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  1. mob0103

    Only in America

    Found a Youtube version
  2. mob0103

    Cordless wet & dry vacuum cleaners

    What about a leaf blower? just a thought, blow the water away it's a trick that car detailers use
  3. mob0103

    New fishing Boat

    Mate the Formosa Sea Rod looks awesome. $34990 seems like a good price for that size boat. That would be my pick
  4. mob0103

    Please suggest a boat

    Dem boats look fine
  5. mob0103

    Sudden performance issues on new boat

    Hi Mate, my total scan threw up a big rooster tail when I first installed it. That will be the spray you are noticing. Have a fiddle with the height of the transducer. Too low and it will plow through the water. I adjusted mine up and it is better. I don't think it would effect the performance of the boat very much though. Hope that helps. With regards to your prop. I'm no expert, you can buy a new aluminium prop for around $150 to try and probably borrow a SS one on the premise of trying it to solve your problem
  6. mob0103

    Tips for installing Fish Finder/Transducer

    Would be fine mate
  7. mob0103

    Tips for installing Fish Finder/Transducer

    Hi Mate, take a photo of the back RHS of your boat and we can give you an idea. Like someone above said. Investing in an adjustable bracket will save you a lot of heartache if you need to move it up or down. Bracket like this one cheap as. The transducer will likely look something like this Here is a video of one installed with commentary , different brand same principle.
  8. mob0103

    Tips for installing Fish Finder/Transducer

    This should help
  9. mob0103

    Buying a new boat......any tips?

    Probably not much at this time of year as this is when they sell the most boats. Look at different quintrex dealers on Boatsales and ring around. I found Hunts marine in Sydney to offer the best deal and Caloundra marine in Qld but I'm sure others will match a deal if your ready to buy. Cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. mob0103

    Cleaning dull exterior & scuff marks off aly boat

    Hey mate for the paint work try going to one of your local panel beaters I've had similar things past and fix up the $50-$100 save you a lot of time and mucking about. Just a thought. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. mob0103

    BaitMate live tank

    Yes couriers can be very problematic. You can have a reliable careful guy at one end and someone who doesn't care at the other. I see it a lot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks again! On a slightly different note. Has anyone seen the 460 Renegade with the Motor Well? Do you think its necessary and does it take up too much room. Just worried about water coming in when going over a bar and the like.
  13. Looking at the 460 Renegage or 481 Top Ender any thoughts on wether these would be too hard to launch by yourself? Cheers