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  1. harry01

    Brisbane Water Bream Plan B

    great photo shots and doing that in the middle of day is pretty cool, mind you not good to loose those surface lures on the racks can get expensive
  2. harry01

    Home made Floats for Blackfishing.

    hellow stormy I read tonite with great interest your 2013 notes on "how to make blackfish floats" I am unsure if you still do this or where you are located but I would be very interested in learning more from you if this was possible? I am located on the Sydney northern beaches and have been having a fair amount of success on the blackfish in recent months but as can happen I have lost a few quality floats in the process, anyway if you have time would love to chat, if you had time Regards harry
  3. harry01

    Sydney harbour 12/12/15

    Got to hand it to you boy you had a good go covering so much territory in oneday you certainly deserve success
  4. harry01

    Weekend @ Avoca

    nice work, flattie looks a good specimen with nice colours you must have caught that in shall water in the lagoon
  5. harry01

    Bream, Snapper and Salmon from the rocks this arvo

    great effort nice mixed bag and you are very well organised with economical bait supply
  6. harry01

    The entrance 2 am this morning

    Think you will find your meter long "whiting" are really long toms, not uncommon to have a pair sneaking around together just below the surface , normally you see more of them at nite time then daytime at the Entrance. cheers
  7. harry01

    Got smooooooked!

    bad luck Razz certainly sounded like an exciting few minutes you just need three arms or a bit of luck in those circumstances alternatively the fish could have just as easily turned and run back at you and given you a minute or so to get organised
  8. harry01

    Iron Cove 20/06/15

    great report really good mixed bag regards harry
  9. harry01

    Sunday at The Entrance

    Hi Steve you probable could have caught another ten if Milo had a license, It was a beautiful day weather wise, well done, did you get any small bream as by catch to all the flatties ? Cheers
  10. harry01

    Georges River breambos

    nice work if you don't mind me asking where you using the 2 and half inch z man grub on about a one twelfth jig head? thankyou regards tony
  11. harry01

    Sydney Saturday 30/5/15

    ok thanks steve will see how i go just need the westerly to stay low cheers tony
  12. harry01

    Sydney Saturday 30/5/15

    Steve are you fishing tomorrow I might take a sneaky trip up to the central coast to see if i can sneak a couple of blackfish regards tony
  13. harry01

    Sydney Saturday 30/5/15

    Ryder well done you are very consistent on the blackfish I notice fish in the far tight of the first photo has that damaged dorsal bump on it I am never sure whether that is because it's been damaged in a pro net or was damaged when a small fish regards
  14. harry01

    Local bream, flatties and pleasant by-catch!

    great read and looks like a truly great day, fantastic pics also a real credit to you
  15. harry01

    The Entrance

    I believe you. My dad lives opposite Frank and frequently fishes with him . Small world indeed Good luck if you go tomorrow weather not looking so good. Cheers