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  1. Hey People, As the title says looking for a Snyder expert to tell me what rod Ive got my hands on
  2. Hi All, Had a few hours off work so headed down to Wollongong for a quick session, Started at the Harbor to collect some yellow tail for bait, Ended up pulling out the biggest leather jacket Ive ever seen or caught! (the knife in the pic is about 25cm) Didn't think i was going to land it on the 4lb fluorocarbon. After that headed to Windang break wall, Caught a few 30+ bream plus countless undersized blackfish drifting with current along the wall. Good to hook a few now the weather is warming up 😁 Tight lines.
  3. I went for C12-55XDA Century, but my kayak is 3.2m so I`m not worried about the extra weight, At the end of the day you need to work out what works for you, more weight or more price
  4. This what I use Rapala Mag Spring Pliers https://www.dinga.com.au/rapala-mag-spring-pliers-4-rcd.html
  5. Inspired me to get one done, Cut up my 2020 Pirtek Challenge mat to stick on. But the fish I catch wouldn't even need half the length!
  6. 78cm Long Tom caught lake Illawarra on a live nipper 2-4kg rod with 4lb flurocarbon
  7. Really starting to get into the baitcaster now! Nice little fella on a softy this morning
  8. Quick spin with live squirt worms on the start of the run out tide this morning produced this little nice EP, Missed a few nice bites shame I didnt set the hooks!
  9. Thanks Gents Got myself a better Rod and some plastics now to get a few on lures!
  10. Hi all, Picked up a cheap baitcaster combo last week for something different, Went out this week before work to learn how to cast, Few successfull cast`s later and few EP`s to boot Now I`m hooked! and looking to get a decent baitcast rod!
  11. great Squid, also love the socks Bro!
  12. Headed out for another quick before work session, Grabbed another 2 Squid this time on 2.5 & 3.0 brown yamashita`s Looks like calamari rings this weekend!
  13. Normally I use Yamashita, But I thought I would give the cheap Tsunami Pro range from Kmart a go, They worked just as good as the $15 -$20 Yama`s
  14. I tend to target squid land based around harbours and rock walls with little tidal flow that hold weed on the bottom, Cast out let it sink give it a few rips and let it sink again trying to stay as close to the weed as possible without snagging up in it
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