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  1. Anthman are the 8 carrier generally thinner than the 4? cheers Richard
  2. Thanks for that. I suppose each one has it's own uses.
  3. I’ve just learnt how 8 carrier braids are thinner than 4 carrier, so they cast further but coz they’re thinner they’re not as abrasion resistant. I’m interested in other pros and cons of both and also what 8 carrier braids people recommend. My only experience with 8 carrier is Shimano Kairkiri Thanks Richard
  4. Hi GH, With the assist hooks do you use the ones with our without the bits of material (skirts?) cheers Richard
  5. Hey Neil, I’ve been using hardbodies with the clear plastic bibs and am targeting bream. I’ve been using deep divers and when I feel then bumping the bottom I usually raise my tip a bit so they’re only lightly contacting the bottom rather than digging in, which got me thinking do I really need shallow divers if I can just raise my rod with deeps. Richard
  6. Thanks for the reply BN. Reason I asked was I was wondering whether or not to invest in shallow divers or just use deeps with my rod held high.
  7. I was at that day, and Pete was the one who first taught me soft plastics. I also follow his YouTube channel. Never was the more of a gentleman on the water. That Karen was lucky, with some of the hotheads I see fishing, she’s lucky she didn’t go for a swim. Cheers Richard
  8. Just had a question. Is there any difference between fishing a deep diver with your rod tip held higher, to fishing a shallow diver in the usual the rod tip down position? Cheers Richard
  9. Hi, Just wanted people's opinion on the best conditions for walk the dog lures for bream and whiting. Sunny or overcast, wind or no wind and does either make any difference. cheers Richard
  10. Just watched them as well. Might hit there area up on Friday. Thanks for letting me know
  11. I thought with the weather warming up I might start chasing some bream on plastics. Got to Glades Bay about 2 hours before the high. First cast into the drain I feel some resistance, it’’s gotta be a snag right? After all when was the last time I caught a fish first cast? Never. Then the snag starts to fight. Soon I’ve got a little flattie about 25 cm didn’t bother measuring. Cast into the drain again. Definitely a snag this time after all have I ever gotten two with the first two casts? Again the snag starts to fight. Pretty soon it’s two small flatties from the first two casts. For a m
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