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  1. I'm pretty sure there are "no fishing" signs on the Brighten le Sands groynes
  2. As i generally use lures, I like to fish with the wind behind me. This lengthens my cast an minimise the bow in the line caused by wind
  3. Great write up. DerekD is indeed a selfless fisherman.
  4. Try this clip for pointers
  5. Also get some leader, either mono or flurocarbon to go at the end of your braid
  6. Try Brays Park at Rhodes, that's where I got my first fish on a plastic
  7. The Top Water King strikes again!!!
  8. I've seem to find small circle hooks produce more gut hooks
  9. Hi Derek, i usually fish for bream, but occasionally get a pesky megladon as by catch. cheers Richard
  10. I’m asking about spinning reels. I’ve got a baggage scale to help. Was wondering do you measure by pulling the line straight off the reel in a straight line or do you measure the drag with the rod at a 45 deg and pulling down at 45 deg Do you measure by gradually increasing your pulling pressure or do you measure the pressure with more of a jerk, like what happens when a fish runs. Do you go (25% of breaking strain) by your main line weight or your leader weight. To me leader weight seems logical but a lot of online info says main line. i did a website search with “drag setting” but those words were too broad. thanks Richard
  11. There was talk of a carp virus a while ago but that seems to have gone quite. Anyone know of any updates?
  12. Would you mind posting the photo?? cheers Richard
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