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  1. 78cm Long Tom caught lake Illawarra on a live nipper 2-4kg rod with 4lb flurocarbon
  2. Really starting to get into the baitcaster now! Nice little fella on a softy this morning
  3. Quick spin with live squirt worms on the start of the run out tide this morning produced this little nice EP, Missed a few nice bites shame I didnt set the hooks!
  4. Thanks Gents Got myself a better Rod and some plastics now to get a few on lures!
  5. Hi all, Picked up a cheap baitcaster combo last week for something different, Went out this week before work to learn how to cast, Few successfull cast`s later and few EP`s to boot Now I`m hooked! and looking to get a decent baitcast rod!
  6. great Squid, also love the socks Bro!
  7. Headed out for another quick before work session, Grabbed another 2 Squid this time on 2.5 & 3.0 brown yamashita`s Looks like calamari rings this weekend!
  8. Normally I use Yamashita, But I thought I would give the cheap Tsunami Pro range from Kmart a go, They worked just as good as the $15 -$20 Yama`s
  9. I tend to target squid land based around harbours and rock walls with little tidal flow that hold weed on the bottom, Cast out let it sink give it a few rips and let it sink again trying to stay as close to the weed as possible without snagging up in it
  10. Hi Hateanhos, Just a cheap Tsunami Pro from Kmart $5 pilchard colour
  11. Headed out for a few hours before work with my new Rovex Squid Wrangler Rod, Really happy with how it performed and came home with a feed, Happy days and tight lines!
  12. Every time I head to my local I find myself always picking up what the last person has left behind on the wharf and putting it in the council provided rubbish bins only a few meters away, Well this time it was worth it...So Thank you this time whoever you are!
  13. Headed down to Ulladulla for the weekend, having a flick around the harbour with a 2.5" zman and come up trumps on a nice flatty and dropped a few nice bream as well
  14. Mullet and Herring in the George’s River Liverpool ATM, Small float 2 or 3 small hooks bread for bait, Burley up with the bread crusts...Cant go wrong