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  1. I installed a prosport 12a charger. very happy with it. easy to use.
  2. Hi Alan. I have used the Navionics apps before, they go okay. Search Navionics in the App Store.
  3. I went out with a well known fishing guide in Sydney and his advice was to stick with the manual deploy as he knew people who had gone the other way and had multiple failures. I think it depends on how much you go out though, if you only go out every second weekend and use it half a dozen times a trip it's probably fine. Certainly convenient and has height adjustment. I have a boat like yours, I think if I had a boat with a cabin I would definitely go the Ulterra option, otherwise I'd just go the manual deploy. I've deployed mine a hundred times and I've never really wished it was self deploy. But that's prob because I haven't owned the other Can you PM me the price you got as I'm thinking of upgrading to the 80LB
  4. $69,990 sounds a lot but Some 4WD's are approaching that price now ( Wildtrack / Hilux etx) and that probably wouldn't get you much at a Quintrex dealer
  5. Nice video Mate.! Tell me is the road in still an 'adventure'? Used to fish the spillway and river years ago, good memories.
  6. Bear, I reckon get a second hand renegade 460 or 490 and put the money you save towards a good bow mount electric motor, makes life so much easier. Or have a look at the TABS 5100 above that looks like a great boat too. Don't get hung up on the motor well, the back of the boat rides up and down with the swell and you'll probably only take it offshore on a safe calm day.
  7. What about a leaf blower? just a thought, blow the water away it's a trick that car detailers use
  8. Mate the Formosa Sea Rod looks awesome. $34990 seems like a good price for that size boat. That would be my pick
  9. Hi Mate, my total scan threw up a big rooster tail when I first installed it. That will be the spray you are noticing. Have a fiddle with the height of the transducer. Too low and it will plow through the water. I adjusted mine up and it is better. I don't think it would effect the performance of the boat very much though. Hope that helps. With regards to your prop. I'm no expert, you can buy a new aluminium prop for around $150 to try and probably borrow a SS one on the premise of trying it to solve your problem
  10. Hi Mate, take a photo of the back RHS of your boat and we can give you an idea. Like someone above said. Investing in an adjustable bracket will save you a lot of heartache if you need to move it up or down. Bracket like this one http://www.bcf.com.au/Product/Transducer-Bracket-Flat-Alloy-Small/115524 cheap as. The transducer will likely look something like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/301326437772?lpid=107&chn=ps Here is a video of one installed with commentary , different brand same principle.
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