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  1. Hey Rah, I'm not having an success the the above links. When I click on them I just get a picture of them. Am I doing something wrong? richard
  2. nutsaboutfishing

    Bream fish - ourimbah creek

    Awesome report, keep them coming!!
  3. nutsaboutfishing

    A day to remember

    Rippa session Trav, great post and pics
  4. nutsaboutfishing

    An end to carp?

    Has anyone seen this?
  5. nutsaboutfishing

    Bream SP

    This might be a dumb question but when bream fishing with SP is it necessary to let the lure hit the bottom like when flathead fishing??
  6. This from NSW DPI site What you can do to help prevent the spread of White Spot Disease Information for recreational fishers and members of the public never use prawns intended for human consumption as bait. When fishing, always source your bait from a trusted bait supplier, for example, from a tackle shop
  7. nutsaboutfishing

    Stink bag

    Does anyone know if adding tuna oil to the bait in a stink bag helps find beach worms?
  8. nutsaboutfishing

    Stink bag

    Suppose this means don't worm in a westerly!!
  9. nutsaboutfishing

    Stink bag

    Tell Dave he should hire out his feet to beach wormers, he'd make a motza
  10. nutsaboutfishing

    Stink bag

    Nah I find the shrimp taste overwhelming, but my wife loves it, she grew up in Singapore.
  11. nutsaboutfishing

    Stink bag

    Thanks for the reply. Mate, I rate belachan about the same as the stuff that normally goes in a stink bag
  12. nutsaboutfishing

    Stink bag

    Thanks for the advice. Story about your mate's feet is hilarious
  13. nutsaboutfishing

    Challange Sunday

    Great report and congrats on the score. Who did you catch the fishing bug from??
  14. nutsaboutfishing

    Fish id (Painted Grinner)

    A face only a mother could love
  15. nutsaboutfishing


    I'd be interested in people's opinions and/or experiences with the new nedlockZ style jigheads
  16. nutsaboutfishing

    Ecogear Aqua review and suggestions

    I reckon you're better off with Zman plastics, they're very resilient and they catch fish
  17. nutsaboutfishing

    Shimano Tyrnos 20 2 Speed - How To Remove Spool?

    Not real sure. Also not sure it would work to well with mono coz it's springy and won't lie close a flat to the bottle
  18. nutsaboutfishing

    Shimano Tyrnos 20 2 Speed - How To Remove Spool?

    I drill a hole in the lid of a 2L soft drink bottle, sticky tape the drill bit to the bottle and just turn on the drill. Works well with braid, not sure about mono
  19. nutsaboutfishing

    Throw-a-line Thursday 28.2.19 off Barrenjoey

    in the first photo, is that the lovely lady or the boat?
  20. nutsaboutfishing

    New Soft Plastic Setup

    Well done. You got great deal there
  21. nutsaboutfishing


    Great catch rick. You really are the expert on squid!! richard
  22. nutsaboutfishing

    Solid Squid Session 27/2

    It's always great when a plan comes together. I looked at the title of the post and half expected the author to be squid guru rickmarlin. lol
  23. nutsaboutfishing


    I'm voting for the party that will get rid of all the PC rubbish
  24. nutsaboutfishing

    New Soft Plastic Setup

    Get the same rod from dinga currently $100, you'll also get free delivery if you're a dinga member. And the Nasci is $104.
  25. Congratulations. Well done. I reckon catching bream on SP is a lot harder than catching flathead. You've done really well.