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  1. Brew

    Who remembers the good old 80's

    In 1980 I started the 13 steps to becoming a Buddhist Monk. After 10 years and on step 13 I was told to hand over my worldly possessions. I asked if that included my fishing rods. They said yes, so I went to the pub instead.
  2. Brew

    Tough Day Out

    If it makes you feel better here goes for my Saturday trip: Get down to Akuna late Saturday only to find they forgot to put my boat in the water (it's in the dry dock). Mechanic happened to be working on a boat and dropped it in for me (was dark by this time). Boat didn't start. Jumped it. Boated in pitch black and dropped the crab traps in. Tried to find a spot at Bobbin Head close to mangroves to catch a muddie. No muddies or fish for 5 hours. Went to bed. Got up a 6am and went to West Reef to get thrown around for an hour in the washing machine. No fish. Wrapped a line around the prop. Went for a troll past Box Head. Hooked up and lost it. Wind was picking up. Went to pick up the crab traps that were 200 metres apart. They were 10 metres apart and one was not closed. Thanks to whoever had crab Sunday night for dinner. Got back to Akuna, washed down the boat, went to the car and realised I left the car keys on the boat. Walked back to boat then back to car cursing why I went in the first place. Onwards and upwards from here.
  3. Brew

    Beach fishing at night

    I would say stingray also. The big ones take off. Happened to me also in the past.
  4. Brew


    You could try around the barges off Scotland Island for a kingie
  5. Brew

    Illawong Bay

    No boom gate or closing time. Good luck.
  6. Brew


    Good luck. FYI I was down at Akuna Bay at 8.30am this morning and there was still quite a bit of fog around.
  7. Brew


    Some nights/mornings can be total white outs so stick to the sides in a kayak
  8. Brew

    Live bait

    Yakkas are in most bays with moorings. Try Pinta or Waratah. Waratah had heaps a few weeks back.
  9. Hi All, Keep a close eye on your crab traps and lobster pots in Broken Bay as there is a thief on the loose. My lobster pot was taken Tues night/ Wed morning from Lion Island. PM me if you get offered one cheap or see one online!
  10. A mate just told me he saw the same thing an hour ago at Bobbin Head. They were feeding the bream at the marina when a monster went through and busted them up.
  11. Brew

    IMPORTANT SURVEY ALL - show our relevance

    Done also
  12. Brew

    Coral Crab (Coral Crab)

    If you ever get one don’t throw it back. Very tasty. A bit more salty than a blue swimmer. Similar to the saltiness of a prawn. The claws have white meat also as opposed to the browny meat in a blue swimmer. Now I just need to repair my traps as something ripped one and decimated the other leaving just a blue swimmer claw to tease me!!
  13. Brew

    Coral Crab (Coral Crab)

    Hi guys, Caught this Coral Crab at the mouth of the Hawkesbury last night. Can’t see anything on Fishraider about them and not much on the web. Is it rare for the area and how do they taste?
  14. Brew

    Solo Offshore Broken Bay

    Well done. Did you go past the Sydney North FAD?
  15. Brew

    Narrabeen PB

    Well done. Cracking fish.