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  1. Hi all, I'm a final year Industrial Design student, about to apply for and take on a year long Honor's project next year. I'd love to do a research project related to fishing or outdoor design, and I'm really keen for some ideas for a potential product or even just to get an idea of the general problems or faults you have with your gear! At the moment I'm tossing up over a new form of kayak (I find mine to be quite uncomfortable spending more than three or four hours in), or perhaps even some kind of new reel or something. But I'd like to gather as many as ideas as possible on here. Not limited to any paticular style of fishing either! Cheers Alluring
  2. Head 10 minutes further down to kioloa, and have a flick off the rocks on the southern end of merry beach. Haven't fished it in a few months to be fair, though usually seem to pick up a few off the headland down there
  3. Gonna escape canberra's slew of sh&t weather and head down the coast for a couple of days and I'd like to try beach fishing for the first time Just going with friends and fishing isn't the focus of the trip, so travelling light - literally just a rod and a few slugs/maybe a few plastics. I'm used to spinning for salmon off the rocks, so I'm fine for lure selection/tackle etc - and done the basic research on reading the beach, so I'm not a complete amateur.. Mostly I'm wondering if anyone has any bonus advice on reading the surf and actually finding the fish. I've read a few good articles, so I think I have a rough idea, but also wondering what the fish are doing this time of year? South coast beaches by the way, most probably going to have a crack narawallee down past ulladulla/mollymook. On a side note - Jews would pick up a big plastic bounced along the bottom too right? All and any advice muchly appreciated, thanks
  4. On Thursday I'm getting down to the Clyde river in my kayak, and hoping I might be able pick up a Jew. Never been after them before, but I was thinking about going down to the market and picking up some fresh squid for bait, and maybe also bouncing around some plastics? I know I can also pick up yakkas around bateman's bay, which may be worth a shot as well. That's what I've come up with from a dig around the web, but was also wondering if I could pick up a few tips, regarding rigs, lures or baits that may be worth a go any advice would be appreciated!
  5. I haven't heard a thing about this. Maybe they were confusing it with the recent changes to mulloway..?
  6. alluring

    Green cape

    I'm headed down the merimbula way for a couple of nights this week. It's been on my mind for ages and I'm planning on heading down to green cape south of Eden for a day while I'm in the region. Hopefully to get a balloon out and see what's around. Not sure if the currents are right for tuna or anything, but I'd like to give it a go anyway.. I assume it'll be packed this close to xmas while everybody's got time off.. Just wondering if anybody had any advice or info they'd be happy to share. I don't want to get under the feet of the professionals haha.. Thinking of doing pulpit rock.
  7. that's a solid landbased king! I'm still trying to crack my first one off the rocks too!!
  8. Yep had a dawn session from the kayak this morning and picked up two more. Beautiful fish
  9. Well.. If you've read pomey_git's report this morning you'll know we went down to our local lake this morning, and he got a nice cod on a surface walker, and I got a yellowbelly from the kayak! Seeing his cod made me jealous and this evening I couldn't resist heading back for another sneaky flick off the dam wall. I wasn't there long, and there were quite a few fishers out, but after 10 minutes or so my spinner got hit hard and I was finally onto my first cod!! (official capture anyway). After my mate took me a fair few photos I let him go and went for my next cast.. And literally the second my lure hit the water again I was onto another!! Two cod in two casts. Pretty thrilled. Sure, I know they're not really a big deal for the people that've targeted them for years but for me who's still new to this.. Well I had a pretty great day
  10. Hahaha solid session!! Stoked for your cod. Good morning had by all :-)
  11. far as I know (word of mouth) yerrabi (and also gunghlin pond) is the best for natives - though landbased I've found that it's difficult to fish in alot of areas because of the heavy weed.. In the hot weather too kambah pools really fire up if you're up for a hike. A mate of mine caught 56 Cod in the river there over last summer, and two trout cod too! Plenty of yellas there too I think.. Burley griffin and ginninderra almost gaurantee the pest species, but there are natives in there.. depends what you're after I guess! All that said I'm fairly new to the canberra freshwater scene.. still learning the ropes for a fair bit but in the last month I've nailed my first yellowbelly, trout and a heap of redfin! Another spot worth going perhaps.. if you want to drive out to the yass river or cotter dam you can't miss a carp - but theres plenty of overrun waterways closer to home.
  12. That's a great fish!! Good to know they're starting to come on. Which lake was it might I ask??
  13. After a great evening session on Redfin with pomey_git yesterday evening I was up at 5am to take another crack at yerribi pond in Canberra. As some of you might had read in my last report; I had a bit of a disaster boating my first Murray cod down there a few weeks ago.. Been obsessing over them since hahah, but the weather hasn't been good enough to get back out till today. Flicked around a spinnerbait for a few hours; trailing the edges of the weed beds and after a while, WHACK. After a great fight I'd netted a beautiful yellowbelly!! Thrilled haha. Finally christened the yak, and my new freshwater setup. Magic.
  14. Mate just put me onto this video of a cracker yellowfin caught on a bamboo pole. Pretty amazing, worth a watch.
  15. Hahah great report! Let us know when you're free and we'll go check out some local spots! Assessment free now >