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  1. The Bio Tough Squidgies seem very similar to Zmans
  2. Great report. Why was it the drift of shame?
  3. Congratulations Donna and Stewie. Let the spoiling begin!!
  4. Great report. Glad I'm not the only one with a few donut's. Currently I'm blaming the Winter season, not sure what I'll do when Spring comes around
  5. What a great write up!. Nice catch. Good on you for the release. Must have been tempting to keep it for a feed
  6. Also be aware there are less squid around in winter, but the average size in winter is a lot bigger Richard
  7. second photo looks like they're standing on the dog!!
  8. the good old "one last cast"
  9. Any chance we could get some more beanies for non-boat raiders??
  10. Boy that kingie's nearly as big as he is!!
  11. Thought you were talking about the missus
  12. Do you reckon I could sell it and retire??
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