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    Port Kembla Break wall.
  2. I go to Rockhampton to fish for Barra and have been down this path. I originally purchased a cheap holder from a shop. When I picked up my rods at Rocky the end was completely smashed in and the zipper was stuffed, luckily is was the end where the base of the rods were so did not break my gear. They must have speared it. unsavoury characters! Phoned Qantas and they were absolutely awful about it. Said I needed to produce a receipt but I did not keep the receipt so i lost out. I fly a lot for work so been using Virgin as an up yours ever since. Reckon Qantas now missed out on around 20 flights from me now. I got really pissed off at how they dealt with it. a shop only sell cheap ones. I went to a Tackle World and dropped some cash on a extendable holder. It's pretty bulky and large but there is no way those baggage guys can break it. Very happy I spent the money. However, on the train to the airport with Bag, Carry on Bag and bulky rod holder I do cause a bit of a stir and it is mighty awkward. However my rods arrive in perfect condition and my case does not get thrown like a spear anymore. Also I can fit loads of rods in it.
  3. Rickmarlin, I just checked on the web as was many years ago I read the Manual. Pressure tested, not pressurised. So you're right about that. I would be following the manufactures advice If I hit anything hard enough to breach my hull I would no doubt have big issues that would over whelm any bilge pump. Also most boats have multiple chambers so if one is breached the others won't be. Seems like you would be just making a weak link by replacing plate alloy with silicone.
  4. I have a Surtees and it has two bungs in the sealed chambers and they say it is pressurised and specifically say not to breach it. You can do what you like to your own boat of course. Just my opinion. I think it would be a very bad idea.
  5. I would not cut into a sealed chamber under any circumstances. Are a lot of them a pressurised as well. My boat manual specifically states not to drill into the sealed chamber. Many boats have compartments in the sealed areas anyway so a bilge pump in there will not help. I would not breach the sealed chamber. Just replace the bungs.
  6. Just because a boat is sealed does not mean it can't be swamped. I launched my boat which has fully sealed chambers underneath without the bung once. I used my bilge pump to save me while I foundered around looking for the Bung. Could not find the Bung and bail at the same time. Water will go to the back of the boat and i could see my engine was getting closer and closer to the water. Also it may be fine in the bay but if your out and you get a wave or swell hit you on the side you could well go over. Attached is a pic of a Bar Crusher which is also a fully sealed boat. They may not sink but they will definitely flip if you get swamped in the rough or if the swell is peaky.
  7. Just saying bet there are a lot more people who regret not having one y then people who got one. If you under floor area is sealed then don't drill into it.
  8. Any boat been be swamped. Never ever heard any one say they regretted installing a bilge pump
  9. Oh dear. More drama. This went on for quite a while. Ford Ranger came to help them out but it was obvious that was not going to work. So they in coupled the trailer from their ute and pulled out the ute with the Ranger. Then they tried the rope to the trailer (un coupled) and pulled it out of the sand. I was waiting for the rope to snap and the boat and trailer to slide back into the water. So thanks Wollongong council for being all over maintaining the ramp. There was a digger there last week and they took 6 trucks of sand. But they took the sand from the end of the jetty not from the ramp section so still a sand trap. My father always said to me. Only fools and women comment on half finished jobs. Maybe they coming back to get the sand from the front? But late for these guys today though.
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    You don't need a boat.
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    I think it's speed more than engine size. Can't remember how fast a non licensed person can drive. 10 knots I think.
  12. I saw a large digger the last week but the storm happened so they left it there for a few days and took it away. Assume it was for the ramp. Nothing happened due to the swell 😕
  13. Feel free to use those images.
  14. That would be great Oz98. Look forward to seeing your work.
  15. Caught a live example! This guys boat was light, he pulled out but gave him a lot of resistance. Bigger boat or smaller car would have to start all over again. They also beat their boat up against the jetty and struggled to winch onto trailer as back of trailer was high.
