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  1. I see you said your mate's a vet, suppose your lucky he didn't decide to put you down!!
  2. Great report. What happened to your finger??
  3. Caught my first fish on an SP there
  4. This what i use, $17 on ebay. I have a carabiner attached to my fishing bag and the net handle goes through that. You can either have the net folded or open
  5. from the shimano website Service Pricing $30 per reel $50 per conventional or game reel All pricing is labour only and additional charges may be applied for parts. Or you could just go to your local tackle shop
  6. After having donuts last few times out, I was determined to get a bream. With the heavy rains a few weeks back the “too much fresh”, “water too dirty” excuses were wearing a bit thin. Started flicking old faithful zman 2.5 inch grubz watermelon red 1/16 in a spot where I’ve had success in the past. Nada. The wind direction shifted so I moved so I still had it behind me, wasn’t far as I was fishing a small bay. There were one or two larger fish that were disturbing the bait at random areas all within casting distance. What were the chances of hooking one? Suddenly
  7. How about for bream who prefer a skewer sink rate?
  8. I’ve asked the question in other places and I’ve got the answer “depends on the type of fishing” so what do people prefer, Traditional front weighted jig heads or hidden weight system and why and when. One observation I’ve made is while HWS falls at a more horizontal and slower rate, and thus stays in the strike zone longer, this imparts less action to the SP tail which may make it not as obvious to fish thoughts??
  9. Yup, I should have just said strike hard.
  10. You ought to chop up your plastics first. The fish prefer small chunks.
  11. You're quite right bream prefer a more subtle SP presentation and generally won't eat anything that plummets past them, whereas flathead will eat anything, I also reckon the puff of mud made when the jighead hits the bottom attracts attention. I think most scents are similar BUT others will swear by a particular flavour/taste With flathead I don't usually make too many SP changes as they'll eat anything. Bream I think need more SP changes, others may disagree. 14lb braid is OK, and next time you respool maybe try 10 or 8 lb, you'll a bit more casting distance. 10lb leader is g
  12. Since your new to soft plastics, I'd advised targeting flathead first, in my opinion targeting bream straight away may lead to a bit of discouragement. 1/4 Oz jighead is good. I'd recommend Squidgy fish lure in pumpkin seed or bloodworm. Important to make sure the lure is rigged nice and straight on the jighead. Plenty on Youtube how to do that. When retrieving make sure your jighead hits the bottom before you start your next retrieve, you'll know this has happened when the line relaxes or you see it belly more, again plenty on Youtube on how to retrieve. Also recommend you use s
  13. What weight jigheads are you using?
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