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  1. Things like that make me regret the boat sale (although he extra money is good)
  2. Great bloke that helped me through some tough times by always being available for a chat.
  3. Undersize bream and a 38cm tailor. Conditions were great though
  4. Going to Towra early tomorrow. Looks to be great conditions
  5. Aim for fish you can catch in bays and estuary until you got your boat handling down pat and understand conditions. 2-5kg 2500 reel will catch you most things in bays.
  6. Keeper net is the way to go if no room for eski
  7. Nope, can't buy fresh bait online. Take away terminal tackle from local sellers and they will be gone as they wont just survive on bait sales.
  8. Would easily do the port kembla Islands. Port hacking and georges perfect
  9. I was on a woolworths plan for $29 for $500 in calls and text and 5gig. Best part was it lasted for 45 days. Taken over by Optus now who are abiding by the deal.
  10. I was kayaking there this morning. Fished off wally's wharf for a bit after I came back in and caught a nice fat trevally about 45cm
  11. Jamie Soward because he is a sook
  12. I bought a grey g loom is shirt and it does the job although a collar would have been nice
  13. I picked up a nice 32cm bream on the sand flats near ballast heap with others on the verge of legal released. Re rigging and watching a roughly 50cm flatty swim buy was frustrating with nothing in the water to tempt it.
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