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  1. lukelee

    What's this fish?

    First time catch this kind of fish. Caught this one on a surface lure in Roseville bridge. It has very spiky teeth, roughly 25cm. I released it, but anyone knows what is this fish, and what's the legal size?
  2. I forgot the date, but it was late March, the day was not raining. I caught a 35cm bream on chicken breast on #1 circle hook, no sinker, super light line. The time was 10pm. I found a few expired chicken breast in the fridge and thought why not use it for fishing. I cut chicken breast slices, put it on the circle hook, the meat covers the whole hook. Chicken breast is very heavy, I can cast the bait right under the pylon without a sinker. The bream just swallowed the hook, no small bites, just a heavy sudden pull, almost pulled the rode into the water. It was very quiet after the Bream, so I changed to Jackall floating HB lure (Dark green). I cast the lure under the bridge light, slowly rolling back. A few minutes later, a 32cm ocean perch bite the lure. That's it for that night. I headed home to prepare some bait for the second day morning. Here is my favourite bait: Quality prawn (from seafood shop, not bait shop). I cut the prawn head, collect the brain juice, cut the prawn into small chunks, soaking the prawn chunk with prawn brain juice, put into the fridge for overnight. On the morning, I headed to the same position (under the bridge), I used the same setting (#1 circle hook with super light line) with the juicy prawn meat. Almost caught two large breams, but the line was cut by oyster twice. While I was so frustrated, I saw a large mud crab swimming near the shore, so I dropped a prawn bait in front of him, he slowly eats the prawn and Got HIM! but he was too heavy, and the line nagged on oyster again, I had to get into the water to put the crab into the bucket. It was a 1.5kg Mud Crab.
  3. lukelee

    Roseville Bridge Night and Afternoon

    Thanks. This was my first time pumping yabbies. I will check the rule.
  4. I went to Echo Point beach at about 5 am, opposite of the Roseville Bridge. The water was extremely low. I walked along the beach, all the water were very shallow, The fish was very active near the shore. Maybe that's because the rain water flushing the food into the water. I used Diztec dark green FB 35 surface lure with Galic scent. Because the water was so low, I could feel the lure was hitting the sandy bottom. Anyway, I felt 2 big pulls, I lost the first one, but got the second one, it was a Flathead, roughly 50-55cm. After that, I switched to Halco Twisty Spinning Metal Lure with a longer rod, but didn't get any bite.
  5. lukelee

    Roseville Bridge Night and Afternoon

    really? It's Tailor? I thought they were yellowtail... I will be careful next time.
  6. My First report. I went to the Echo Point Park beach with a pump in afternoon 20th March 2019, caught a few yabbies, used the yabbies as live bait, caught a few small breams and whiting near the Cafe (Echo on the Marina). Released all of them. I went to Roseville bridge at around 9pm. I was standing under the bridge, casting Diztec dark green FB 35 surface lure towards the water below the bridge light. Caught a 47cm Estuary Perch. After that, I kept using same lure for an hour, but it was very quiet, I then switched to a bottom blade lure, got snagged. That's the only fish I have caught that night. I will try again in echo point park tomorrow morning. I will try FB 35 surface lure and metal spinning lure this time.
  7. Thanks Mike: I will go for a try. Btw, worms in my worm bin are good bait?
  8. I think even georges river is polutted
  9. Hello, I am new here. Just wondering is there any freshwater river or damp near moorebank? So I can catch some carp or eel? Thanks