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  1. Who the hell named the fish seargeant baker anyways? Can you imagine if you're amongst some not-so-fishing mates and you get asked what are your goals in life, then you state loudly and proudly "I love to get my hands on a good sargeant baker"? They are gonna tell you they are happy that you finally came out of the closet. They will probably ask you if your boat is named "the closet". Should have called the fish RED GOLD.There are are more people out there competing for biggest baker than there are for snapper I reckon. And when you get a good one, there are more cheers for that fish than there is for any other fish.Everyone is laughing and congratulate you on a truly fine capture. Some fishing clubs even have a trophy for it. OK seriously now - that's a nice bunch of fish there and obviously a great fishery. Also you got a lot of enthusiasm to travel all that way for a day in the hope of a world record baker. The things we do for a fish.
  2. My old blackfishing mentor used to say "Good fishermen catch everything". ...and you did 🙂
  3. What's the record for a tailor at FR or even in Australia? The 97cm fish would be up there wouldn't it? BTW did it jump? You would have thought it was a jumpin jewie ! Maybe it's a stray American bluefish
  4. I've caught them from 0.5m to about 70m at the peak off sydney. Yep they are everywhere and often save the day when other species are not around. I actually love to eat them - fresh, bled, skinned, filleted, deboned and lightly fried in your favourite herbs/spices. Add a greek salad (olives+fetta cheese) and crusty bread + a nice white wine and you have a beautiful meal that won't break the bank.
  5. That's a true hunter-gatherer instinct. It gives me the greatest sense of achievement to look at a spot, analyse the available data, devise a strategy, execute, make some adjustments and catch fish. I don't do it very often but when I do my head gets so big I can't stand upright. I do the same when I invent fishing rigs or tools. Eg I invented a stingray hook remover for when I'm in the bay and the rays are bad. No more lost hooks and safe from being stung. This sense of achievement is one of the biggest attractors for me to fish so kudos to you for your success on the blackfish.
  6. Hey Yon, The info I'm using is: 1. the fight lasted at least several minutes. 2. the fish made short powerful runs. If it was a king: 1. The fight would be over very quickly 2. The run (probably only need one in reefy country) would be sustained until the reefing If it was a shark: 1. Likely a bite off quickly 2. If no bite off, the shark skin would scrape up the mono for at least a metre above the hook before biteoff 3. The runs are usually powerful and sustained (makos, bull sharks, bronzies and maybe other species) 4. They don't reef you If it was a ray: 1. Depending on the ray species, they can be sustained or short but always powerful 2. The prominent species of ray off the rocks is the black ray and they are powerful but I'm unsure if their fight style is short runs or not. 3. Rays don't reef you but because they swim mainly across the bottom, they might accidentally rub you off Also curious to know if that monster did you 3 times in the same session or once per session in 3 sessions? Conclusion: Probably a huge SNAPPER !!! Er no sorry I mean a large ray 🙂
  7. Did you get a weight on that fish? It looks very fat - way over 80kg
  8. Peeling the skin off required first to run the knife between the skin and the flesh, from front to tail, on the top of the fillet and the bottom. You need a narrow blade knife for this. Then you grab the skin with pliers and slowly strip it off. When the skin is gone, you fillet the fish - so easy.
  9. Brings back memories of my 20 year stint fishing the stones. I got a bit tired of eating the fish plain fried and a friend of mine showed me a more tasty recipe. Clean the fish: Bleed them, head them (scales on). Skin them (peel off skin with pliers). Fillet them (leave the rib bones on the spine). Cut out the lateral line bones. Cut the fillet into cubes and fry in a tom-yum paste. Serve on a bed of steamed rice. The tom-yum covers most of the stronger flavour of the fish. It worked well for me for many years until I gave up fishing the stones. Divers and fishos became bitter rivals with lots of fights. Also some shady shore-based onlookers stole stuff (gear and fish) so I left the stones and got back to my boat fishing. Well done Keith - your reports are unique here and are very much appreciated.
  10. Hey Zoran, Deep droppin eh? I used to Loooooove doing it but it became a bit expensive and good weather windows during the right moonphase was hard to co-ordinate. Essentially we used 200lb braid but the challenge is to get the breaking strains right of the essential components of the rig. The main line must never break. If you're coming down to 80lb, then instead of using 50lb sinker breakaway you might try 30lb. When the gemmies were bad and biting sinkers off, I used 50lb wire. The sinker trace needs to be about 3m or so because the bottom is littered with fishing gear debris and all sorts of man-made stuff. I believe it was a dumping ground for things a long time ago but I don;t know. The sinker was about 6-8lb of weight - window sash cord weights. You might go 4lb but it depends on the drift speed. Use 1 metre of abrasion-resisting cord on the weight and tie the breakaway line to the cord. Next you have maybe 5m of 400lb jinkai with the droppers. I used to use 3. You can buy crimp-style swivels where there is a crimpable shaft and a rolling swivel in between them. Very fast to rig. Leave spave between the hooks to take fish length into account when pulling up multiple fish. Then I use (used to use - lol) a crimped 400lb jinkai leader (very short so it doesn't tangle on the way down. And of course the humungous circle hook. Next point up the line I used 50m of 100lb shock-absorber mono. In your case you might go 50lb. You need this bit of stretch when you load up else you could break off. Then a big ball bearing swivel to connect to the main braid. Well that's the rig. Now the bait. I have never bothered with squid and pillies. Half-cut slimies will outfish everything else but there is a real trick to rigging it hydrodynamically so it gets to the bottom intact. Apologies I'm a bit tired and not feeling 100% else I would have drawn something for you
  11. Mate snapper are amongst the most beautiful fish when photographed alive whether 0.5kg or 5kg. Very nice. Also the Japanese food you had in front of you looks incredible. She’s lucky to have a great fisho and you’re lucky to have a great chef. I write this as I have my tinned tuna and rice lunch😆
  12. That’s a heck of a reddy for the harbour. Any photos? Also my experience with fisheries has been mixed over the years but I’m happy to have them come on board and look around. It’s an opportunity for me to show them the boat I custom built and use alone. Better to feel proud rather than feel like the subject of an investigation right?
  13. What species of whiting are they? Any photos of them? How big is big?
  14. Jeez don’t you guys work? Lol. Well done. Some big fish there. I remember way back on FR there was a guy called dogtooth who was doing the same and pulling some big fish. I don’t believe he said too much about spots but downrigging live squid was the go.
  15. Bream would have to be amongst the most adventurous and adaptable fish around. They are only outdone by us humans. Well done on finding and catching those fish especially at that size. Do you eat them as well?