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  1. I use them on my Caribbean. We regularly head up to the Hawkesbury from the harbour and have often encountered some fairly unpleasant conditions. I found that they performed as well as might be expected for a fairly low budget pedestal. They are not a proper suspension seat by any stretch of the imagination so don't expect a lounge chair ride! They will bottom out depending on your height setting. They will add comfort above that of a fixed pedestal. I have had to replace several due to apparent poor quality control which resulted in the helm chair wobbling aroun
  2. Helli fishing in Darwin. One of the few things I regret not doing whilst up there.
  3. Try QBE. They might be able to help you. They will want to see your current mooring certificate. Good luck
  4. it is possible that's a fair statement, but to be honest, you just can't tell. The second photo appears to be externally in better condition, but that is not any guarantee about the internals. Wish it was easier than that, but its not! Get the service logs....might be a better guide than external appearance. Good luck with it, whatever you decide.
  5. Hi Blatros, I'm afraid that you will only get a vague indication of condition by looking at the outside. The only way to tell is by removing the jacket and inspecting the inside of the riser on water jackets. If there is obvious heavy corrosion rust staining on the outside then be wary. Engine overheating may also indicate rusted out risers. But as I said, you have to remove to inspect. Regards
  6. Closer still is Berrowra waters. Have a poke around both sides of the ferry. Although, it does get a bit of a hiding on the weekends. Have a look around Brooklyn too. Alternately there are walking tracks that will get you to some of the spots in middle harbour like Bantry Bay and fig tree bay. Good luck
  7. To be a comfortable 7 person, I really can't see anything under 26ft being suitable. I have a 28 Caribbean which has a big cockpit, and I wouldn't want to fish 7 persons. A family of 4 could be comfortable on a Caribbean 26 (flybridge, I know!) overnight in my view, but if you are used to the cabin in a 28ft Marina, you might struggle to adapt! That extra couple of feet make a big difference. Alternatively, look at a cat...at least you get the cockpit width and 2 donks. Just my 2c... Best of luck!
  8. 27meg is still used but seemingly far less than VHF these days. No operator permit required for 27 meg. Marine rescue still monitor 27 meg. 27meg is only 5 watt output whereas VHF is up to 25watts - so subject to atmospheric conditions VHF has a far better range. Same principals/ protocols apply when making a call. Trust that helps
  9. Have you spent any time on UHF CB recently? The repeaters are generally taken over by Dheads with high powered units and directional antenna's who have no respect for other users. When it is free, it is abused. The difference is that whilst not commercial, it is a telecomunication with internationally recognised protocols. If it is free, why would anyone bother to read a manual before jumping on air and pretend to know what they are doing? A lot of people who think that rules are unnecessary generally won't apply them and end up being the problem. I use UHF CB as the c
  10. With due respect, there needs to be some form of control over the airwaves. RANT.... The licence comes after sitting a course on the use of the radio and may just enable you to get help efficiently using proper procedures learnt in the course. Five minutes listening to channel 16 on a busy day in Sydney harbour demonstrates the disregard that many unlicensed operators have for what is a very important communication tool. I just shake my head sometimes and wonder what these people would do in a real emergency. RANT OVER.......... I recomend doing the course and ge
  11. Talk to Riley at the tackle shop next to the boat ramp (RSL). He can probably tell you what's happening around and about. Good luck, Gods country up there!
  12. tryhard


    Thanks for that update - fills in some blanks!
  13. tryhard


    I think that the marker is pretty easy to pick out. It has 2 large "No wash" signs on it.
  14. tryhard


    Seems endemic! Another one on the rocks at Fig Tree point!
  15. tryhard


    Comming back to middle harbour from a weekend on the Hawkesbury, came across a (looks like) 40 + ft Sunseeker on the rocks at Grotto point. Any one know the story?
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