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  1. tyrone07

    Port Stephens- Rack em up!!!

    Cracker day gents!!! Only a matter of time before the game fish turn on I reckon!!!
  2. tyrone07

    Early session for something different

    Fish the eddies off to the sides mate out of the flowing water would be my best advice, the Jewys will ambush the fish in here as the bait is flushed past with the current. Least you had a crack, the lizards have definitely slowed I have found recently
  3. tyrone07

    Broughton Snapper

    After a few tentative inboxes the day arrived when I made the trip up to chase Reds with Jeff (Scratchie) in his home turf. Forecast had been a bit iffy all week with rain and wind thrown in the mix but was confident early it would be manageable. First drift we came up to a rock wall holding bait and as soon as Jeff called it he hooked a small red on the plastic. I think I managed a rock cod and that was it for a few more drifts, bait was every where but couldn’t tempt any more. Moved spots, and the first drift I came up tight on the plastic in the top half of the water column to a better sized red. Managed to get it in the boat and it went 55, so straight in the well. I think Jeff landed another pannie on the same drift. Whilst this was happening Jeff had a live slimey drifting out the back, that got smoked. Cleared the rods, and by the time we could do anything it had bricked him in the reef, had all the tell tale signs of a hoodlum. Jeff showed me another spot where we both pulled a few more pannies, I think we ended the day with seven in the well. Although I didn’t crack a big one it was a great day on the water, if you ever get the opportunity to fish with Jeff he is a guru, his knowledge he passed on to me today will no doubt be put to good use. Sou east blew up and it made it a slow bumpy trip back in across the bay, but regardless it was definately worh the trip up. All fish were caught on a variety of zman plastics fished on 1/4 jigheads.
  4. tyrone07

    No luck on the Jew

    Keep with it mate, persistence and perseverance and you will crack the code soon enough. If your catching fresh bait your fishing the right areas.
  5. tyrone07

    Fiji fishing

    That’s a cracking doggie on 30lb well done
  6. tyrone07

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

    Spoilt for choice up your way mate hah. Love my sessions chasing the humble Dusky 😉 🤔
  7. tyrone07

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

    Flattys are definately on, we managed 17 to 70cms yesterday afternoon and a hour and a half session
  8. tyrone07

    Weekend Shenanigans

    Bang on 75 again, last three lizards have all been that size. Maybe I just catch the same fish in different spots 🤔
  9. tyrone07

    Weekend Shenanigans

    As long as the day is all about her including baiting hooks, unhooking fish, and everything else she is happy
  10. tyrone07

    Weekend Shenanigans

    So finishing up some work training Thursday and the weekend off I thought I would take the wife on an adventure north to Lake St Clair for an exploratory mission and a quick fish. With very limited freshwater experience I was stoked the wife hooked and netted a cracker bass off the top all on her own. With only a few smaller rats I was stoked with the result being the first time up there. Today I hit the local chucking vibes and plastic and managed to land a cracker lizard in 8 meters of water on a zman paddlerz, 3/8tt jig head. All up landed 9 Lizards with my mate which were all released.
  11. tyrone07

    Port Stephens- cracking day!

    Cracking reds fellas well done, top day for it
  12. tyrone07

    Wollongong/ Illawarra update

    Can handle just about anything but the wind when flicking lures, understand the frustration!!!
  13. tyrone07

    Brisbane Waters Lizards

    it may well and truly have been a male but it is widely accepted that males platuea around the 49-54cm range, I have a personal limit that I release any fish over 60cms regardless ?
  14. tyrone07

    Brisbane Waters Lizards

    G’day guys, with a few days off mid week I made the most of the conditions and had a flick around the local. Flicked a variety of soft vibes and plastics mixing it up between 3-4inch paddle tails and changing the weights to match the depth and tides I managed to put a number of fish in the boat. Majority of the fish were smaller around the 45-50 Cm mark but were in good numbers. Managed to get a 75cm female late In the arvo which after a quick happy snap was released. Now is the time to get out to your local estuary, tie on a plastic and have a flick.
  15. tyrone07

    Barrycuda v Broken Bay

    Hey mate is the fad out there?? According to DPI it hasn’t been put in place yet? Good feed on the flattys