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  1. Good day as usual lads, spewing Mick didn’t boat that fish, only a matter of time before he lands a proper one
  2. Cheers all, definitely not complaining with a PB, might take me a few more trips to beat it now, the last three full moon phases I have fished with Jeff we have found very similar circumstances in saying that the fish if you work hard enough are there, that came mid morning bang on a tide change, coincidence I don’t think so!!!
  3. Hey mate I don’t have any marks sorry just go off depths on Navionics
  4. Good intell the kings are holding on Texas in good numbers, majority on the smaller size around that 75cm mark with some bigger hoodlums including some undtoppables in the mix. Have a look on your Navionics there is a few good pinnacles south of Texas, that is definitely worth a look, when it gets crowded you need to find other spots
  5. With a little break in the weather I scored an invite with Backcruncher and scratchie to tag along and chuck some lures around Port Stephens/ Broughton Island. From previous experiences we all knew it was going to be tough fishing with the full moon the previous evening. The first three drifts at a spot scratchie had scored fish on Friday with multiple lure changes drew a blank, couple of hits that did not feel like our target species. We moved to a spot where Mick had scored a nice red previously and we found a couple of very small rat kings but again no reds. We moved to a spot where I would consider my favourite, threw on my confidence lure a seven inch motor oil jerk shad and first drift Jeff and I both missed fish that were definitely reds. We lined up the drift again and by this stage the wind/current had shifted and could not line the boat up to where the fish seemed to be holding. Things were looking grim when Jeff made the call to do a short drift inside where we had begun. Just as we were nearing the end of the drift I got my lure in the perfect zone and it was crunched mid water with the fish peeling drag, I played it out with the tell tale signs of a good red getting its nose down in the current and using those solid tail beats after a few nervous moments I had my Pb in the boat 78cm!!!!, we were all stoked. After this we could not get the drift right so moved to one more spot where Jeff got chewed off by a solid red that had swallowed his gulp live, spewing. I would say it’s the toughest day I have had out the island but the scenery and company was world class.
  6. Haha mate they certainly aren’t snapper but still good fun, next day I get off I am coming up.
  7. Been struggling to find some decent weather to get out for a fish lately with work, but have finally managed to get a few sessions in fishing some flats around the local with some good signs with good numbers of lizards showing up bagging a few more quality fish the last two times I have fished. Have found the fish are still quiet a little sluggish and you have to work for them but they are there, fishing a variety of soft plastics and vibes in different depths the fish are more aggressive on a slower lift and pause retrieve. Nothing fancy with no real stand out colours.
  8. Good bite over a month ago, looks like the good water is south of Sydney, but wide. Have to be in it to win it though
  9. I’m out tomorrow, hopefully find a few more spring lizards!!!
  10. tyrone07

    boat license

    https://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/#/view/regulation/2016/308/part5/div4/sec102 here you go mate this is the actual division that relates, as what Jon said he is correct.
  11. tyrone07

    boat license

    Division 5, part five of the marine safety act 1998 which can be accessed through Austii has all your answers if anybody is interested.
  12. Mate by October the water warms up a couple of degrees in Brisbane Waters and the flattys really fire up, 12lb leader and vibes, 4-5inch paddle tails with as light a jig head you can get away with - generally 1/4, 3/8 and a 1/2 will cover most situations. I generally prefer to fish places with a bit of tidal run, but where the water runs through narrower channels etc.
  13. Having caught multiple Flathead over 80cms with a pb of 86 I wouldn’t fish anything less then 10lb fluoro leader. Flattys are not leader shy as long as you are fishing the right areas they will not shy away from a well presented plastic/ soft vibe. I am a firm believer of scent, increases your hook up rates dramatically.
  14. Few of my colleagues are also eating fresh fish tonight can not beat it, having a nice coldie now. Will be back in the next few weeks 👍
  15. Cracking day out on HMAS Scratchie mate, only thing missing was my poor performance and the beers. No matter what I tried I just couldn’t make em stick, I’m sure you got some tips from my solid betting performance.