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  1. Adalimbi

    Low compression on Evinrude 6hp

    The one that is 50/60 psi has a few parts missing, spark plugs, fuel pump and fuel lines. and the other one that is 70/70 psi runs ok. what should the compression be on 1976 / 1978 6hp Evinrudes?
  2. Adalimbi

    Low compression on Evinrude 6hp

    Thanks Geoff...too easy!!! Does it matter what type of oil I use? (I don't own an oil can and I'm sure that they will be empty when I go to buy one)
  3. Adalimbi

    Low compression on Evinrude 6hp

    Evening FRs Both of my Evinrude 6hp have low compression, one is 50/60 psi and the other is 70/70 psi from memory. What I would like to know is how exactly do I check if it is the ring or not? I know you're supposed to put oil in the ignition chamber and do the compression check again but what sort of oil? How many pulls? all that sort of stuff. Thanks for any help. Cheers. Bill.
  4. Adalimbi

    Newbie to boating scene. Require trailer help!

    Have I missed something here???????????? Can some one please tell me why would you replace the hubs when you popped a tyre ??? (wheel popped) I would have thought you would go to a tyre place and get either the flat repaired or the tyre replaced still not making any sense and I've read it twice
  5. Adalimbi

    Is it under powered and what does that mean?

    My 4.7 DeHavilland Offshore is rated as 35hp max 45hp was told it pulled up 2 skiiers with a 45hp on salt water
  6. Adalimbi

    Using salt away for washing

    I think BCF Has it
  7. Adalimbi

    Radio Call Signs

    Echo not Eagle (sorry not meaning to offend but when you can't hear properly it counts) if anyone needs to know the phonetic alphabet I am willing to help (former CFS radio operator)