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  1. Worked at Halvos for a while, Quite certain that the OP is a much later boat - prob. Fibreglass. The only FG boats that I can think of were the Island Gypsys by Kong Halvorsen. Watching with interest though.
  2. Not Halverson. Seems to be a more recent design with walk around cabin. Kind of like a Grand Banks, but I don't think it is a GB. Certainly interesting.
  3. I normally avoid entering into discussions like this but just feel the need to point out something that people often forget when bagging the government (No matter if it's blue / red / green). Our government (doesnt matter what side) is not a profit making enterprise. Money from sales / taxes / duties/ fines....etc does not go into their goes to providing the services we enjoy (and often expect). How it's distributed though.....That's a whole other argument, not for this forum !
  4. Hi Gazzzz, I haven't been there for quite a few years, and my jewie record from Forster is Zero however, I have seen them caught with some regularity from the Forster break wall using pike live baits, & fishing the run up tide by casting into the channel & walking up (along) the break wall , following the bait. I used to catch worms (the beach kind) quite close to the beach side of the break wall as well (Forster side). Others may have more recent information - either way, good luck & enjoy!
  5. Hi all, Common request..... I am looking for recomendations to get my motor serviced. 90hp Johnson ocean pro (2000 yr) The site sponser is booked up to December and I want to get a service before 26th November! Is anyone able to PM me recommendations? I am on the north shore not far from Chatswood. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. Damn shame. If you see it again, you can follow them to their vehicles, record registration and report to authorities. That's about all you can do. I would report with the info you have, anyway.
  7. tryhard

    VHF radio

    GME is an Australian company too - at least as far as I know. Standard Horizon GX2200E is a good unit, but twice the price of the others you are considering......lots of additional fruit if you are going a long way out.
  8. Fished Jerusalem on both Sat & Sunday night's of the long weekend for zero results. Our baits were stripped every few minutes by chopper tailor. We didn't try any where else and I haven't seen any other reports. But, you know what they say....."a bad days fishing is better than a good days work!" Wish you luck.
  9. Hi Gazzz, God's country! Has a special place in my heart - I always get a funny feeling as I cross the river at Macksville! But to answer your questions You can try for worms starting at Shelley beach and going north, although I am not sure how you will go this time of year. I would look for holes whilst you are there worming. Historically I have found worms and mullet strips to be effective along the beach there. You could try for poddy mullet near the causway to the golf course. Use them at the end of the breakwall. You could also go 15 minutes north to Valla Beach and fish the holes at the mouth of the creek there. The tackle shop near the boat ramp gets worms during peak times. You could check in with them as well. Enjoy.
  10. Well thanks for the heads up. I will probably limit myself to the usual haunts & take it all not too seriously. Always a bit of fun if they are around & I really want to introduce my partner to the thrill of sitting in the cold for hours on end for a few minutes of frantic fun!
  11. Hi all, Been a while since my last post. I am thinking (weather permitting) of heading up to the Hawkesbury this long weekend. I was wondering if anyone has heard any Hairtail reports this year? I will give it a crack anyway, but has anyone heard anything?
  12. + 1 I have found these guys easy to talk to & quite knowledgeable. They have done the right thing by me recently. Good luck
  13. tryhard

    My Quintrex Build

    The "80's" cruiseabout was one of the best alloy boats in it's time, in my opinion. solid / dry boat with the classic hull shape. The 90 will get it up & going, with enough grunt to pull two medium skiers out of the water - if you wanted to. I have had 2 of these boats (still have one) so I am biased! Used to spend entire weekends on the Hawkesbury, sleeping on air mattresses on board & fishing day & night - great boat, wish you well with your resto. My only comment is that you may be better off with slides on the trailer for extra hull support. Enjoy.
  14. I believe that Baileys near White Bay 6 is one of the more competitive, but I don't know their current prices. I think you also have to do their induction before you can buy fuel there - worth googling I think. I get mine at the Spit - Horrendously expensive - last I looked it was $1.80 plus, then you pay 1.5% fee on top!! Unfortunately it is the most convenient for me - so for the cost of time, I use their facilities! I wouldn't if I knew of a viable alternative. be interesting to see what others say