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  1. Thanks guys for the feedback. Was thinking the actual wharf at murrays rather than the rocks. Will check out Woollamia.
  2. Hi all Does anyone know if Murrays beach ramp wharf is a decent spot to take my 5 year old for a fish? Just looking for a safe spot in the jervis bay area for my little one drop a line and get a bit of action . From the photos on google maps it looked kind of shallow but i dont mind if its lots of little fish for the kids to have a bit of fun. THanks
  3. Hi everyone Heading down to Culburra and Crookhaven area in the winter. 1. Any tips on good spots to take the kids fishing? On google maps i can see the wharfs at the Crookhaven heads boat ramps? 2. Anyone fished off the rocks at Penguin Head ? Is it easily accessible? 3. Does crookhaven heads hold squid? again looks like alot of weed beds around the crookhaven boat ramps. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Great story. I hope my kids enjoy the outdoors and fishing instead of computers.
  5. Congrats mate! Awesome pig!
  6. Nice catch! How big were the pigs? Im surprised they venture into the harbour.
  7. Congrats and great report!
  8. what a beast of a bream! congrats
  9. ooh nice size trevally - so jealous...havent been fishing for awhile
  10. Awesome catch! Love to catch a GT one day
  11. Mate love your reports. A turtle! Thats quite a story.
  12. nice photos and nice catch! i know that spot but never tried fishing there. i would have guessed that spot would get crowded but looks like you guys were alone. Was it a weekday?
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