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  1. We had the bloke that was renting the house behind us break into our place years ago emptied stuff everywhere took what ever they could fit into my backpacks Found the keys to my bike and took it too
  2. RIP Byron you were a champion mate so much information posted here and never a spot X that he wouldn't share so many stories, so much energy ........... you are sadly missed
  3. well deserved Steve good to see you out there into some quality fish
  4. Excellent fish and great choice of beanie keep up the good work
  5. Hi Adam I hear that the snapper are around from Kembla up so it depends where you want to fish as any of the areas you mention should have snapper on them both Kembla and Bellambi have good boat ramps
  6. waiting for Saturday ..... Cairns here we come

  7. Finally it's time to head off to Cairns for a week with the wife and Sorroz my fishing buddy Got 3 days booked for fishing with a recommended charter, going sport fishing, reef and estuary/river depending on how things are when we get there sooooooo looking forward to getting away from Sydney and the Yes Donna ... Kaz is coming with us and we might take her out for the estuary/river session ........ someone has to attact the sand flies away from us god I'm good to her BTW Go the Mighty Roosters
  8. link to article in the NT news croc attacks boat in Kakadu
  9. great catch and they taste superb Chris
  10. Nice work guys know about the swell coming over the side from the other day congrates on christening the boat Chris
  11. here is one of me and one of my Dollies on the day
  12. never a good feeling when you hear the sound of a breaking rod time to see if you can claim them on the house and contents insurance cover Chris
  13. nice fish guys and good to see that the locals gave you the good oil for some Barra Hope the rest of your trip is as productive Chris
  14. Sorroz and myself felt the need to get out again and so we decided to take a mate that hadn't been out to Browns or done much in the way of out wide New years day looked good so .... 6.30am at the ramp and off through Botany Bay we go heading straight to Browns to start the morning As the saying goes "Where the bloody hell are you" we were the lone ranger for a good hour until we finally saw 2 more boats that were on the troll plan was to drift Browns and then go for a troll well 5 drifts for 3 orange roughies and a green eyed shark plus 2 drop weighs lighter and our mated being a
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