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  1. Pimped mine with casting decks, trolling motor,sounder swivel seat ect. Sold it a few years ago was good while I had it.
  2. pulp fiction scooby doo deliverance gran torino
  3. +1 Blunt knife works well
  4. Then you will no doubt get on to some big boys like this one! Might see you out there some time
  5. Brilliant fish! What rod are you using?
  6. Hi Mate, Don`t waste your time with that stuff the finish is terrible, I use Erskine epoxy from the Big Snake store
  7. I agree with Dave, Walk in and walk out with no need to set up or take down!
  8. interesting - home made "Skutes" Photos? 😀
  9. Hi Emmanuel, I made a mount for my watersnake out of aluminum tubing, added a $5 rod holder from kmart and a few eyelets to hold things down, Turned out pretty nice, Going to put my battery in the back of the kayak, My kayak is 3.2 meters long so i`m not really worried about he weight in the back
  10. perfect thanks guys, pic of the full rod with Alvey 500b I`m going to strip the guides and have a go at re-wrapping them, wish me luck!
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