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  1. Hey raiders. Anyone looking to head out to the beach anytime soon that wouldn't mind me tagging along? Preferably south coast but will travel north. I've been beach fishing for a while (with a little luck) but want to get a little more serious and learn some new tricks and tactics. Not fussed on target species and I have all my own gear. Thanks Matty Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Hey raiders. Anyone going beach/rock fishing anywhere down the south coast that wouldn't mind me tagging along to learn to some new tricks? I've been fishing mainly at windang, Bombo and Werri Beach and rock fishing on the northern end of werri beach, I've had a little bit of luck with a few small salmon and a couple drummer but I know I have plenty more to learn. Biggest thing I want to learn more about is picking the spot for beach fishing, gutters and conditions etc. also keen to learn more about techniques for different species other than Salmon and Taylor. I live in Sydney but travel south often as I have a caravan at werri beach. Happy to go a little north of Sydney if need be but south coast is preferred. Thanks guys! ??
  3. Hey all! I am planning to get myself a Kayak over Christmas and very keen to get out as soon as possible to explore a whole new world of fishing. I know it's still a while away, but was wondering if anyone would be keen to meet up early next year to show me the ropes to kayak fishing? I prefer the south coast - Wollongong, kiama, shoalhaven areas, but am happy to travel anywhere. Cheers! Mat
  4. Thanks again. Yeah I know the area well, I have been travelling down there for many years, I know exactly where you are talking about. Thanks again for the advise, I hope to have some luck this weekend, not too sure if the weather will be in my favour. Cheers Mat
  5. Thanks a lot for the help! I've fished 7-mile once with no success but I am very glad to hear you have success there, it gives me more confidence, I am spending the weekend down there so I will giving it another crack. where about's on 7-mile do you go? south, middle or north? Cheers Mat
  6. Hey all. I'm new to beach fishing and I have been fishing at Werri beach lately (about 4-5 times) as I have a caravan in Gerringong and am down there every chance I get, I haven't had any luck yet, I've tried both bait (basic hook and sinker rig and Paternoster rig) and metal lures. I was wondering if anyone knows if I'm wasting my time at Werri beach or do I just need to keep at it? Also I was wondering if anyone knows of any other good beaches to fish down the south coast area, from about Wollongong to Nowra/sussex. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Mat
  7. Yeah I enjoyed them, they were great on the BBQ. The spot where I get them is a bit shady on the higher swell, so not always available to fish there.
  8. Hey All. Looking for any helpful tips for the south coast area. Land based Places I have been targeting - Windang-Lake Illawarra, Kiama, Gerringong, Gerroa. I've been experimenting with both soft plastics and hard bodies and blades. I'm still pretty new to the game and looking for any tips on good spots and what is best targeted. So far I've only had some luck off the rocks at the northern end of Werri beach with a couple nice size Drummer using cunji, and one flatty from the georges river on a soft plastic. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers guys. Mat
  9. Hey Guys. Another newby here, (5-6 months in) this is a very helpful site. keep up the good work. Brett, do you have any location tips for the windang/Lake Illawarra area? I come from Campbelltown and keen to get a good catch down there. Cheers Mat