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  1. Hi all, Wouldn't mind sharing some of my knowledge on fishing Hawkesbury Jewfish & Kings to some raiders. I myself was put onto real fishing by a raider years ago, and feel it's time to share some of the love. I'm based on Dangar Island in the Hawkesbury. 4.8 meter boat with bait tank, downrigger with 10 pound and 20 pound bombs, and heaps of rods. Typical day is Sunday. I start around 10am (no need for me to launch and such). Generally: Two hours getting yakkas / nippers. Throw one back for rat kings at the baitground. Fish the rides (running down up at Dangar / Wobby, running up Juno / Flint & Steel / Lion Island). Run the downrigger if at Flint & Steel in some Pittwater moorings. Fish Juno for the last light for Jews. Some days are good, some days are bad, but generally always come home with a feed! PM me if you'd like to learn a little.
  2. G'day raiders. Thought I'd share an unproductive, but potentially helpful day out on the river today. Dangar Island resident, former avid Fishraider (5 years ago). Been fishing but not talking a lot and a friend mentioned I should chuck a report up and give back to the community! Started out the day at West Head around 11am. Burleyed up for Yellowtail, heaps there but some rat Kings were giving the little fellas some hassle. Couldn't manage to stop them and an eel took the yakka we put near the rock on a floater (painful). On the run up tide fished the Juno drift (if you know it, you know it. Otherwise DM me for details). Jeez, I've never gone through yakkas so fast once dusk hit. Something big was hitting them all hard. Couldn't stop on a Shakespeare 20kg overhead rig and busted two of them before we called it quits (lack of gear). It's the first time I've seen Juno firing like that. I've had a lot of luck with Jewfish this season, but that drift on yakkas was very surprising. Highly recommend going and checking out Juno if you're looking for some fun. Next time I'll be bringing the 30kg rig in!
  3. Cheers Charlie. I will check that out!
  4. Hi Guys, Wow it's been a long time. Been fishing a lot but so much work on after leaving school barely had a chance to talk for oh, say 2 years? I'm taking a trip to Lord Howe, got some charters booked, but also want the run down on shore/kayak lagoon fishing if anyone knows. Particularly keen to chase 5-10kg fish on light line and really have a go of shallow water sportfishing. If someone could give me a heads up on what it's like fishing from the shore that would be great, really keen to grab a hold of some nice game fish and fight them on the light tackle!!!! Cheers, Henry
  5. It was probably a fake run up somewhere. Or she used a fake id to get it (that is if she was a local). Its not that hard to do. A tragedy nevertheless.
  6. Haven't posted or been active in a year and abit, but saw this lately and thought, hang on, this is where I can help. A few tips for Jews: I have had ALOT more luck on very light tackle. It tends to be tougher but funner in the strike, and the jews go it more than my heavier rigs. Fresh baits are essential. Put out a poddy mullet trap in sandy areas if in doubt, filled with bread this is an EASY EASY way to get live baits. Find a spot with anonmolies (misspelt). Often 90% of the fish are in 10% of the water. Things such as ununusual holes, fast moving trenches, or anything that the Jewie can use as ambush territory is good. Things like flat, sandy areas with little to no structure will yeild NO results. Drift, or try to keep your baits moving some what. Often my best results have been drifts over a series of holes. Failing that, I leave a live bait on a LONG leader. Jews vary in their strikes, so stay alert!
  7. HI all, we are planning a trip up north for some barra and game fishing. just wondering if anyone had some decent spots to reccommend ? henry
  8. Hmmmmm, as someone who has a house near Freshy I just saw this and wanted to post my comments. First off, if you are not an experienced beach fisho, see if you can chum up to someone who is. They teach you so many tips, whether its reading the gutter to bait presentation to how to cast. At Freshy, like people are saying good gutters can and will form, though you are much better on the longer beaches. Manly, Dee Why are good places to start, look for where the waves are not breaking amidst the surf. Just quickly, if you gave me a run through of your line class ect, whether you use an Alvey I may be able to help more. Also, in direct contradiction to what others are saying, when casting into gutters i prefer much heavier wieghts. Not only does it help casting, but it will tend to allow you to get your baits in the ideal spots without them floating away. Give about 1/2 a metre between sinker and your bait. Hope this helps, pm me if you need anymore help.
  9. Nice work mike. I just started fishing again, so I may as well start posting again!
  10. Fantastic Stuff! Love those kingies!
  11. fishing on the hawks'bury, see if i can break my jew p.b,,,,, see you on the water !
  12. Sorry, been busy lately, here's the story. We have been fishing round the Wobby Beach/Dangar Island area, using fresh squid. One day we decided to drift between the two, for an experiment. Drifting, crappy drift btw, was doing my nut,and suddenly that tap tap starts. Tap tap tap then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! on 3kg line we had the first jewie. dead scared me tho. we netted him and brought him up. (just a tip, the jews seem to really take the bait after 4 taps, if you get any more its best to strike cos its probably a flattie ) tap tap tap tap whack! big hit but no line pulled, hauled him up and a 40cm flattie is on board. tap BANG! i strike and a little snapper is brought on (these r in plague proportions, they seem to prefer peeled prawns). A couple of flatties later we called it a day. its been almost the same in the spots for the past 3-4 weeks,,,,, if you want to know some exact locations and can keep a secret, PM me .. going up to the house this weekend, will scan and post the pics (sorry for the delay, but phone AND camera were both dropped in the water, and i left the memory cards in them on the island )... See you raiders on the water!! (p.s mike (zenman) dad says hes keen for a fish when he gets back; currently in england atm, so im boatless!)
  13. Our tally for these holidays is sitting at 52 flathead; 13-15 Jews; 24 Whiting; and 4 Tailor. Stories to come ! Henners
  14. mmmmm we went past em on the way back home..... had a big power cut as well ..... they came pretty close but thank god for our wonderful fire fighters.... Henners