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  1. Cheers guys . . .appreciate the input
  2. Gibsonblues

    Gearbox oil

    Hi Gents . . . Anyone recommend a good brand of gearbox oil to suit a 90 hp Johnson oceanpro 1999 model Regards
  3. Good story scratchie . . . . . .and a great session aswell Regards Gibson
  4. Hey Linc . . . Much the same as the others here mate . . .lived here for 35 years (25 years @ North Entrance & 10years @Terrigal) and came for holidays as a lad with the family for the other 15 or so. Nothing to complain about as a resident here . . . seen a lot change for the good and the bad . . either way its home to me. Did commute to the city for work for a many years and the trip down the F3 or M1 as its called now isnt that bad unless an accident has closed more than one lane down . . . . but once you cross the Hawksbury River on the way home its the best feeling to finally leave all the hustle and bustle behind you. Goodluck in the pursuit Regards Gibson
  5. As much as this sucks . . . . . like the raffle boat recently stolen . . . it is a part of life these days. I know up here on the Central Coast i have heard of complete vehicle and trailers stolen at Terrigal & also Cabbage Tree bay - Norah Head ocean ramps in the 35 years i have lived here The whole stretch from the Entrance bridge to right to Norah Head if you park anywhere along those beach access stops . . . the opportunity has presented itself for the less desirables . . . . to at their leisure do as they please. Pelican Beach use to be the worst of the lot and the old tip before they built Magenta Shores on top of it. I was fishing with my father one day at north entrance and we left our vehicle and trailer at the ramp by the co-op after we had our fun , we retreived the boat and jumped in the car (which was still locked) and the glove compartment had been riflied through and some its contents were left on the passenger seat.. . . there was only change in the glovy . . nothing more The thief had even gone to the trouble to lock the vehicle afterwards . . .but we noticed . .. never parked there again If you go up that way occassionally you will see shattered glass on the ground . . .which brings only one thing to mind. When i have shot on the beach along there i always park my vehicle on the roadside in the hope that this deters them somewhat. But as we all know this can happen anywhere . . anytime no matter what your doing. Regards Gibson
  6. Great catch . . must have been a nice run when he snatched the hook
  7. Found that out after i arrived there this morning . . . Marine Resuce were asking anglers to be in by three so it didnt affect the event. . . . or the anglers trying to retreive boats.
  8. I was told to lightly go over them with a hair dryer after each one was set in place . . . also helps the stickers adhere to the uneven surface of the hull . . this was suggested by a spray painter who said this is method he used when he applied sticker pin stripes . . .
  9. Same here when i left for work this morning at around 6:30am . . i passed a Fisheries glass boat headiing through Terrigal with what appeared to be FADS onboard one can only hope this is so Gibson
  10. Hey Paikea . . . It looks practical , easily maintainable and servicable . . . . i would think its a great option just for the fact that you dont have remove the floor to install/replace I will definately consider this as my next covering The only thing that may concern me is sore feet . . . . as you stated the aggresive pattern. Regards Gibson
  11. Nice haul . . you must be very pleased and well done to scratchie for supplying you the info Regards Gibbo
  12. some really nice tanks there fella's . . . impressive