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  1. Haha it's good sometimes being the guide, all too common being outfished when she is onboard
  2. Had a quick window after work to take the tub for a run down the local. Launched at Gosford just before dark and fished a spot that usually delivers. I was throwing a cross fire surface lure whilst the wife was flicking a little Samaki 85mm vibe in Ghost bait. Small hops off the bottom and a bit of scent is all that is required for these lures to become deadly on lizards. The wife came up tight and after a good fight on 8lb her PB lizard was in the boat. After a quick photo the fish was safely released.
  3. I've heard of a species Terra Australis that always fights this hard, I reckon that's what you may have been fighting
  4. You look like a morwong Jeff ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. Good stuff mate found a few yesterday, had to.move around a bit to find them though
  6. Stonker Tailor well done, cracking pics as usual mate
  7. In regards to 'local I think a bit of common sense is all that is required, if your travelling to say a boat ramp that you need to pass five other boat ramps to get to the one you consider local that is not in the spirit of the legislation.
  8. Banded sea perch
  9. Cheers mate, was meant to be back for three days in August but it has been cancelled unfortunately with everything going on
  10. The wife got smoked by the fish of the day but still boated a few decent ones
  11. Four days before my wedding in Cairns, the wife to be and I went GT fishing out of Port Douglas. We had caught a few smaller fish through out the day and plenty of other reef species. We were mixing it up but throwing big poppers and stick baits for eleven hours I was finally rewarded on the last drift with this GT which we estimated to be 22-24kg caught in 4 meters of water.
  12. Good report mate, that's a cracking JP
  13. As mentioned above the 25000 is a big bulky reel, hope you go to the gym casting lures all day you are going to feel it in your back and arms. What is your budget for a rod mate?
  14. Good feed there mate, what depth were you fishing?
  15. Nice work canโ€™t beat fresh caught prawns ๐Ÿ‘Œ, plenty of other things you can use as bait