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  1. hottyscotty

    NZ king charter

    I've been on a few trips around Coromandel. Big kings! Fishing for Sydney kings will never be the same again. If you get tired, they'll be happy to switch to big snapper.
  2. hottyscotty

    Travel rod for handling bonefish to 30lb GTs?

    I just bought 2 recently for my overseas fishing trip. I got the 2 Daiwa Saltist Demon Blood casting rods. I don't know how they fare but just letting you know about them. I'm planning on chasing river catfish and arapaima with them.
  3. hottyscotty

    Online Fishing Shows

    So i was looking for in-flight fishing entertainment to store on my tablet for my upcoming holiday. Didn't want to spend the money buying DVDs so i turned to free source that is Youtube. I found some channels offering full fishing episodes. Not just clips here and there. If you're interested how i got them onto my hard drive, i used a freeware called "4K Video Downloader". Obviously i have not seen them all but i have seen some episodes. You've been warned that some of these series are laden with ads. Half the show is just ads. So don't blame me for chewing half your data allowance and precious time. They are mostly american too, couldn't find too many Aussie shows. Florida Sport Fishing TV Big Fish Channel Fishing Adventurer Hooked Up Addictive Fishing Angler West TV Into the Blue In Depth Outdoors Reel Time FS Saltwater Experience Fishing Adventure Crew Atalntic Adventures Uncut Angling Zulu Media Captain Chancey Extreme Angler Bass2Billfish
  4. hottyscotty

    Mono brand recommendations for rock fishing

    I use tortue chasing drummer. My drummer spots don't require me to cast far at all so being less supple is not a problem
  5. hottyscotty

    Rod Repairer Required

    I'm after a good rod repairer. Price isn't really a major concern. Workmanship is right at the top requirement. The stripper guide has been crushed and needs to be replaced . Can't claim warranty as its Japanese, but its a risk i chose. Could the good members of the forum pass on details of some good repairers? Please PM just in case naming repairers break the rules. Edit: forgot to mention i'm in Sydney area
  6. hottyscotty

    How to keep fish

    I myself find brain spiking the fish, bleed and throw in ice slurry soon after capture to be better. First, the fish isn't suffering a slow death and the brain spiking stops the fish releasing stress toxins (sorry, don't remember scientific name).. Second, the heart is still beating strong to pump the blood out and then the ice slurry slows down whatever bacterial breakdown that happens. I know the kiwis do this to every fish. Probably why the kahawai is actually tasty.
  7. hottyscotty

    Reel for nitro rockstar?

    Unless you're fishing more than 80lb line, i don't see the need for 24kg of drag. should try the reels on your rod and feel which is better
  8. hottyscotty

    Mobile phone coverage

    Pay the extra few dollars and go with Telstra.
  9. hottyscotty

    Sydney jigging charter

    you need to do a trip either in NZ, WA, Vanuatu or Fiji. blisters will feel like tickles
  10. hottyscotty

    Kahiwai Sashimi

    Anyone tried Aussie Salmon sashimi? I've tried it in NZ and i must say it wasn't too bad. Obviously not the same league as the true salmon or tuna but wasn't too bad. Although i was recommended a different soy, something with a bit of sweetness in it. I can recognise the bottle but not remember the name. But one thing i have noticed that the fish of same species, the NZ sample was always much better tasting. The Snapper is sweeter and the Kingfish doesn't have this lemon taste to it.
  11. hottyscotty

    Whats a good surf/rock set-up

    If rock fishing, casting a mile isn't always going to catch you fish. many times i have literally dangled bait at my feet and caught very nice drummers, bream, trevally etc. Although if catching snapper of the rocks then the ability to cast into sand patches is required.
  12. hottyscotty

    New Gear - Zenaq + Catalina

    Search Zenaq Muthos on youtube and see how the guys do it. Its a popular technique in the mediterranean as well
  13. hottyscotty

    New Gear - Zenaq + Catalina

    Sometimes i do get snagged. Best way i find is cast, let it sink a few seconds, close bail, let it continue to sink to the bottom with tension and start retrieve as soon as it touches the bottom. Usually a problem on a windy day though. Rig your hook on top as you would in boat jigging and no hooks on bottom of jig, that helps too. Use cheapo lures in an area you're unfamiliar with to learn the terrain.
  14. hottyscotty

    New Gear - Zenaq + Catalina

    I just use vertical jigs as you would in a boat. Much lighter ones obviously. Something like River2Sea 120gm jigs. I've used some japanese brands such as Uzu but hard to get as they get sold out quick. They do well on kings. Jig the lures bag like you would in a boat as well.
  15. hottyscotty

    ID this one!

    Submit for fish records. Was it caught on lure or bait?