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  1. Get well soon, Wazza. So sorry to hear that you have been unwell.
  2. We feed our dogs the skins. They just love them. I do make sure there are no bones.
  3. You did put in a massive effort. Shame it did not pay off.
  4. Wow if you had landed the shark, it be a bi-catch with a huge difference!
  5. The advice must have been good, as the results show.
  6. Wow, what a great haul of Snapper. Well done.
  7. The weather was not very kind to you. The wind was horrendous.
  8. Great fish, your you land based and what bait did you use?
  9. You must have had a double take when you saw that it was a Flathead. Well done
  10. Wow great result. How did you catch the prawns?
  11. Back in the 70's we caught a lot of blue swimmer crabs at Wang I wonder how many are around today? i
  12. I must echo Little-Flatty. The outstanding leadership and advice given on this platform has a light in the COVID darkness. Well done.
  13. Who would have thought a Snapper of that size would be in Brisbane Water?
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