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  1. In regards to Steber, they have been around for a very long time, and used to have a reputation for being helpful with information. They also still have a good reputation for building quality boats. Pretty sure they did not use timber stringers, but not sure about transoms. They are located in Taree and might be able to give you definite information, which is always better than the "I knew a bloke who had a mate who had one..." anecdotal information. Give them a call, let us know what you find out. Good luck
  2. tryhard

    Swapping seats

    I can see a flush mounted hatch ring in the image. Obvious question.... Does that give you any way to see the underside of the existing pedestal? To see what reinforcement is there?
  3. tryhard

    Swapping seats

    Can you show us what the pedestal looks like in situ? Your issue is going to be where you ate fixing the new seat, and what you are fixing it to.
  4. Is it VRO? When the VRO fails, in my experience, they over oil. In my case large amounts of unburned oil through the exhaust, particularly after a period of extended lay up. I had oil under the cowling and running down the leg (the outboards, not mine!), as well as black unburned oil from the prop exhaust. If that is your issue, replacement is expensive. I chose to replace mine, but the cheaper and probably more reliable alternative is to convert to premix by installing a blanking kit to the VRO. Good luck, I hope you get it properly diagnosed and sorted.
  5. If storage is an issue then the Bunnings solution will be problematic. I have a large collapsible bucket for flushing my 90hp johnson. Mine looks like a much cheaper one than in the OP link. I find it to be a major pain in the rear...if the ground is not perfectly level, it collapses and the motor barely fits in. I only use it out of courtesy to my neighbours - limit the noise. Generally I have found using collapsible buckets problematic....small or large. If you have the space, go with the Bunnings option (or similar) Good luck !
  6. So, We made the trip from the harbour up to the back of Jerusalem Bay. Lots of bait but no hairies around so far tonight. Such is Hairtailing I guess.
  7. Hi fellow fishraiders, I am considering getting a touch of frost bite and sharing company with the brass monkey's on the weekend. Can any tell me if Harry is active at the moment? I have obviously seen the 2 reports here, but looking for an update on these finicky critters. Dont want to loose digits to frost bite if there is not a better than fair chance, particularly as I am taking a mate who has driven 5hrs to get the opportunity! Any leads / info gratefully accepted. Thanks!
  8. Not sure it would be a major issue. I think Maritime could probably search you / vessel on a data base to confirm. Would be interesting to know for sure, though
  9. I think that if council where to do anything, consideration should be given to adding some additional parking on the southern side of the hill and into the access road to the ovals...relatively easy to achieve (but a small gain), and put a timed lock out on the water supply. That would go some way to alleviating the issues.
  10. The reason that the Tunks locals got cranky was more due to the fact that boaties were coming in late / early and flushing their motors at all hours. Some people are just plain selfish. Flushing your 2 stroke at 2.00am in the morning in the middle of suburbia will not endear you to anyone..... Try it at home on a regular basis and see how the neighbourhood responds ! Unfortunately, the council then got a bee in their bonnet and decided to look at some brilliant ideas including the removal of a chunk of parking spaces....brilliant indeed! Remove the services and increase the congestion - thereby removing the desire to use the facility. (Probably saves on long term maintenance costs) All because of some selfish individuals, who couldn't wait until the next morning to flush their motor at home. Those people are as bad as the entitled folk that park their single car in the trailer parking spaces!
  11. I would like to explain the meaning of some of the signage that one might see on the waterways… Generally you can find & interpret the meaning of this signage in the study manuals when sitting for your boat licence, but some of the training facilities and particularly the teachers of those who do Self Study seem to gloss over the meaning & as such it gets lost in favour of understanding more complex issues such as which side is Port & which is Starboard…… Anyway…. No Wash DOES NOT mean that it is not necessary to have a bath / shower - it has an altogether different meaning – it actually means (in summary ) that if your boat is making waves that are bigger that those that normally exist in an area then that is considered to be WASH. So, for the twit that tried to tell me that doing 20 plus knts past all the moored boats & people on Kayaks / canoes / Paddleboards - in the quietest part of Fig Tree bay was OK because, & I quote …..”I am not water-skiing“, and “you cant make wash in a 4 meter tinny”, please go & have another look at what the signage actually means! I am reasonably certain that the Maritime officers may not have accepted your definition, had they seen you. Aside from the rules, it really is a matter of courtesy if nothing else, everyone is entitled to enjoy the waterways, so just because there is no set limit – does not mean that you should exercise your right & fly past kayakers / canoeists / paddle boarders, small boats – 2 mins taken to pass by calmly & quietly will not ruin your day. Even if there are no signs, it is still an offense to create waves that cause danger , inconvenience or damage. There are plenty of areas where you can open the throttle & not worry anyone. I posted this rant, as I am weary of the fools out there (I wont call them skippers – they haven’t earned the title!), in everything from inflatables to half cabs & even fishing guides (that should know better), that insist on passing through moored boats at inappropriate speeds with no regard for others – it will hopefully help to stifle my desire to cruise past them at half throttle pushing 6 tons of water toward them whilst declaring that I am within the speed limit !! Whilst I am sure that it is no one on here, we do all need to be mindful of our fellow humans when we are out & about. End of Rant Happy new year to my Fellow Fishraiders
  12. Thanks for that. I was looking their website today.
  13. Hi all, Looking for some recommendations...... Does anyone have any good / bad / indifferent guiding comments for a Jervis Bay charter....? Please send me a PM so we don't breach any forum rules. Thanks in anticipation..
  14. I use them on my Caribbean. We regularly head up to the Hawkesbury from the harbour and have often encountered some fairly unpleasant conditions. I found that they performed as well as might be expected for a fairly low budget pedestal. They are not a proper suspension seat by any stretch of the imagination so don't expect a lounge chair ride! They will bottom out depending on your height setting. They will add comfort above that of a fixed pedestal. I have had to replace several due to apparent poor quality control which resulted in the helm chair wobbling around. If purchasing, make sure you double check that there is no lateral movement in the pedestal, before you buy.
  15. Helli fishing in Darwin. One of the few things I regret not doing whilst up there.
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