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  1. Hi all I was out the others day and found a leak in my steering cylinder on my motor it is a hydrive cylinder. I can get the seal kit on line. Has anyone changed the seals on one of these or should I get it done in the shop any info would be great thanx
  2. gully27


    Thanx for the Intel pickels what sort of depth have u got out of the unit and what transducer are u running
  3. gully27


    Hi all just want to get some feed back on what people think about this unit for deep water. I am looking at getting one but I would be running a aim 260 1kw transducer on it with a BSM1 so that it is putting out 1000w and reserving 1000w. Dose anyone run one of these units that dose deep dropping that could tell me if it works well in deep water 600m+. Any feed back would be good Thanx
  4. Hi all heading off Kiama tomorrow and want to pick up some live bait if anyone can't help me out that would be great thanx
  5. gully27

    Jervis bay

    Hi there We will be out of Shellharbour but running South down towards jb happy to let you no what is happening up north tomorrow Call seaborn on 21
  6. Hi all I am looking at up grading my sounder I have a furono 620 but it cant take the 1kw transducer and I want to do more deep drop fishing so I am after so help on what you guys think is a good sounder for useing in the deeper water 500m➕ rang any help would be great thanx
  7. gully27

    Live bait tanks

    Yer it will have sikaflex all the way around it I am going to try it with out drilling and bolting it and see if it keeps a good seal and don't leak
  8. gully27

    Live bait tanks

    Thank for all the help guys I have got in contact with a guy from a Perspex company and he is sending me some polycarbonate high inpact sheet and in 6mm and told me to drill the bolt holes 10% bigger then the bolt to if it dose flex it don't ride on the bolt so I will give this a go and see what happens
  9. gully27

    Live bait tanks

    Hi all just after some hints and tips in a problem I am having with my bait tank I made. I made a aluminium tank with 2 windows in it so my little girl can watch the fish swimming around if she gets bored but I have used 5mm Perspex in it I bolted and glued it but it keeps cracking dose any one have any tips that could help me thanx
  10. gully27


    Hi all I am looking to go crabbing on the weekend just wanted to no if anyone had been getting any yet and if anyone could point me in the right direction any help would be great thanx
  11. gully27

    Bluelabel heading out Tuesday for tuna !

    We went east of the south canyons about 15nm found a temp break from 17.3 to 16.3 worked that and got one jellybean YFT but dropped it boat side keeped trolling all day covered 160kms slow day but all in all a good one
  12. gully27

    Deep water sounders

    Thanx mate I was just looking at a sounder on its own. Why are you selling it so soon and what transducer dose it have with it. I am after a 1kw
  13. Hi all just want to see what everyone's thoughts are on a good sounder for deep water fishing like browns and in water 300m+ as I am looking to upgrade my sounder any help would be good thank
  14. gully27

    Broadbill sword fish

    Yer that was where we will be starting on this quest will run 4 rods at different depths to cover the water Column
  15. gully27

    Broadbill sword fish

    Hi I would just like to see if or what anyone knows about chasing these gladiators off sydeny as I am planing on puting in a few nites to see if what we can find this winter if anyone one has any tips or hints or even spots that would help I would be great full thanx gully