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  1. Hey Keith, regarding the metal buried in the bay, can you share some more information about what you learned? Also can you tell us how that person knows about it. It would be very interesting to know more.
  2. Guys, with all the talk on the snapper, no-one mentioned the seagull on the outboard. Poor birdie...waiting for a hot chip on the motor coz he just can't get a bite
  3. You know you gotta be in-the-know to know... It's getting as ridiculous as the bump on that fish's head
  4. I knew @rickmarlin62 would ask you some probing questions. Lol. He KNOWS that ain't whiskers. He was testing your honesty when he asked you. But you also know he knows it's not whiskers and you fessed up. Oh the mind games us fishos play! Gotta love it. Mate you can just about hide behind that fish. And you still got done by bigger fish. That's just mind blowing. You're not really a "scratchie" more like a "catchie"๐Ÿ˜†
  5. Ive caught some Sargent Bakers on jigs off the ocean rocks. Also cuttlefish and octopus. Oh and occasionally a squid๐Ÿ˜†
  6. Hey salty creek, I have an image of you as a youngster on a bike going to spots and discovering the world of fishing. Regardless of your age, you're in for an amazing time coz the Fishraider community here are a great bunch of people who share Intel and can help you catch that fish you're chasing. I have seen some people catch Jew to maybe 70cm on very light line but they were in a boat and the hook was in the mouth holding onto almost nothing. They could chase the fish and keep enough pressure on to prevent the hook falling out. There's no way you could set the hook on a Jew with such light line. If the hook did get into the gills or swallowed then it might hold but the light trace would cut or wear out on the gill plates or mouth. That 12kg gear you have is better suited but don't fish the bait runner engaged. Fish it in gear and get some cord and attach it to the gear else you'll lose it on the strike. Good luck and hope to see you here with a big fish and matching smile on your dial. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  7. Hey rick, it's amazing how strong is the call of whiskers and his kin. Makes you research weather patterns, approach and departure routes, contingency plans, strategies and techniques so we can get bent over the side yelling Ffffaaaaarrrr@&$.!! when you do finally get whiskers he may have a beard like yours. But probably not the cool sunnies.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  8. Jeez rick I think you should be considered for the next series of deadliest catch. Screw the King crabs when you can get reds like that. Lol you said you were questioning your sanity. There is NO question about it Rick. You ARE mad! Lol just kidding. I'm sure you have salt in your veins (as well as fuel, bait, soft plastics and probably kryptonite). Cracking fish mate and just one of many you have caught. Keep up the insanity if it means results line that๐Ÿ˜†
  9. Yep. It's like "they're NOT cute! They don't do tricks like that. But they CAN make your fish disappear. So where is the pet great white tank?"๐Ÿ˜†
  10. Many years ago I did a short stint as a deckie on a pro boat. Drop lining for pinkies trevs reds etc. seal pops up when the line was being pulled up. He takes a fish off the line and takes a bite then throws it away. He gets another fish and does the same. Then another and another. This is not feeding behaviour but more like a territorial display. I'm not a fan of them having lost a couple of good refs to them. Lol I even rubbish them during seal shows๐Ÿ˜†
  11. Whiting has a very delicate flavour. The way I cook it is fillet it and dry the fillets with a paper towel. In a pan I put some flour, salt and some herbs (master foods lemon/garlic) or similar. Place the fillets in that to lightly coat them. Get a good Teflon frypan and spray some aerosol olive oil onto the pan. When it's hot place the fillets onto the pan skin side down for a couple of minutes until the flesh side up shows signs of cooking through. Serve with lemon juice or (tartare sauce for the kids). I also debone the fillets coz my wife and daughter prefer that. Nice elbow slapper BTW. I love the big sudden runs they do when they see the boat. They are my favourite fish. COOOOME OOON YOOOUU BOOOYS IIIN BLUUUE. Derby mania Saturday. I'll be there!
  12. Hey raiders. Those of us who own a boat will need an outboard mechanic at some point. Some of us have boats that are not so easy to tow to workshops. I had a mobile mechanic with whom I was not so happy and looking for a replacement. I'm in the oatley area and my boat is in an all weather garage/workshop at home with easy access. If you can recommend anyone please PM me.
  13. My understanding is that parachute anchors don't help much if you have no wind and strong current. When the whole column of water is moving (ie the current) the water and the boat are moving together at the same speed. So when you deploy the parachute it will generally sink and not help. If there is wind blowing the boat at a different speed to the water, the parachute slows the boat down against the effect of the wind. See what I mean? But ts never that simple right? Currents are sometimes different strengths and directions at different depths so deploy the parachute and hope for the best.
  14. Mate my son chants in the cove at every game right next to the capo. I can hear him in the shower "ole ole ole...." As well as all those other taunting chants we can't repeat. The arrows are inshore species whereas the Gould's are offshore. Those elderly people must not have had any experience with ocean rocks. Surprising given they have made it this far in life but also surprising if there was no obvious signs around for them to read.
  15. Hi sydneyIsSkyBlue(sydneyFC is it?), the tender calamari you are eating at restaurants is likely the Gould's squid. They are very tender but not as tasty as the Southerns. You did really well both in catching a good feed as well as dodging a fine. Funny that. There's nothing fine about a fine. They should have called them turds or something.