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    Trailcraft Profish For Sale

    Price has now been changed to $26,000 ono. Cheers Lee

    Trailcraft Profish For Sale

    Thanks mate and thankyou for kind words regarding the boat. Cheers Lee

    Trailcraft Profish For Sale

    Hi mate, The main reason is to put the money to better use and then upgrade in 6 months time The next boat will be something very very special and thats all i will say for now. Cheers Lee
  4. Trailcraft Pro Fish 455 for sale( same size and design as the new Trailcraft 465 and 470). 4mm Plate bottom 3mm Plate sides Length: 4.65m Length Overall: 4.95m Beam: 2.10m Weight: 440kg Depth (Floor to Gunnell): 560mm Totally sealed deck The boat comes with the following - 60 hp 4 stroke Mercury with 92 hours 65lb Riptide Autopilot 24v Minn Kota Electric Trolling motor with 2 x 120amp deep cycle amptech batterys 1 x Navman 4500 colour sounder 1 x Navman 5500 GPS with Navman fuel flow computer Kill tank on the casting deck is plumbed for a livewell and holds 130 litres Live bait tank in rear plumbed Bildge pump 2 x scotty pro lock rod holders 27 meg radio Custom screen for console Downrigger scotty 1050 depth master 2 x battery chargers Boat has signage on the side from sponsor This boat is the perfect rig that can fish tournaments, stocked dams and fish outside in rough conditions. The boat has been serviced by an authorised Mercury dealer for every scheduled stop and has extra services done prior to holiday trips. It has new bearings in the trailer. Price is now $26,000 or near offer so make me a reasonable offer and we can see what happens. Please reply to post or PM me for further info and pics. Cheers Lee Edit - Price is open to offers
  5. I have not posted on this site for a while, but I feel that after reading this thread I should offer some input. Grant, I support your stance 100% that the pros are the source of the problem. How else would you explain areas like Botany Bay and Lake Macquarie where fish stocks are growing rapidly despite being extensively targeted by rec fishos. BECAUSE THE PRO'S ARE GONE!! It's plainly obvious that us rec anglers can continue to fish while the overall fish population thrives all at the same time. All you have to do is remove the pros, a pretty simple equation. Banning the pro's in Sydney will make little difference to the public's access to fresh seafood because only a very small percentage of the seafood that goes through the markets is caught locally. I vehemently oppose the exclusion of rec anglers from Marine Parks but (and I know this sounds extreme) I'd support Marine Parks over continuing to let the pro's slam what's left of the fishery any day. That being said, it's idiotic to exclude rec anglers and equally idiotic zoning a Marine Park whose borders are being patrolled by the pro's as the fish don't understand where the boundary is. I tire of hearing these people have a 'right' to make a living from exploiting the fishery. They don't. Nobody wants to see someone's occupation become redundant but times change and what was acceptable in the past may not be acceptable in the now or in the future. There’s plenty of stakeholders who will try to blur this argument but never forget what a destructive and wasteful practice professional fishing is. Never forget how the pro’s decimated the Kingfish and Salmon fishery with scant regard for the sustainability and future of the fishery. Where’s the Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna gone? Never forget the tonnes of ‘by-catch’ i.e. juvenile fish that are slaughtered to get those fish into the market. Cheers Lee

    Fishing In Hawks Nest

    Mate have a look at this link http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/inde...?showtopic=8875 Hope this helps Cheers Lee

    Kings Kings Kings

    Agree with you there dan. Looks like a few of the magoo's i have. Good work guys. Cheers Lee

    Sustain Or Twin Power?

    Both are very very good reels. have you looked at the Daiwa Calida Kix. What a powerhouse machine for such a small price. Its got saltiga and certate technology and imo its is another reel you should throw into the equation. Its good to have another brand ( thats if you are not toatally dedicated to one brand ) to compare against. Here is the link http://www.campbellsprotackle.com/store/product.asp?ID=3663 Cheers lee

    Reel For Squidgy Barra?

    I would go for a Daiwa Capricorn. Before every one starts saying that the reel is around the $250 mark, check a couple of aussie web sites. Campbells are doing them for $199. The capricorn is a far superior reel than the penn applause, symetre 4000 and the stradic. Give the site sponsors a call and see if they can help out with the price. Cheers Lee
  10. LEELEE

    Hawk Nest / Tea Gardens

    On the hawks nest side of the bay you can always fish up near the boulders. At this time of year there would be massive sized flounders. We have caught them up to the size of hubcaps in that area, but that was from a boat. Otherwise Jimmy's beach or even the beach at hawks nest produces great bream and whiting early in the morning on fresh cockles that are in the sand on the beach. There are heaps of fish up at Port, problem is the amount of water to cover to locate them. If you can get a boat then try the racks and the delbora marina rockwall. Just double check the sanctaury zones as thier are some more appearing. Cheers Lee
  11. Well done mate. It appears that the great name ( I love the name myslef ) DROP BEAR is gaining a following. The drop bear colour is one of the top sp colours up in the tropics for barra's, toga's, jacks and fingers. Well done again. Cheers Lee
  12. LEELEE

    Unidentified Skull

    mark, Did you keep the skull by any chance? If so drop it in to the Sydney museum. They have some experts that may be able to enlighten you into what its was from. most of the time they are only to willing to help out. Also maybe try taronga zoo as thier knowledge would also lead to the skulls identity. Cheers Lee
  13. LEELEE

    Pb Jew

    Well done mate. Top fish. What gear did you get him on? Cheers Lee
  14. LEELEE

    Lane Cove River Toadfish

    yeah i'm sorry to