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  1. If you wear glasses an anti-reflection coating may help a little. If you don’t wear glasses I don’t believe anything (like Kingie Chase said) will help short of night vision goggles. If you need to use light make it as dim as possible to complete the task needed. Some people prefer red, but I think the brightness is more important than the colour Has an aside, those amber night driving glasses are of no use, bordering on dangerous
  2. I see you got the 3 ply species as opposed to the 2 ply species. Crap eating though, only suitable for flushing down the dunny.
  3. I blame a mate who took me out in his tinny. Had a rippa night sesh pulling in mainly bream. I'd been fishing before but that evening I caught the bug.
  4. I do the same as heavy line but when you do the last step and pull the the main ends of leader and braid to cinch the knot, just don't pull too hard or you snap the leader. I find the braid in the knot changes appearance when locked down. It sort of turns translucent. Anyone else seen this?? Richard
  5. You’re right, I never thought Of that. That’s why I love this forum such a wealth of info
  6. I usually leave a few millimetres of leader tag, heat the back of a spoon then melt the leader so it's a bit thicker, to give an added safeguard
  7. I knew they migrated to the ocean, but didn't know they went all the way to New Caledonia. Also didn't know they were native.
  8. top review, good luck in part 2 of the comp
  9. I think the difference is fishos spend hours on the rocks and tourist spend much less time. Fishos always stand near the edge, while tourist don't necessarily do the same. Therefore going by exposure time a fishos are in more danger of being swept in
  10. Good luck in the comp!!
  12. don't forget to post a report