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  1. Besides washing down outside and inside of the frame tube sections when I get back home after an outing I regularly brush cold gal paint on anything that is starting to get a hint of a rusty tinge to it. You'll be nipping future trouble in the bud. The cold gal paint will provide anodic protection to the underlying hot gal coating and should make it last much longer.
  2. Single axle will give you greatly improved maneuverability, especially on the jockey wheel. I'd use a single axle if it can safely carry your weight.
  3. Great result and terrific for the kids. Did you get a measure on the flattie?
  4. Great work guys! Big smiles all around. Very exciting and don't they put up a good fight.
  5. I would always have thought that the practical experience needed to get a boating license would have given a potential boat owner a bit of insight as to the basics of boat safety. You have to wonder how this guy got a license and did he have any boating experience???
  6. Nice one! Do you mind me asking how much beach worm did you use for bait and what size hook would you have been using?
  7. Just rewards for helping the other guy! Well done
  8. I keep the chain shackled in addition to keeping the strap hook in the bow D-ring. Double insurance . I used to just keep the strap hook on but I've been told that this isn't good enough. It really doesn't take long to release the chain shackle and the hook once ready to roll off the trailer.
  9. Great first report. Sounds like there was lots of fun and the day would have gone quickly.
  10. Great video Zoran. Congratulations on what looks like a very strong and neat installation!
  11. Did two overnighters in Waratah Bay in the last month with donuts each time. Just rays.
  12. Thanks GTM. I didn't realise they would be any good to eat. Doing some research I found this post from 2008 that seems to suggest it can be good tucker! Seems I should give it a try next time.
  13. I forgot to mention that while at the old rail bridge pylons I also caught a 600mm jewfish on a half pilchard on a paternoster snapper teaser rig. My first of any size. Plenty of variety! Returned safely of course to grow to legal size next time. The live yakka I had out with a hook through its nose wasn't so lucky. It came back in without a body behind its head. Tailor I presume.
  14. Made the plan to launch at Brooklyn ramp and fish Cowan overnight hoping to catch hairtail. Launched at about 4:00pm and headed to Waratah Bay. Sunset was at 5:00pm. High tide at about 6:00pm. I used a public mooring in the bay and set up two rods with pilchard and chicken thigh, using flashing underwater attractors and my new yellow/green 12V 360 degree LED underwater light. Caught a 545mm Australian salmon, an 750mm shovel nosed ray and a 415mm flathead. No hair tail! The bite went quite by 10:00pm and by midnight I decided to bunk down for some sleep. Awoke at about 5:30am and mo
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