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  1. dazamcstaga

    PB Sydney harbor squid

    great Squid, also love the socks Bro!
  2. Headed out for another quick before work session, Grabbed another 2 Squid this time on 2.5 & 3.0 brown yamashita`s Looks like calamari rings this weekend!
  3. dazamcstaga

    Before work Squid Session

    Normally I use Yamashita, But I thought I would give the cheap Tsunami Pro range from Kmart a go, They worked just as good as the $15 -$20 Yama`s
  4. dazamcstaga

    Before work Squid Session

    I tend to target squid land based around harbours and rock walls with little tidal flow that hold weed on the bottom, Cast out let it sink give it a few rips and let it sink again trying to stay as close to the weed as possible without snagging up in it
  5. dazamcstaga

    Before work Squid Session

    Hi Hateanhos, Just a cheap Tsunami Pro from Kmart $5 pilchard colour
  6. dazamcstaga

    Before work Squid Session

    Headed out for a few hours before work with my new Rovex Squid Wrangler Rod, Really happy with how it performed and came home with a feed, Happy days and tight lines!
  7. dazamcstaga

    Thank You!

    Every time I head to my local I find myself always picking up what the last person has left behind on the wharf and putting it in the council provided rubbish bins only a few meters away, Well this time it was worth it...So Thank you this time whoever you are!
  8. dazamcstaga


    Headed down to Ulladulla for the weekend, having a flick around the harbour with a 2.5" zman and come up trumps on a nice flatty and dropped a few nice bream as well
  9. dazamcstaga

    Chipping Norton / George’s River / Liverpool area

    Mullet and Herring in the George’s River Liverpool ATM, Small float 2 or 3 small hooks bread for bait, Burley up with the bread crusts...Cant go wrong
  10. dazamcstaga

    Georges River Spots near Milperra for Kids?

    Flower Power boat ramp holds heaps of small/ medium fish, Bread or prawns will work
  11. dazamcstaga

    Squid Doughnut

    Ive found them to be hit and miss, But if you use good jigs like Yamashita you will get them if they are there, My last session was the best i have ever had getting heaps and even dropped a few, I didn't even have to rip the jig they all took it on the drop and in the middle of the day
  12. dazamcstaga

    Windang Trip

    Headed out 6am in perfect conditions, Hit the flats for a few whiting most were under size, Only 1 keeper, Travelled down the channel to get some nippers, Fished inside the lake for a few nice flatty`s and back to the flats for another whiting. Enough for a feed so we called it a day, Plenty of boats and people out, Such a great spot!
  13. dazamcstaga

    New car

    Hi Fab, I bought a 2010 Subaru Forester 20.D (Diesel) with only 55,000km on it last year for 25k and I`m loving the car,It runs on 6L/100km a bit more when towing but still great fuel economy. It pulls my tinny up Mount Ousley no drama`s at all and slippery boat ramps are no problem with the AWD, The Unbraked towing capacity is 750kg,
  14. dazamcstaga

    What wheel bearings?

    This Video worked for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNKUCUx1g_k
  15. Hi guys, Had a quick lunch flick yesterday trying to grab some mullet for bait, Was using light combo catching a few mullet, I was watching the float then BAM under and off it goes a great speed heading for middle of the river, It then turned around and took me straight into some mangroves, Managed to get him out and land him, WOW big ass bream almost pushing 30cm.... Great fun on light gear and better yet to do it on my lunch break !