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  1. nutsaboutfishing

    Is this you

  2. nutsaboutfishing

    winter Breaming

    Nice report. Pictures add so much to reports
  3. nutsaboutfishing


    I'm pretty sure there are no fees. I normally can find parking in the area circled below, it is free and unlimited. Access might be limited to cars in the very early morning, but I don't think there's anything stopping you from walking in
  4. nutsaboutfishing

    Quick flick in the Sunday rain

    Thanks, it gave a good account for itself as well
  5. nutsaboutfishing

    Quick flick in the Sunday rain

    a nice bream makes up for a lot of things My family think I'm nuts in a different way Thanks Pete, I learnt from the best thanks
  6. nutsaboutfishing

    Quick flick in the Sunday rain

    Woke up Sunday morning to steady rain, considered staying in bed, but had already packed the car the night before so why not. Got to my spot, there was already another guy there and he looked like a drowned rat. Started flicking not expecting much when suddenly I feel weight, immediately knew it was a good fish. After an enjoyable fight with more than a few strong lunges had a fat 35 cm bream in the net. The rain was getting heavier and I figured I wasn't going to top that fish so called it a day. Richard
  7. nutsaboutfishing

    Hybrid Performance

    Nice report!! Just wondering, what's a hybrid rig?
  8. nutsaboutfishing

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    After your kingie video I'm tempted to say some people have all the luck, but I know you put in the hours and your angling skills are second to none. Really well done Pete. Thanks for posting all your awesome videos
  9. nutsaboutfishing

    Successful first visit to St Georges Basin

    What an excellent first report!! Really looking forward to your future ones. It it sounds like you've both caught the fishing bug!! cheers Richard
  10. nutsaboutfishing

    Lake Macquarie Flathead drought breaker

    Gotta be happy with that!!
  11. nutsaboutfishing

    Million dollar fish

    You've probably have heard of the million dollar fish competition up north This is how the Americans do it
  12. nutsaboutfishing

    Landbased Rat King Whilst Chasing Bream Parramatta River

    Hey Pete i know you explained it in the video but I don't understand why you didn't walk to the right to get the fish away from the boat
  13. nutsaboutfishing

    Landbased Rat King Whilst Chasing Bream Parramatta River

    EPIC REPORT PETE. That video is fantastic!! The post was worth it just to see your retrieve technique!!
  14. nutsaboutfishing

    Botany Bay jackets revenge

  15. nutsaboutfishing

    getting back the mojo, weeks worth

    What an EXCELLENT report!!