but the rats gave the drag a tiny squeak to bed in those lovely new drags Nice day to be on the water and see all the ANZAC day fly overs Got txt from others witg better game plans that did well on bigger fish but for an unplanned session we packed a lot variety into 4 hours of fishing
  8. PPSGT

    Saturday night middle harbour

    do the same thing at 7am in MH and I think your results will be vastly different Otherwise, if you have to fish nights - anchor up on a drop off and fish the same baits 2 hours either side of the tide, unweighted and let them drift to the bottom
  9. Hi Raiders, I've been lucky to get out on the water 4 days in the past week and chase kings, after telling my wife as I don't play golf or drink beer I need to network through fishing. She kind of gives me that wife look followed by "fine"....... Thats approval isn't it? I don't question or look up on Google what it means when your wife says it fine, I just start making calls, ask boss for annual leave day and got to bed early that night Day 1 - Sat week ago Early start, 2 mates from work 2 hours for 3 yakkas and one squid. Had to be back by 10am so fished the main harbour. Drop downrigger down with the tiny squid at the first spot, a rat king takes it as I am lowering it down. Handed rod to my mate who winds in his first 50cm king - all over in 20secs The three yakkas end up with a similar fate within 1 minute of setting the downrigger So no bait, 1 hour left we switch to halco metal slices and go back over the spot and they are hot to trot and smashing anything that's in the water. rats are so dumb So after 20 kingfish for the morning we ended up with 2x 67cm kings between three, the mate that had to leave early and didn't help clean the boat left empty handed Day 2 - Wed I'd been talking up the Sydney king fishing to some Adelaide snapper crazy friends they were heading to Sydney so we locked in a day fishing After Sat bait catching issues I checked out a likely spot west of the bridge in the dark. Burley up - lots of activity and quickly fill the tank with "yakkas" pick up the guys in circular quay and head out to get slimies near the heads, Too rough and windy and end up with only one yakzilla after 30 minutes. Neither of them get sea sick so we head out the heads and to the inshore reefs Get out the first "yakka" which turns out to be a slimy! Check the tank and 10 of the yakkas are actually brownish slimies obviously from living in the Parramatta river -nice! See a Hire boat out there hooked up hard. Rod fully loaded what we expected was the bottom. We lapped him with the downrigger and watched for 5 minutes (yes that long) waiting for the rod to snap. As we got closer it was the owner of said boat hire business hooked up hard on top shelf gear. Next minute the fish runs to the back then the front of the boat with him hot pursuit but he got reefed on the last run and it was over We idle away to some marks one bait on top one on the downrigger - hungry rat takes the top bait, bait runner 8000d screams off and it's sounds awesome, until he turns the handle drag kicks in and fish of 50cm is skull dragged to the boat. They don't even want a photo We then sound up a big school and go through 15 baits and 15 fish for one keeper every time we stopped for a downrig strike the surface bait went off. In search of a reef donkey we put on yakzilla and downrig it over different marks until a 64cm king with eyes big then it's stomach manages to hook itself Go back to the original mark, still heaps of kings so switch to jigs. Triple hook up of rats and heaps follow them up we get a least another 10 with only one solid hook up which they got the fish to the boat with the assist hook hanging out its mouth. One shake and the fish of the day is gone. All that action for 3 keepers Took mate who left early sat some nice fresh skinless and boneless Kingy fillets into work the next day for his dinner. Gave a big tailor to my neighbour who seems to like them. Never eaten one myself Day 3 - Sat After talking it up at work, take my bosses boss out for the third time after a kingfish after two zero days. Wake up to a southerly... I am sure that's not a good sign. Undeterred I head to my new bait spot and fill tank with micro yakkas and slimies - it's looking good now! Cut a long story short - epic fail! and I tried everywhere in the harbour! When it's the third trip with the big boss and looking like failure I was trying every trick I knew. I am sure they were around but he is just an albatross and I didn't even see a single fish on the sounder. My team mates where SMS ing asking for updates and taking the piss which didn't help. Day 4 -Monday Monday this week with a customer from work. Chinese guy who a gun rock fisherman who's always showing me pics of surgeon fish, grouper and other rock beasts but never fished from a boat. After telling him to just brings snacks and his best rod, he rocks up with so much stuff! Red bulls, cakes, chips, water, 3 types of bait, 3 fishing rods and is keep as to get onto a king. Catching bait was lots of fun with a mix of slimies and yakkas. Head out and troll South head, downrig and surface bait out, top one gets nailed with a nice sound from the bait runner until he turns the handle on the 8000d and it sounds like a coffee grinder! Maybe shouldn't have let my mates jig with it on Wed..... He lands a 60cm king, but the reel is cactus. I left all the good gear at home except my jig rod so we chuck one of his rods on and continue. 2 rats further up the harbour by then it's 10am and I'm suppose to be at work (should have been home an hour earlier) but he's my top customer so we try another hour for zero and head home Race home at 35 knots unhook boat, shower and at work ready for lunch late that afternoon my customer rings me and asks me to come downstairs and see him. To thank me for the trip and to say happy Chinese New Year he had bought me a new Penn bait runner to replace the dead shimano I am really embarrassed Then I get home and my neighbours son is cleaning out crap he's got stored at his dad's place and says "do you want my old downrigger?" - old the Penn unit is current model and used a couple of times! Nice Never owned Penn gear now I got two pieces given to me in one day Lots of kingfish for dinner this week which was nice. So sweet when they are barely legal Mmmmmm. NamJim Kingfish for dinner Barely legal......... Jason ps I googled what it means when you wife says fine. I'm not going fishing this weekend. And am solo Mr Mum Sat and Sunday as punishment.... But the weekend after....... My brother is here, so I can go fishing both days right???
  10. PPSGT

