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  1. Mate by October the water warms up a couple of degrees in Brisbane Waters and the flattys really fire up, 12lb leader and vibes, 4-5inch paddle tails with as light a jig head you can get away with - generally 1/4, 3/8 and a 1/2 will cover most situations. I generally prefer to fish places with a bit of tidal run, but where the water runs through narrower channels etc.
  2. tyrone07

    Tips for light leader

    Having caught multiple Flathead over 80cms with a pb of 86 I wouldn’t fish anything less then 10lb fluoro leader. Flattys are not leader shy as long as you are fishing the right areas they will not shy away from a well presented plastic/ soft vibe. I am a firm believer of scent, increases your hook up rates dramatically.
  3. tyrone07

    Port Stephens- Last snapper report???

    Few of my colleagues are also eating fresh fish tonight can not beat it, having a nice coldie now. Will be back in the next few weeks 👍
  4. tyrone07

    Port Stephens- Last snapper report???

    Cracking day out on HMAS Scratchie mate, only thing missing was my poor performance and the beers. No matter what I tried I just couldn’t make em stick, I’m sure you got some tips from my solid betting performance.
  5. tyrone07

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    Not me but my grandpa many moons ago, was fishing out of Wooli one morning in his little 4.5 meter tinny out near Solitary Islands. The way he describes the story is he had just caught a kingfish on a handline and bled it straight away before he threw it in the boat. There was a boat fishing near by with a bloke waving at him frantically. My grandpa thought the bloke was nuts so continued fishing. He then lent over the side of the boat to wash his hands and there was an eye which he said was the size of an ash tray. He had a look over the other side and there was another eye on the other side. Turns out the bloke waving was indicating there was a large great white shark that was at least 4.5 meters had been attracted to my grandpas boat by the kingie and had come up underneath the boat. Grandpa then says he turned the boat on and flawed it without even pulling in the anchor which luckily hold as he prob would have been thrown into the water.
  6. tyrone07

    Brisbane Waters Donut

    Tough time of year to fish the old Brisbane Waters, I find the waters crystal clear and the bait is hard to find. I’ve been fishing smaller vibes and blades lately for more success
  7. tyrone07

    Port Stephens-Back on the Water

    Well done mate some nice reds as usual, last night in Croatia and I will be back, can’t wait to tee up another session when I return
  8. tyrone07

    Port Stephens reds.

    Cheers Woodsy, missed seeing you the last few times, hopefully we can catch up for a fish soon.
  9. tyrone07

    Port Stephens reds.

    That’s a cracker red, that is the fish I am chasing. Yep, it’s like when you fish float baits, the better fish definitely come well up off the bottom IMO
  10. tyrone07

    Lake Macquarie Flathead drought breaker

    73 Cm is a quality lizard mate, should strt seeing a few more big girls breeding
  11. tyrone07

    Port Stephens reds.

    He speaks very highly of you mate 👍, the fish of the day came from one of your go to spots supposedly. I was almost doubting the maestro when in que I got whcked
  12. tyrone07

    Port Stephens reds.

    Mate Scratchie and I know blokes that fish as light as 1/8th, yesterday we could of easily with the lack of current. There is a bit of science behind it you want your lure drifting down through the water column as slowly and naturally as the conditions will allow, the majority of the good reds will actually hit in the top 1/3 of the water column I have found.
  13. tyrone07

    Port Stephens reds.

    No Swell, no current, no wind, a million other boats = the perfect conditions not to go snapper fishing. Unfortunately I am unable to fish with everyone in a few weeks time so hit Scratchie up to see if he was interested in a little pre fish on Monday of the Long Wkend. Brought another mate along and after a quick attempt at getting some bait we made the decision after watching at least six other boats heading north we decided to hit our first drift as the sun was rising. My other mate had never caught a snapper on a plastic so given the conditions there was some slight concern. I think second cast with a seven inch jerk Shad in pilchard I pulled a legal pannie. Shortly after scratchie calls “good fish” before his braid pinged half way up the line. I had two more casts before I came up tight to a good red in some tight structure. I was confident I had turned the fish head and had it heading towards deeper water when that sinking feeling of being smoked in the structure. Having caught a few decent reds we all knew this one was a solid fish. Quickly Re rigged and the very next cast the 7 inch pilchard gets whacked and heads straight towards the deeper water. This fish is fighting dirty, down deep with some serious pulling power. Ended up having to chase it into the deeper water to try gain some line back, knowing I was away from structure It had all the hallmarks of a stonker red. After a few more blistering runs down deep the fish cane charging high in the water column with us all calling it for anythin from Cobia to a king. After a solid 15 minutes on 15lb line I manage to get the fish to the boat and is a Longtail of approximately 10-12 kg, we managed to get her to the boat, where after a quick (failed) gaff shot by Jeff 😂 the 16lb leader popped at the knot. We continued fishing and my mate put on the old faithful Nuke Chicken In 5 inch. Not long after he got his first ever legal red on a plastic, followed by an upgrade PB. With a wuick spot change I managed to put he fish of the day in the boat before my mate calls good fish. He duely sets the hook which is short lived before he is giving his first dusting by a Port Stephens Red. We tried a couple more spots with us all adding some reds with us endin up with 8 keepers and as many throw backs. Considering the conditions the fishing was extremely tough, if we had of converted all the fish we hooked it would hve been a cracking day on the water, but trust me the knowledge Jeff has of the area as I have said time and time again is invaluable. I’ve fished with him five times now and every time we hve hooked some crackers, the blokes middle name is Pagrus. For the technical side of things all fish came on 5 and 7 inch plastics on 1/4th TT jig heads, fish depths between 6-22 meters of water, and the old saying of find the bait find the fish is very true when snapper fishing. I don’t think one spot held more fish then any others but Jeff’s philosophy of just keep casting is so very true.
  14. tyrone07

    Crabs for mother’s day

    We found a mixed grill, two legal snapper, Silver Trevally, small Flathead and a thumping whiting all on smaller vibes.
  15. tyrone07

    Crabs for mother’s day

    Well done mate, was tough out there today, still managed a feed