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  1. baba209

    Sydney - Greenwich Mulloway

    To be honest with you, it was my first legal jewie, and thought I may just try it. You can also add some peer pressure from the other fisho's there that spectated, telling me of some great recipe's. My thought's on keeping fish is that once I have decided to keep and try that one particular species then I wont any more if I do target and catch it again, my next target will be a legal kingie, same situation, only caught undersized rats.
  2. baba209

    Sydney - Greenwich Mulloway

    Thanks again guys, really appreciate all the support. Makes me want to go out for a flick and report back everyday...
  3. baba209

    Sydney - Greenwich Mulloway

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and appreciation. Means a lot and is very inspiring to keep more fish of this quality coming. Hope to plan another trip in the next few weeks, and really see how winter fishing will go, Cheers.
  4. Hi all, This is my first post, been stalking these forums for a while now and thought I might share my latest fishing adventure. Got into bed about 9pm and got up around 1am Saturday 3/5 and couldn't go back to bed. Grabbed the ipad and checked the conditions, tide was at its highest peak and winds and water temps where at the best they were going to be be at for the whole weekend, so thought I might make the most of the perfect conditions while they where still around. Geared up with 1 light and 1 heavy outfit and headed off with my last fresh squid caught on Wednesday week, prepped and ready for the weekend. Arrived at the location around 1:45am with about 4 other people there, but they where mainly fishing one side of the wharf. I set up on the left hand side which was facing me towards some structure and a few boats. Rigged up the squid with a k-mart special mulloway “pre-rig”, I have seen them too many times and I caved in and bought one to try out... sent the heavy outfit with the k-mart pre-rig out and mucked around with the lighter outfit for some squid... While this was happening I was having a chat to a fisho who was already there and he passed a slimy on to me to try out, I had heard great things about them and thought I might give it a go. My squid by now had been chewed away by some nippers so I rigged up the slimy chunks and sent it on its way... My ultra bite burley trail seemed to be working as I could see plenty of bait fish, and the others kept bringing them in, not too happy as they kept everything... Once again the nippers had gotten the best of my slimy chunks. Brought it in and used the rest of the whole slimy, mixed what ever was left of the slimy chunks with my burley and stayed persistent with it for 20 - 30 min... As I was loosing hope, i rigged my light outfit up to catch some bait to throw out... as this was going on, weather was absolutely perfect, water was warm enough to jump in and luckily the visitors there were nice and quite. BANG, as I am rigging up, my rods about to go over and i lunge over and I'm on... with a few nice runs adding up to a 5 min steady fight, and a helping hand of a fellow fisho who grabbed my net, I bagged a nice 4.5 - 5kg, 73cm Mulloway. Got the blood pumping, was a lot of fun, and the thoughts of the season being over were proven wrong... This was the first Jewfish I kept to try out and eat, pan fried with a little fennel, garlic, olive oil and lemon, it was magic. Thanks for reading everyone, good luck.