    My first Kingfish 7/7/13

    I bet the Kingy tasted better than the salmon Just wish we had landed that beast we hooked - made the fight from the 92cm on Wed look like a rat, best hook up i've seen on my boat, but you could tell from the start it was probably going to end in tears...... Your first king, my first amberjack - just about to eat mine now Can't wait to see you hook a real king on the bait rod you were using
  11. Hi Raiders, Had a bet with my boss - he lost so got to go fishing on company time Took two guys from work who'd never caught a kingfish and headed out at a lazy 10am Set them to work catching yakkas - after 1 hour decided the 5 they caught was taking to long, so dropped the handline in, and 10 minutes later we had 20 Had some tips were the fish would be from another Raider, but the best spot was out to far for Newbies so stayed close to the heads Downrigged and surface trolled the Yakkas - 2 minutes in and the surface one gets slammed by a rat - 65cm back he goes Another rat - then downrigger goes off - first bloke grabs it and struggles to hold onto the rod (maybe 5kg drag tops on a Charter Special) so i lift while he winds until he's got it - A Short fight and a fat 85cm lands in the boat, besides the 1 yakka he caught its his first fish ever. Bloke number 2 on strike - a couple of rats on the surface, until whilst we are all watching the next surface yakka has a torpedo racing at it - it slams the bait and clears the water - so I call it for a salmon until it dives to the bottom, he fits it better than the first bloke and a 75cm one is boated. Was keen to anchor up and burley hard - but one of the guys got sick everytime we stopped. They caught three rats between 63-65cm each plus their keepers, butI still hadnt picked up a rod - so over goes a jig - second retrieve 92cm king hooks up and boated. it was 3pm or so by then, we each had a fish so headed home They were happy - great day on the water big rolliing swell but with a big period between each one boss was angry as we kept sending pics of the kingfish (he's never got one) Boat home and washed and packed up by 5pm - great day at work Fish were nice and fat - even the rats Mmmmm. Crispy coated kingfish with Red Curry Sauce Harbour was 14c at 10am low tide the bridge low tide and 16c at 3pm on the incoming tide Heads was 18-19c and down to 17c in spots Heaps of dolphins inside the heads , lots of whale watching boats (we didnt see any) zero surface action on the way out or in No leather jackets, but salmon were around Jason
  12. PPSGT

    sydney heads

    what do the wrasse (bottom pic last on the right) taste like?
  13. PPSGT


    Merry Christmas Raiders, Last weekend I was fishing off my mates boat at the Spit, trying to catch some of the big bream lurking around. Now I have been catching some big yakkas lately, but we hooked Yakzilla! It went over 45cm very thick and would have probably held its own against anything that tried to eat it. Before anyone says - it was definitely not a cowanyoung , and was bigger than some kings I have caught this year Wikipedia say they grow to 50cm, and this one would have been close. A 30cm Yakka is huge but this one and its mates were in another league. What is the biggest someone has caught in the harbour? I didnt take a photo, might have won COTM? What is the FR record for Yakkas? Might have a shot at it... Jason
  14. PPSGT

    Barracouta in north harbour

    they make great snapper bait
  15. PPSGT

    DIY Esky Bait tank

    I just finished mine a couple of weeks ago. Same idea - almost same esky (cheapest square one I could find) I just boxed it up with MDF soaked in resin then flowcoated and turned it into a bait board on top. Skin fittings & $19.95 bilge pump. last one lasted 4 seasons and takes 5 minutes to change so haven't bothered with an expensive one. Its the second remodeling of my baittank set up. Moved the inlet/outlets to the front so it doesnt drain when you get up on the plane. It use to sit in the transom well and removeable, but now its at the perfect work height and is bolted to the transom with brackets. Solid as rock and can grab it or lean on it in the rough weather Sad thing after all the work, I am selling the boat....