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  1. Greetings All I am taking the family to Lake Tabour during the summer holidays and I am researching fishing off Crampton Island. I enjoy targeting Kingfish and other pelagics. I would appreciate any feedback from others who have experienced Crampton Island. Maybe a few questions: How deep is the water off the island? Is access to the island limited during high tide? How popular is the spot? Many fishermen? How big is the fishing ledge and can it handle the masses? Is it easy to get live bait from the island? I thank you in advance for your responses. Regards Mewaldo
  2. Hi All I am heading to Jervis Bay for a few days and the wind is forecasted to be nasty from NW. Has anyone fished Summercloud Bay? Any reports? Thanks in advance Mewaldo
  3. Hi Guys Any good reports on the Shimano Jungle Stix 572H Regards Mewaldo