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  1. nutsaboutfishing


    Keep it up. You should definitely try using berley. This will attract a lot more fish to your position. cheers Richard
  2. nutsaboutfishing

    Sunday 7/10

  3. nutsaboutfishing

    Sunday 7/10

    I've never had much success with any type of blades. What's you bream blade retrieve technique? I've changed all mine to w hooks as well cheers richard
  4. nutsaboutfishing

    Sunday 7/10

    hi not sure the exact lure but they're similar to this one about 35-40mm long I'll only fish them over mud flats otherwise you lose them to snags if you fish elsewhere. Is this what other people do?
  5. nutsaboutfishing

    Sunday 7/10

    Thanks. I used to only be an SP man, an fasting loving the HBs
  6. nutsaboutfishing

    Sunday 7/10

  7. nutsaboutfishing

    Sunday 7/10

    Yes we call it funny, won't tell you what my wife called me when I got home
  8. nutsaboutfishing

    Sunday 7/10

    Daylight savings has many good points. A new one I've discovered is you can wake up an hour later but still fish the rising sun. Got down you Chiswick aroundd 6.30 and started casting HB with a westerly at my back. Quickly bagged two Tailor. Then things went quiet for a while. Started to rain but I came prepared with a rain jacket and lucky I did. After awhile picked up a 28cm bream and that made to early morning and worth it. But few more casts later and hooked into a 35cm variety, it wasn't very happy and gave a good account for itself. Getting excited about the coming months
  9. nutsaboutfishing

    squid fishing jervis bay, nsw

    You don't lose many jigs at JB mainly coz it's all ribbon weed and sand, no rock to snag on and lose jigs, but like Welster said minimum 10 lb leader. I find pink a good colour but I use a mixture of bright and natural colour jigs. If you're buying try Dinga 3 Yamashita for $30
  10. nutsaboutfishing

    catching the myth

    I couldn't see it either but didn't want to admit it!!
  11. nutsaboutfishing

    Squid on the bite

    Think your mate was in the North Harbour aquatic reserve.
  12. nutsaboutfishing

    White spot virus

    thanks mate
  13. nutsaboutfishing

    White spot virus

    Hi thanks for the reply, I've searched around the internet and it says only use prawns marked as bait and not to use prawns marked for human consumption, but can I use prawns from say the supermarket if they're caught in Australia. Sorry not trying to nit pick just want to be clear and what's safe and whats not. cheers Richard
  14. nutsaboutfishing

    White spot virus

    So I take it we're still not supposed to fish with supermarket bought prawns? richard
  15. nutsaboutfishing

    Blue Weed Whiting? Good eating? (Blue Weed-Whiting)

    Great looking fish