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  1. Derek, and co - thanks for the words - a lot of logic there - your advice is priceless thank you. I did read the 101 piece but will revert and review - many thanks
  2. Just concerned that I do not have the fitness to paddle distance - and if being knackered I want some help getting home - But I thought a motor is the norm although optional.
  3. Thanks - makes sense why my Lipo batteries for my RC toys aren't holding charge like they used too 😗
  4. So looking to buy a fishing kayak - I've seen most electric motors mounted on the RHS of the kayak (I assume if you are left handed it would be the LHS) but I have also seen motors at the rear of the yak... At the rear seems a sensible position based on physics and a usual outboard motor! but they obviously work side mounted. If the motor is side mounted is there a noticeable force pushing the yak towards the left/right that you would have to control with the paddle? What are the key differences between side & rear mount? I assume from a control/steering would be the key differ
  5. The intention was to have a sinker above the swivel - Using the swivel as the stopper
  6. Thanks all much appreciated - I'll give the FG a try
  7. Kinda Newbie here been fishing for a while but on the path to learn more.... I've recently converted most of my reels from Mono to Braid - some larger 7500 reels and 4000 reels.. Not chasing anything in particular, so here's the thing - On my 4000 reel on advice it was suggested that I run a 15lb braid, then a leader being 20lbs. My questions are? How much leader should I run from the braid to the swivel and how much from the swivel to the hook? I usually use a free sinker above the swivel .. but notice that some of the sinkers get caught on the knot joining the braid to the mono,
  8. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post - but have been looking at a few Android apps with no success. Cracking arvo - Caught in Sydney Harbour not far from the bridge, I assume the first photo is a flounder or a sole fish but what is the red fish? How do you know if you can eat these fish??
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