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  1. tom_125

    Port Stephens, Allmark reef?

    Hey mate yer bit of a slow start this morning squid hard to come by and nothing touching the downrigger, We decided to head to Almark which was dead as well with a couple of boats on the mark, so we set the spread and started heading south along the shelf about and after about half hour 10kms south of Almark we hooked up, an hour and a half later on 15kg we had a tag in him and next to the boat.
  2. tom_125

    Port Stephens, Allmark reef?

    We are on a 580 Formosa Tomohawk centre cabin, callsign "The Whitehouse". cheers
  3. tom_125

    Port Stephens, Allmark reef?

    Cheers scratchie, Yer it is a bit of a run 25 nm, Might downrig some squid and livies around broughton early Saturday morning before finding that temp break and making my way to the shelf, happy to share intel if your heading out i will be on 21. cheers,
  4. tom_125

    Port Stephens, Allmark reef?

    Hi Raides, Going up to Port Stephens for the long weekend, anyone heard of anything happening up there at the moment? Interesting water off the coast at the moment, good to know if anything is in it early season Marlin or some Yellowfin, any reports of Kings at Allmark reef? Cheers in Advance
  5. tom_125

    Blue Marlin Coffs Harbour

    Great video mate and good catch
  6. tom_125


    This app is awesome i use it instead of my GPS as the detail on the Sonar charts view is unreal,
  7. tom_125

    The King of all Kings

    That is one big kingy, and definetly a fish of a lifetime
  8. tom_125

    Alternator issue

    Thanks for that huett yes I do have wing nuts on the batteries and also a good thing to point out is that the engine cut out while running, but very helpful information
  9. tom_125

    Alternator issue

    Can anyone give me some advice? I have been having some battery problems lately with running out of battery I have a 2009 mercury 60hp, I tested the battery after fully charged and it read 12.7 volts and also while running it read 12.7 volts I believe I have an issue with my alternator, does anyone agree and could anyone give me a price range I should be expecting for a new one to be installed?
  10. tom_125

    Sydney Kingfish - With Video

    Cheers Deanfish yer downrigging is definetly a great technique, yer i have realised that alot of anglers change from wire to braid but just interesting to know the reasons
  11. tom_125

    Sydney Kingfish - With Video

    Great video! unlucky about the downrigger Bomb had you replaced the wire with braid and if so was this to save the downrigger incase you had got snagged, because im wondering what kind of pressure the downrigger would be under with my wire trace when my bomb gets snagged up!!
  12. tom_125

    Kingfish with video

    I down rig one yakka in the bottom third of the water column and have another one with two bean sinkers sitting roughly I believe about 15ft under the water surface, and slow troll them both.
  13. tom_125

    Kingfish with video

    Yer we collected about 20 yakkas each and we ran out after about an hour and a half. That's good to know about the squid we weren't the only ones having trouble, we tried collecting them for half an hour but only ended up with one, and unfortunately my mate dropped it overboard pretty disappointing after all that work. But it was a pretty good day catching them small kingy's hopefully the bigger ones move in soon.
  14. tom_125

    Bull shark on 6pd leader

    great catch on light leader