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  1. whitewash

    1 months fishing in 1 post. port hacking/Cronulla

    Cheers for the reply’s guys go get amongst them
  2. whitewash

    1 months fishing in 1 post. port hacking/Cronulla

    Pm sent my boat is a polycraft frontier 6m haven’t had it long loving it so far.
  3. I have been off work for a bit fishing mostly weekdays when there’s no crowds. Launching mostly from in the hacking. I check this site regularly and thought I need to Give something back. Heres some of my more notable catches and how I got them. 68cm snapper, caught on a hole squid on a snelled rig targeting snapper offshore from Cronulla 5Nov 68cm Kingfish hole squid on a poor mans downrigger in the hacking 14Nov 62cm salmon on a hole squid under a float in the hacking 14Nov I have caught many gummy sharks out from Cronulla and the national park from 90-120cm originally taking strips of squid when I was drifting for flathead but then I started targeting them putting out slab baits on snelled rigs 15-30NOV Squid have been on fire at the entrance to the hacking and out the front. 62cm snapper taking a hole squid on a snelled rig 5DEC offshore from Cronulla
  4. whitewash

    skirted lures on a budget

    boatart- PM to follow Brickman- will place an order soon, just curious what lb trace are they running? cheers
  5. whitewash

    skirted lures on a budget

    Scratchie- cheers mate pretty sure thats exactly what Im after the 10 pack looks pretty good for $80 Brett - yeh mate thats the only skirt/ feather I have at the moment, haven't had any luck though on it yet though predominantly through lack of trying further to my last - any brands/ shops/ styles to stay away from. cheers guys
  6. whitewash

    skirted lures on a budget

    hey raiders, Looking at getting some skirted lures…… mind you I'm on a budget Im happy to pay around $100. But I don't just want 1 lure for that $100. Would prefer a pack I was thinking under 20cm but if recommended would go bigger. Target species kingfish, dolphin fish, bonito, tuna….. basically all pelagic's outside of billfish but I wouldn't turn one down…..hahaha If you have any idea what colours, sizes, head shoes ect work best around this area I would be greatly appreciative. Cheers
  7. whitewash

    Reels - left or right?

    hey guys I recently only switched from right to left handle but only on the reels that i intend to use for lure fishing which requires multiple casts in quick succession and I have found that having the handle on the left means that I hold the rod with my right hand open the bail arm with my left hand retain the line with my index finger on the same hand that is holding the rod. so having said that the right hand never leaves the rod making it more efficient. where previously I had changed hands to cast. well at least that is how it feels to me. If you haven't tried it and you fish with lures or soft plastics. I strongly recommend you try it, not just for a cast or two but for a hole session or a hole day and you might be surprised with how good you get a fishing with the other hand. thats my two cents
  8. whitewash

    Soft plastic Jews

    Cheers Mate. And well done on 5lb mainline. Were you targeting a Jew? I really need to get back out there and chase them
  9. whitewash

    Soft plastic Jews

    hey mate great fish what system were you in ?
  10. whitewash

    Dominated by jackets at the peak

    hahaha yeah I guess so.
  11. whitewash

    Dominated by jackets at the peak

    Oh and I forgot on the way back in just inside botany heads there were a lot of fish busting up on the surface. I suspect it was Salmon or taylor given the time of year. they were along the northern side of the channel about half a km inside the heads.
  12. Hey Guys and Gals, headed out to the peak at around 8 this morning and were dominated buy leather jackets. lost alot of tackle to the bloody things but we also got a few to take home for a feed. we hit all of the cardinal points around the peak each of them riddled with jackets. moved in closer before the storms hit where we didn't even get a bite. Called it a day around 1 before the wind got up too much. and as expected got home and the sun came out lol enjoy