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  1. I also live in the Hawkesbury. The smoke has produced weird light conditions. At times it appears to dusk all day long. WE are desperate for rain to extinguish these fires.
  2. Thank you, but where are they in stock?
  3. Does anyone know if the prawn trawlers have started in the Hawkesbury? The prawns from there are my favourite, but I have not seen any for sale.
  4. Those DPI rules are as clear as mud.
  5. I wonder if they caught any fish? The drought has got bad!
  6. I agree with kingie chaser, the Nepean or the Hawkesbury. Some mates and I had a fish at the Terrace, North Richmond 3 weeks ago. We all caught Bass and one caught a Brown Trout. Try fishing the edge of weed on the both sides of the river.
  7. Big Neil in the Hawkesbury there are no Yabbies. There are prawns in river, but only in the warmer months. Some mates have stocked their dams with yabbies and they have told me that the yabbies shut down in the cooler months.
  8. Thank you drivin21, about the explanation of spangled perch. I now understand. With the water level so low, perhaps the big cod are on the munch and eat everything. Yes richmarlin2 "fishing not catching: I thank all fishradies that have offered advice.
  9. Well we returned back from Copeton last night and what a great weekend it was. Apart from the traffic delay on the Putty Road due to a fatal motorcycle accident. Poor bugger. We caught three Cod and lost one. The Cod were 1.07 m. 1 m and .086. All were released and one took it upon itself to release itself before it was landed, so we did not know its size. Three were caught using chicken breast for bait and one, the 1.07 m was caught on cheese for bait. Bega cheese of course, The dam is down to 2% capacity and there is no inflow. Dirvin 1, spangled perch, no-one I spoke to at Copeton had heard of them. Maybe I need to speak to others. Richmarlin62 thank you for your advice about lures, we took it on board and did not use them. We found that bait fishing was more productive. As to myself, I can not catch a cold. All the others were on and I was not. As it has been stated before, " That is why it is called fishing "
  10. Thank you for all of your advice. I take it that yabbies are in the dam? Therefore I can catch them for bait.
  11. Yes, I will. How about bait fishing?
  12. I am heading off to Copeton Dam with a few mates this weekend. They have been there a couple of months ago and they all stated that they caught a number of good quality Cod. I wonder if any other Fishradier's have been there and can they give me any advice ?
  13. Wow, do they normally go that far up Parramatta River?