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  1. recurve

    New boat

    For that boat I assume you will be in the Estuaries mostly. You won't be trying to power through Swells and getting out of 'The Hole' in a hurry wont be a big issue. I would rather have a lighter Stern and therefore a boat that sits better when underway. 30kg to get 5 more HP is not worth it in my opinion. Remember every Kilo you hang off that engine bracket is equivalent to many more KG's you would need at the front to balance it out. Get the Yamaha
  2. recurve

    reel storage/transportation

    Have travelled a bit with fishing gear. Normally I collapse the reel handle and put reels inside a clothing item in middle of case. Have never had a reel damaged.
  3. recurve

    fishing tackle insurance when travelling

    I just flew to Rocky for Barra fishing with Qantas and purchased a Rod Tube from a shop. Arrived in Rocky and found that the end of the rod tube was smashed at the opening and the material was torn at the opening as impact was so severe. They must have speared it into an edge. Could only have been caused by rough as guts attitude. Lucky my rods are ok but def makes you think about things going wrong. I will call Qantas but no doubt will be fobbed off. Might travel Virgin next time and see if they go better. Will be going back as the Fitzroy is a great fishery as Nets were banned 2 years ago.
  4. recurve

    4.1m tinnie going to five island

    Yeah you will be fine. Just pick the weather and be aware of the swell around the islands on some days. Can be some really good squidding off the islands, especially in a small boat. You will need to make sure you have all the right lawful gear for safety and as there is a lot of activity with police, rescue and Pilots around there. Had a lot of fun in a 4.2m boat fishing 5 Islands
  5. recurve

    Berleying....for squid?

    Have had Squid come right to the back of the boat when Burleying from the boat. So yes, in my experience they come in for Burley. Or maybe the activity it creates.
  6. recurve

    Disposing of acetone

    Evaporate it. Easy.
  7. recurve

    Stradic Ci4+ - Dropped in sand and water

    The clicker is under the drag cap. Unwind until you can pull it off. No doubt salt has crusted over and stopped it’s movement. A lot of local tackle stores will overhaul a reel with quick turn around. I would not send to Shimano. Reel should be fine if you get a Pro to clean it out for you. Don’t try yourself if you have never taken a reel apart before.
  8. recurve


    Stabicraft are awesome boats. Definitely the toughest but not as soft a ride. Also much dearer. Good luck.
  9. recurve


    Surtees or Bar Crusher. Surtees is the original made in NZ. Bar Crusher is Aussie replica. Both good boats. I have a Surtees 18.5 foot (5.5m) very happy with it. Rides very smooth in chop and slop
  10. recurve

    Who sharpens their hooks

    I have a hook file in my box. Use it for large hooks, lure hooks and jig heads and I can resurect old smaller hooks if I need to. Works well.
  11. recurve

    First boat, pretty new to this.

    Lot of boat for 20k your looking for. With your car you would be better with an alloy plate or pressed boat. That car will drive really nicely with a 1400 or 1500 rig. Don’t take it to it’s tow limit, won’t be nice to tow. We have one and they go well “The diesel Outback has a braked towing capacity of 1700kg, which makes it on paper slightly less capable than the 3.6-litre petrol Outback with its 1800kg”
  12. recurve

    Botany Bay Firing

  13. recurve

    Paper Maps

    Paper maps don’t fun out of batteries though.
  14. recurve

    Kingies On the Flats??

    No doubt Kings would have been there. Try pulsing the plastic to a rythym. Like they do on TV jigging. Paddle tail should work. I use Flick Baits on a Microjigging rod as has great action. Cast out and let lure drop, pulse up then let drop and do again. I often get hook ups directly below the boat. If no Kings and only trevally, use a small micro jig and change the jig action until they strike every time.
  15. recurve

    bloody weather

    Launched pre dawn on Saturday and jigged plastics on sunrise for Kings. Caught 6 and 2 were 66 and 67. Weather went bad not long after 9am and we got rained on for 20 min. We found a gap and lucky for us the Kings were in the calmer parts. On the way back in found a whole bunch of Luderick sheltering in the ramp. Good sized ones as well, and lots of them.