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  1. Thanks Derek. Bit premature on the winter label but you know what they say - "Winter is Coming" 😊
  2. Been a while since my last post. Dusted out the old blackfish outfit with my trusted Alvey 475A. I also have the non swivel model but I suspected some long casts into the wind and this is extra difficult with a centre pin. Normal weed spots were completely bare from the recent rains but I did have some old weed stored in a hessian bag luckily and a weed fly my neighbor made. Tried all around Tom Uglys with nothing. Water was very murky and lots of debris floating out with the outgoing tide. Moved around to Captain Cook bridge and changed to the fly. This was more successful with a couple
  3. Big hook stuffed full of beach worms.
  4. I have had some success with cabbage in the estuaries (its a gun bait off the ocean rocks though). But in saying this the fish that I have caught in estuaries using cabbage although fewer and more difficult to catch tended to be larger.
  5. Thanks everyone. As to the taste Squirt, if you look after your fish then they taste really good. Blackfish are known to have a weedy taste if not looked after but if you bleed them well and remove black lining and blood line then that that disappears. Their flesh has a noted fishy taste to it and it is generally white and quite moist. It's certainly no flathead, whiting snapper but holds its own. Best way I have found is to fillet and skin them and lightly dust with flower, salt, and pepper and fry.
  6. Gday raiders. Decided to go for a blackfish session today. Time got away from me so it was late afternoon before I left home. Getting any decent weed was challenging to say the least and all my normal haunts came up with bugger all weed. I finally managed to find a few sparse strands around Carss Park so with that headed down to Botany Bay. I nearly turned back as it was howling and bloody freezing. I decided against all the usual spots as it was just too windy so I ended up a bit up river near the Lugarno. First cast and hit a snag nearly losing the whole rig. A few more casts and a
  7. What are everyones thoughts on this topic. I went down to Wanda last Saturday for a beach fish session. For those that do not know the area from beach access #5 up to the start of the 4WD area is a dog leash-free zone in the morning up to 10am. I was fishing very very light with one spin rod and a shoulder bag targeting tailor and salmon. So i started at Wanda and then slowly worked my way up the beach. Once I got past access track 5 and into the leash free area i received a couple of odd looks from some dog owners. Thinking nothing of it I continued to walk and cast lures. Then
  8. 40gram spaniard does wonders.
  9. Awesome fish well done. Must try kayak fishing one day.
  10. Gday raiders, Well today was the day i decided to dust off the blackfish gear and hit one of my favorite spots in the Georges. But before I get to the report i digress. This summer i finally decided to make some more floats from cork champagne stoppers and kebab sticks. I have got it down to an art now where not only does it look half decent but the float functions well with minimal drag. I use less lead too and it balances perfectly. I am a convert to finely balancing the float to increase hook up chances. Here is a photo of the killer float that did all the damage today. So to continu
  11. Well done Kel. The port is great for blackfishing although i prefer Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens side as there are less protective/secretive locals but unfortunately also much less blackfish. Hope you did not touch Frank's rock he gets pissed off! Would you mind sharing which tackle shops you got your weed from as I have not had much luck buying any green weed from tackle shops (in St George area at least). It would be good to have a s a back up when all the known canals and streams having nothing or have been picked bare. Cheers Jimbo
  12. Hopefully I have caught you in time mate. My family holidays in Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest regularly. Great spot. Any way wharf at Tea Gardens for Blackfish. Boat ramp at Hawks Nest near motel for bream, flathead, and monster rays. Break wall near Winda Woppa for good bream. Jimmys Beach is good for whiting and also throwing lures for flathead (great place to practice your baitcaster technique) Main beach (Bennets) is good for salmon, tailor, bream, dart, flathead, sharks at night, and jewfish Hope that helps Jimbo
  13. Yes id does. And after trying it out it is a bit on the heavy side. I will stick with my Mag Bream Jimbo
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