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  1. When I was fishing in Wellington and Kapiti Coast in NZ we saw these a lot. In all sorts of fish. I'm guessing the must like colder water as fishing in Wollongong I have not come across one yet. They were so common over there we really thought nothing of it.
  2. We're coming into Snapper season now and the Squid season is on right now. You can get Squid off the break wall or jetty at Bellambi or you go on the North side of Wollongong Harbour. Port Kembla break walls are closed and so is Bass Point but you can get Bonito and Salmon off Hill 60 rocks. I believe Windang Beach is good for Whiting. Flathead are still around in shallow sands and i believe they are still catching them in the lake as well. If you can get yourself a Kayak you can go alright jigging plastics for all kinds of pelagics off the break walls at Port Kembla
  3. 30k was what was told to me by a tackle shop owner and i believe it was the police who told him. Fished out of Port Kembla on Monday (Yesterday) Pulled over once by water police and by fisheries. Asked us for safety gear status and where we lived. Asked them what they were doing and he said that the last two boats they pulled over were from Sydney and were told to exit the water and go home. Other cop said that on Friday they turned a lot of boats travelling to Wollongong over and sent them home. The said at this stage they are just warning people. Long way to go to be sent home after just getting on the water. One of the boats we saw them turn away looked like it had only just launched. It's a curly one. If you come down from Picton or Appin you are deemed to be Sydney so should you travel 60k to Sydney or 30k to Wollongong. On the bright side we landed 16 good Flatties between two of us. Could have bagged out but figured we had plenty, good size to them as well and only in 12m of water so was very easy fishing.
  4. Bellambi Ramp was busy busy busy yesterday. 5.30am the queue to launch was back along the entrance road. Never seen it like that, that early. We locals thought it would be a good day at the ramp and all the non locals would be gone. We all thought the calamities would be at a minimum. We were wrong. It was very clear that our local was over run by Sydney Boaters. The usual suspects in big boats with Sydney fishing club stickers and the dead give away of people who don’t know how to launch. Even had three deep parking so not sure how the middle trailer was suppose to get out no doubt some altercations over that! Locals don’t do that, that’s Sydney boaters and a particular segment generally. Heads up, if your 30k away from the Ramp your going to get fined. Police were scanning all the plates of cars and trailers in the morning if your rego is not local and you were at Bellambi yesterdayI think you have a fine heading your way and you fully deserve it. Being allowed to fish is a privilege right now and it’s going to be potentially ruined for all because people won’t listen hopefully these fines get out quickly and word spreads Weather was not good yesterday and fishing was poor so those that got fined won’t be feeling it was worth it. So if your not a local be aware that they are scanning plates while your out on the water. And if you get fined you deserve it
  5. That’s tough to deal with. At least you get to enjoy re-building your collection again.
  6. recurve

    First King

    Port Kembla Break wall.
  7. I go to Rockhampton to fish for Barra and have been down this path. I originally purchased a cheap holder from a shop. When I picked up my rods at Rocky the end was completely smashed in and the zipper was stuffed, luckily is was the end where the base of the rods were so did not break my gear. They must have speared it. unsavoury characters! Phoned Qantas and they were absolutely awful about it. Said I needed to produce a receipt but I did not keep the receipt so i lost out. I fly a lot for work so been using Virgin as an up yours ever since. Reckon Qantas now missed out on around 20 flights from me now. I got really pissed off at how they dealt with it. a shop only sell cheap ones. I went to a Tackle World and dropped some cash on a extendable holder. It's pretty bulky and large but there is no way those baggage guys can break it. Very happy I spent the money. However, on the train to the airport with Bag, Carry on Bag and bulky rod holder I do cause a bit of a stir and it is mighty awkward. However my rods arrive in perfect condition and my case does not get thrown like a spear anymore. Also I can fit loads of rods in it.
  8. Rickmarlin, I just checked on the web as was many years ago I read the Manual. Pressure tested, not pressurised. So you're right about that. I would be following the manufactures advice If I hit anything hard enough to breach my hull I would no doubt have big issues that would over whelm any bilge pump. Also most boats have multiple chambers so if one is breached the others won't be. Seems like you would be just making a weak link by replacing plate alloy with silicone.
  9. I have a Surtees and it has two bungs in the sealed chambers and they say it is pressurised and specifically say not to breach it. You can do what you like to your own boat of course. Just my opinion. I think it would be a very bad idea.
  10. I would not cut into a sealed chamber under any circumstances. Are a lot of them a pressurised as well. My boat manual specifically states not to drill into the sealed chamber. Many boats have compartments in the sealed areas anyway so a bilge pump in there will not help. I would not breach the sealed chamber. Just replace the bungs.
  11. Just because a boat is sealed does not mean it can't be swamped. I launched my boat which has fully sealed chambers underneath without the bung once. I used my bilge pump to save me while I foundered around looking for the Bung. Could not find the Bung and bail at the same time. Water will go to the back of the boat and i could see my engine was getting closer and closer to the water. Also it may be fine in the bay but if your out and you get a wave or swell hit you on the side you could well go over. Attached is a pic of a Bar Crusher which is also a fully sealed boat. They may not sink but they will definitely flip if you get swamped in the rough or if the swell is peaky.
  12. Just saying bet there are a lot more people who regret not having one y then people who got one. If you under floor area is sealed then don't drill into it.
  13. Any boat been be swamped. Never ever heard any one say they regretted installing a bilge pump
  14. Oh dear. More drama. This went on for quite a while. Ford Ranger came to help them out but it was obvious that was not going to work. So they in coupled the trailer from their ute and pulled out the ute with the Ranger. Then they tried the rope to the trailer (un coupled) and pulled it out of the sand. I was waiting for the rope to snap and the boat and trailer to slide back into the water. So thanks Wollongong council for being all over maintaining the ramp. There was a digger there last week and they took 6 trucks of sand. But they took the sand from the end of the jetty not from the ramp section so still a sand trap. My father always said to me. Only fools and women comment on half finished jobs. Maybe they coming back to get the sand from the front? But late for these guys today though.