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  1. Call me please, you are not going to believe what I have to tell you

  2. Yep, a nice fish to eat. Ate millions as a kid..... NZ
  3. Newport, saltpan, palm beach, taylors point, to name a few. just burley up and u should be fine. size may be an issue
  4. What is it with some people, they have the whole freekin' ocean but must come within 10 mtrs of you fishin'. The other day i was flicking for flatties within 20 mtrs of the shore and an idiot thought he would go between me and the shore.(he had at least 200 mtrs on the other side.) I didnt say anything(cough cough)...
  5. That might be a problem Basil, as compressing files means we have to decompress them. Not sure how that works on a forum. It sounds like a pain in the ass to me. But if your determined, then use win rar to compress and upload the compressed file. Maybe check with admin to see if its a goer
  6. I do it all the time with an albright knot(knot strength is great), with no failures to date. The other option is to buy cheap braid from hongkong(32bucks for 1000 mtr of coloured braid) and just change it all.
  7. Cor blimey Basil, Are ya gonna leave a couple for us amateurs. You 1 man fishing fleet you....Lol
  8. Wow... Thanx for that info. I for 1 will be changing my fish storage practices from now on. I'm guilty of washing the fillets in fresh water.
  9. Yes, that is great. But they only did this as a vote catching ploy. Its a trial and after we vote for labour(sic) the trial will be over and the liberals will repeal the law and its back to square 1..... Pessimistic you say?. "Hell yeah"...Dont vote, the government will get in..
  10. I reckon that this thread should be closed NOW.. this thread will only end in tears for alot of us.. And insomniac92 ,
  11. Im happy to hijack this thread..Love your work Huey. ..I for one would never even consider getting repairs or buying a motor or boat from someone else. I remember when i first bought my boat and brought it to Huett marine. I was treated in a way that surpasses money (thanks Craig) Just to think, that someone thinks that your company would give someone a bum steer is absolutely abhorrent to me. And to all you people who are considering buying or getting repairs, Dont go past our sponser....A fair days work for a fair days pay and then some. " In my humble opinion.".. Remember, that he gives away for free on this site, what you would go to X dealer/mechanic and pay money for. ................... Try getting that elsewhere
  12. Your a very very happy camper Butch.One of those is on my bucket list too. Congrats.
  13. Hey, dont blame the boat or the crew. They are within the law... Its the bloody pollies who make the rules. If your gonna be angry, vote the #*+^#!!* out. No use crying over spilt milk. We need to act for our future. Make a point of finding out who is supporting us, and vote for them. I am.....
  14. Your already a mentor Pete, but special dispensation will be given to you cos it was Stewy. Ans a new section will be added. Helping the terminally helpless.
  15. Just checked my email and messages....Couldn't see an invite anywhere.