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  1. Just back from a short trip to lake Wallace near Lithgow. Caught four solid rainbow trout while there. We saw a few fish caught on lures. My first fish was a surprise because I wasn't expecting to catch anything mid afternoon. The next three I caught on the last day just before we left. I got up early at 5.50am, first fish at 6.07am, next one at 6.20am and the last one at 7.00am. Just as I got it in, the hook came out and as I was trying to take a photo it flapped around and escaped back into the water, it must have been camera shy. That is the best day trout fishing I've had in awhile. ( all
  2. Great fish JEFF, and to share the experience with your son is something special.
  3. Click on the link to find your local Disposal point. http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/safety-rules/safety-equipment/flare-disposal.html
  4. Hello Blake, It was good to meet you yesterday at the social. With that new rod the old man bought you and the tips you picked up it won't be long until those fishing reports will be posted. Welcome to Fishraider. Geoff.
  5. Thanks Roberta and Ceph. Details can be found here Brown Trout
  6. 22/5/08 - Thursday morning six of us walked the Thredbo River from the bridge to the dam. All but one caught fish about 12 varied sizes. One Brook Trout and all the others were Brown Trout with the largest being my Brown Trout below. I caught my PB Brown Trout (orange colour) and a smaller trout. Both fish were caught between 10am and 11am on Squidgie Wriggles 80mm Rainbow Trout pattern. 24/5/08 - Saturday morning seven of us set out in three boats on Lake Jindabyne and headed to the Snowy and Thredbo arm. My brother Warren caught his personal best a nice Brown Trout (female finished spa
  7. Just a quick post from Jindabyne. Walked the river yesterday and caught the smaller trout about 10 am and then upgraded at 11am released both for another day. Both were caught on a rainbow squidgey. The Lake was very quiet today. Hopefully better tomorrow.
  8. Hi Dave, I use a deep cycle battery,115 a/h. Using the e/m at different speeds it lasted about 5hrs. Geoff.
  9. Thanks Steve, The setup is very strong, it did the job at Lake Lyell on sunday.The chopping board material is great to work with, all s/s hardware, no corrosion. Geoff.
  10. Thanks crazedfisherdude I only use the electric motor for trolling or casting lures so other than those times I remove it. I leave the mounting plate in position and I can still use the anchor and bow roller without a problem. Geoff
  11. Thank's Dave, there were a few proto types before the final product, made of ply wood. Very time consuming.How are the electrics going on the poly? geoff.
  12. Hello Raiders, Dalucius and I arrived at the lake at about 7.15am, temp. 4deg. and a light frost. Our main objective was to give mini [our minn kota] it's first official run since I installed it's permanent mounting bracket ready for our trout fishing trip to Jindabyne in mid may. We started trolling just out from the boat ramp, with a pink tassie on my rod [ I'm using lead-core line today] and a #48 red nosed brown bomber on Lyn's. Things were slow, changed lures, tried different speeds without any luck. I tied on a brown trout pattern diving lure and about 11am. our first fish was in th
  13. We have a Savage Ranger 4.8 and wanted to mount a MinnKota electric motor for freshwater fishing. Everyone we talked to said we would have to cut the bow rail. Well that wasn't going to happen so I came up with this little invention. If anyone wants to ask me anything about the mounting feel free to pm me or place a post.
  14. Thank's Raider's, for your kind words and i.d. of the type of leather jacket. I can't wait until I hook up to a legal size kingfish. Bring it on. Geoff.
  15. Hi Raiders Bright and early on Sunday, Dalucius, Targab, Amy and myself put the boat in at Tunks Park and headed off to Balmoral to get some bait. After getting some live bait we headed out and had a fish around some of the markers with no success so we moved and tried a few different spots. We ended up at Shark Island after a short time Targab and Amy had a double hookup. Unfortunately, Amy sighted her flathead which spat the hook as it approached the boat and Targab no sooner sighted his fish and said 'wow nice flattie' and was bitten off. We thought we would try the drift again and my r
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