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  1. recurve

    A Strange Day Out at Bellambi

    Bellambi ramp starts at 4.15am. At this time it is all locals getting in before the chaos from Sydney arrives. It's a pretty smooth affair normally, even on dead low. A lot of locals won't fish the weekend due to all the drama and queues. Around 5.45am the first of the Sydney crowd turns up and there are always novices and bellambi newbies amoung them. This is when the hold ups, balls ups and lack of etiquette happens. There are plenty of good snapper grounds around Wollongong. You don't need to go all the way to the humps to get snapper. I've always found the humps really hit and miss so don't bother anymore. Some of the best snapper fishing is only 4k - 5k from the ramp.
  2. recurve

    Bonito Kokoda (Coconut Raw Fish)

    Awesome so glad someone tried it. Yours looks very good too. Coriander is a master stroke.
  3. recurve

    Launch retrieve in the dark

    Your boat ramp is not lit? Also get an internal marine red light installed in your cabin. You can see everything but does not effect your night vision.
  4. recurve

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    Another trick is to tie the sea anchor to the side of the boat. If you have a hard top it can position you so your casting with no obstruction of the hard top and it makes it easier if there are two of you as you can alternate. While one is retrieving the other casts. Sometimes it seems to slow you down even more as well. All depends on wind and current. Don't think the sea anchor always has to go off the back. Off the side when the wind and current is right is good for bottom bashing as well as your chute is behind you and you have no issues with the line touching the drogue rope.
  5. recurve

    How do I catch snapper off the rocks?

    Burley, un weighted baits and life jackets. Same method as a boat.
  6. recurve

    Battery help

    Sounds like poor connections. Maybe you need to replace all the hardware. Or you may have a cable that is damaged but inside the coating. Lee
  7. recurve

    Port Stephens reds.

    Good report guys. What a great session.
  8. recurve

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    Buy gloves and get the Decky to do the anchor. 8ml if retrieving by hand sounds as small as I would want to go.
  9. recurve

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    You'll need at least 100m of line to anchor at this depth properly and with comfort to you physically and comfort knowing your going to hold. You could go less and add more chain but more line is better.
  10. Went for Reds and ended up catching three Bonnies. Sent two back as not sure how to cook them. Kept one as decided maybe they could be good as Kokoda. Kokoda is fish cubes partially cooked in lemon juice mixed with raw veges and coconut cream. It's amazing. Cut fish into cubes 1-1.5cm. Salt and cover in fresh lemon juice. Leave for two hours. Take 3 tomatoes and remove the seeds and liquid. Do the same to a cucumber or two as well as a capiscum. Cut up super small and put aside. Chop half the red onion up super small as well. Season well. I rinse the lemon juice off the fish and Pat dry. Put in a bowl and add all the chopped up bits. Then add over half a tin of coconut cream. Season to taste. If kids are not involved then red chillies also go well. This is devine and to my delight, works well with Bonito. Kingfish is best but Bonito was very good. Crusty bread and Kokoda, BAM!!
  11. recurve

    Slow jigging reel?

    Your right, it's a 5000 I have. Has the big knob. Good reel
  12. recurve

    Slow jigging reel?

    FJ 4000 Stradic. Is a good reel for slow pitch jigging. Has a good retrieve and a big handle. Also good a good all round reel. I have this paired with a Gomoku Blue. Very happy with the set up. Use it to jig for Kings with very good success.
  13. recurve

    Kingfish Bait

    In NZ it's widely known that piper or Gar fish are the best baits for Kings. You can rig them up like a livie and pop them. Never done it but seem it on TV a few times.
  14. recurve

    Boat capacity rules in nsw

    Depends if the cert from Stabi is an international cert recognised in AU, if it is then you should be fine with 5. My understanding is it is either x people or x KG. But you would need to confirm. My Surtees is has an international cert and is recognised here
  15. recurve

    frozen burley logs

    Angler power in Sylvania or Liesure Coast Bait and Tackle in Corrimal Rothery Road.