  16. Have also seen bows get caught under the jetty. It is a %%%%% of a ramp for sure. I have a drive on boat which is the bext type of boat for this ramp. It's struggle street there most weekend especially if the surge is up. The sand is a bigger problem with surge as well as it instantly sinks you into the sand.
  17. Agree, I have a 5.5m boat and always launch on the 2 far side ramps. High tide or low tide
  18. Hey all Bellambi launchers. When launching at Bellambi be aware of the sand build up against jetty. Unless it it high tide and on the 3/4 high you should be launching from the far sides. Too many people getting in a lot of expensive bother by not realising that the sand is almost as high as the water line. Many get told by locals and onlookers and don't listen so thought a picture might make it easier to understand why. Few weeks ago a guy backed his trailer down, tried to put his boat on but couldn't work out why it was all going wrong. I saw his trailer tyres were sunk in the sand. I told him he would need to take boat off and retrieve on other side. He waved me off and backed down further!! He then had his trailer tyres and car tyres embedded in the sand. Told him again but I got waved off. Then another Charlie offered to help pull him out. So Charlie number 2 reversed his truck with the boat still attached. Tied the front of the car to the rear bar of the boat trailer. This time the guy next to me told them this was going to end in failure. This time the wife of Charlie number 2 waved us off and said hubby new what he was doing. Uhh huh??? Ok so we just shut our mouths and looked on. So trailer tyres are in embedded in the sand, car tyres are embedded in the sand. There are now two trucks and two boats all joined together. Charlie 2 revvs up and begins the tow. The sound of welds snapping was instantaneous. Wife starts screaming and eventually he stopped. Rear bar of trailer is now only just hanging on. Now they listen. Dissembled the boat and truck centipede and removed the boat from the trailer and went to far side. Not sure where our money towards ramp maintenance goes but this sand has been there a while and claimed many. Anyway, stay expense free and stay away from the sand. I have seen 4 fails in the past 3 months with cars or boats stuck in the sand. I'm not even down there that much so must be effecting a lot of people. Zoom in on this photo and you can see how this is literally a trap at low or mid tide. Don't be the next one!!
  19. Alloy gets a patina when it's raw. Same as a cast iron pan. Stops it from corroding. Biggest problem with aluminium is electrolysis. So always turn your battery off when not using the boat. If it looks bad up close give it a going with a wire brush or water blaster and see what's under. Looks like the boat has not gotten wash downs much. Or cleaned. I have a raw alloy boat and I take everything out and water blast it 2 - 3 times a year. Does wonders.
  20. You'd better crazy not too. Too many things you can't tell from a visual. Even better, get some one who has had a boat for years to come out with you. Seemingly small issues can cause big drama And be expensive to fix.
  21. Bellambi ramp starts at 4.15am. At this time it is all locals getting in before the chaos from Sydney arrives. It's a pretty smooth affair normally, even on dead low. A lot of locals won't fish the weekend due to all the drama and queues. Around 5.45am the first of the Sydney crowd turns up and there are always novices and bellambi newbies amoung them. This is when the hold ups, balls ups and lack of etiquette happens. There are plenty of good snapper grounds around Wollongong. You don't need to go all the way to the humps to get snapper. I've always found the humps really hit and miss so don't bother anymore. Some of the best snapper fishing is only 4k - 5k from the ramp.
  22. Awesome so glad someone tried it. Yours looks very good too. Coriander is a master stroke.
  23. Your boat ramp is not lit? Also get an internal marine red light installed in your cabin. You can see everything but does not effect your night vision.
  24. Another trick is to tie the sea anchor to the side of the boat. If you have a hard top it can position you so your casting with no obstruction of the hard top and it makes it easier if there are two of you as you can alternate. While one is retrieving the other casts. Sometimes it seems to slow you down even more as well. All depends on wind and current. Don't think the sea anchor always has to go off the back. Off the side when the wind and current is right is good for bottom bashing as well as your chute is behind you and you have no issues with the line touching the drogue rope.