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  1. Damo, Thoughts on the the big SBT's turning up this year? That week last July was torture for those of us who couldn't make it out (me & Mangus37!) until a few weeks after...we'll be prioritising this year if & when they do. In a spankin' new Canyon Master... any advice appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Filthmonger, Great name. For shore based I use 20-3lb braid for main on a small baitrunner & 10ft ugly stick. (My jewfish'n mate uses 20lb mono, i haven't seen him ever lose a fish on it either. He got one 20.5kg last year... i like the braid.) Similar to beach fishing we rig a star sinker or snapper lead on a 10cm trace sliding free on the mainline. Leader about 1m, 40Lb mono at night, 50lb in the day in case of Kings. Hooks are 2 x Gamagatsu Octopus snelled about 5cm apart. The top one 5/0-6/0, the bottom one 7/0-8/0. Rig the fish so the bottom hook goes behind the head and the smalle
  3. Hey mate, I have spent years fishing gladesville, chiswick, abbortsford for Jews. They are almost always there. Couple of tips that are most important for that area : Bait. Live yellowtail or tailor. Live or fresh squid that you've caught yourself. I've never caught them there on anything else. The last couple of weeks they've mainly been takin the yellowtail. Smaller the better for that spot. Tide. Last 3 hours of the run out is best. They are there on other tides but over the years we've done best on the back of the runout. New moon or a few days either side - in saying that we got 4 yester
  4. Sounds like good fun. Lately in & around the hacking fresh / live squid is all i have had any success with on the kings. They seem everywhere though at the moment.
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