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  1. nutsaboutfishing

    Squidding high current areas

    Do you use the paternoster LB or from a boat? I'm assuming boat coz you mentioned deep water. richard
  2. nutsaboutfishing

    Squidding high current areas

    I was under the impression paternoster rig was only used from a boat while drifting. I'd have thought if you cast a paternoster rig from shore with squid jigs attached and then tried to retrieve it you'd get in an almighty tangle. richard
  3. nutsaboutfishing

    plan c produces

    great sesh!!
  4. nutsaboutfishing

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    that's brilliant!! If he jumped in he WOULDN'T be able to fine you. If he's got paper tickets they'd all be soggy and unwritable, if he's got an electronic machine it'd be cactus. BRILLIANT!!! HAHAHA
  5. nutsaboutfishing

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    Thanks for the reminder, just checked my life jacket, nearly 2 yrs old and I haven't serviced it yet. Time to get on it.
  6. nutsaboutfishing

    i may have overdone it a bit

    So I had the bright idea to paint one of my el cheapo squid jigs with fluropaint to use at night I think I may have overdone it a bit
  7. nutsaboutfishing

    Winter squid

    So we left the ramp at 6:15 for a dedicated squid fish. And it was FREEZING. Got to one of the spot and cast for about 15 min and nothing we were casting a rod each and each had a sleeper rod as well, but the wind was pretty low so not much drift so the sleepers weren't getting hit. As the wind picked up so did the squid. This winter we seem to be getting a lot of aircraft carrier size squid, but today 12 small to medium only. At one point my friend had a double hook up with his active and sleeper rod going off. I left my casting lure out while I helped him reel one of his in, no sooner had I done so then the lure that I had just left out hooked up as well. In the end it was about 50% catch to the sleepers and 50% to the casting rods One the way home we put the squid in a bag like a whiting scaler bag and towed to for a few km, seems to clean the squid about 55%, but gets rid of all the ink in the process. Unfortunately we lost a few of the heads from the bag, so next time will just have to catch bigger squid. Oh well we live and learn. Got home, they were great in the Fog Dog batter, why is it so hard to get a hold of??
  8. nutsaboutfishing

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    Great report, you two sure are a pair of dedicated fshos. With the bait you lost sounds more like leather jackets than a shark.
  9. nutsaboutfishing

    Easy FG knot video

    How do you tie it with 3lb? I use it with 20lb but when I tie it, in the last pulling step when you pull the braid and and leader mainline to do the final tighten I find I need pull quite hard to give a tight knot. How does the 3lb not break?? Richard
  10. nutsaboutfishing

    RFI - The Entrance, shore-based

    What's RFI?
  11. nutsaboutfishing

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    PM sent
  12. nutsaboutfishing

    Sydney Harbour - New

    G'day welcome to FR. Why don't you put a post here And maybe ask if there's anyone who lives near you who can give you a hand. Again welcome Richard
  13. nutsaboutfishing

    Blue Spot Flathead

    Where is your page? I checked FB but Miketheangler there is from the US
  14. nutsaboutfishing

    Sea urchin study ( cull )

    Jon is there a lack of predators because the urchins have been introduced (like the cane toad) or have people just wiped them out? Pardon my ignorance. Richard
  15. nutsaboutfishing

    Max Reel Size For Fishing With SP's?

    Fair point mate