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  1. Wow the GT is cool. as for the tiger. I'm still to scared of being lunch to do that!!
  2. I'll second scratches comments. I'll be getting one if it's for real
  3. I don't see how they can be selling a new 250hp honda for under 5k. Doesn't stack up up to me
  4. Hey mate You can add me to your call list if you like. I have my own 6.6 plate boat but often struggle with crew most the time. I'm by no means an expert in game fishing but do try to get out when the weather suits. Daniel
  5. Hi Matt. I haven't been over the bar for a few years now so it has no doubt changed. In the past the bar wasn't overly dangerous just very shallow. Once you go out out past the inlet you could take a hard left and have an easy run out. If the bar was to dangerous to take this passage there was no way you would want to be reef fishing.
  6. Your keen in a 5.3 m boat at heatons. .. Lucky it was flat
  7. We went in a mates 54 fter on the 14th but even in a big boat it really sucked. When you have wind ,swell and current coming from different directions conditions are pretty crappy I hope we get a good marlin season... I feel pretty ripped off regarding tuna.
  8. Overdraft

    Cootacraft gunshot

    Impressive looking boat. What sort of top speed did you see out of the 90's?
  9. Experience practice and trailer set up make all the difference. My boat is 6.6 and I can do it solo. Not ideal on your own but it can be done. If you fish solo a lot somewhere in the 4.5 range is fairly manageable.
  10. After the crappy weather last weekend and lack of fish you are keen to do it again in ordinary conditions. What size boat were you in today ?
  11. I've read nearly all of johns post from a past fourm. Very talented father daughter duo. Very handy with a camera too. Look forward to seeing more of your very informative posts.
  12. I'm still surprised people can be so stupid but I guess you don't need a brain to have a boat!
  13. We left the hacking before sunrise this morning. Trolled over browns out to 1200 fathoms then down to port Kembla in 2000 fathoms. Didn't see a thing and never felt like we were going to catch a fish. Very windy this morning and for most the day but the run home was nice. Very long day buys that's fishing I guess.