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  1. BalmainBob

    Trailer Parking, lack of council info

    Hi Wellzy I think this might be the information that you are looking for for the time that you're going to have the boat parked on the street it wont be of concern UNLESS the trailer and the boat are over 7.5m in length. Then you are only permitted to have it on the street for 1 hour. If it is under 7.5m dont leave it attached to the car as then the total length will exceed 7.5m . If it just parked in a suburban street away from a boat ramp I dont think that you will have a problem Cheers Bob
  2. BalmainBob

    Jerusalem Bay Crabbing

    You can try the same way they do in Brisbane Water. Put a hand line out with a bait on it and wait for the crabs the take the bait , then pull them in.
  3. BalmainBob

    Jerusalem Bay Crabbing

    Hi Raider, That is correct . The use of nets other than a landing net is prohibited in Cowan Creek and Jerusalem Bay. But there is nothing stopping the use of crab traps. Go to schedule 4 at the bottom of the page and to point 74 The link above is to the list of all the Fish and Waters protected from recreational fishing.
  4. BalmainBob

    Uploading waypoints from PC to Chartplotter

    Have a look at this link I put it up a few years ago and it is still active
  5. BalmainBob

    can you use drop nets in burrill lake?

    Have a look at this it should help explain it for you
  6. BalmainBob

    Boat Requirements

    Gday Just go to the RMS site. Everything that you need to know is there cheers Bob
  7. BalmainBob

    Unregistered trailer permits.?

    Yes you can register a trailer for 3 months at a time. I do it this way Ok I forgot the blue slip $32 Just looked at the RMS site and an unregistered vehicle permit is $22 for what you are looking to do. A trailer is defined as a vehicle under the Road Rules Act so a UVP would apply to the trailer
  8. BalmainBob

    Unregistered trailer permits.?

    Just register your trailer for 3 months. It costs $16 plus the cost of the new number plate if its been out or rego for 3 months or more total cost about $40 Better than the fine for unregistered $637 cheers Bob
  9. BalmainBob

    New seats for old Nautiglass

    Why dont you look for a boat seat storage box for the base and the swivel seat on top. That will give you a wide mounting base making it less likely to pull out in rough conditions and you get the extra storage under the seat. Cheers Bob
  10. BalmainBob

    What growls in the Aussie bush?

    You had better watch out for the relative of the koala, the Drop Bear. They have been know to cause serious injuries to people over the years. Here is a link to the Australian Museum webpage about them I wouldnt like to come across one in the wild at night. Bob
  11. BalmainBob

    What growls in the Aussie bush?

    It could have been a koala they growl when annoyed.
  12. BalmainBob

    Crabbing in Erina Creek

    Gday Mate, As far as I can see in the regulations the use of nets and traps are banned in Brisbane Water or any of its tributaries; Broken Bay north of a line drawn from Little Box Head to Green Point. Cheers Bob
  13. BalmainBob

    HomeCarpeting Advice?

    Gday, I would lay a plywood sheet floor over the tile before laying the underlay . That way the tiles are not going to show though as the carpet wares. Glue fix and screw the sheets into the concrete substrate. Depending on the height of the skirtings. Removing them prior to installing the ply floor may be advisable. Re install them on top of the new ply. That way, when the carpet is installed the skirtings will match the rest of the house. At the doorways it is easy to create a hidden ramp to match the different heights between the floors I'm a carpenter/ builder by trade and have done this many times over the years both in domestic and commercial applications. It basically comes down to what quality job you are looking for. With the cost of the carpet. How long is a piece of string? You get what you pay for. Cheers Bob
  14. BalmainBob

    Lake Cathie open or closed?

    Gday. Just read in the that Lake Cathie was opened to the sea last Wednesday in time for Easter. I was up there 2 weeks agho and it can do with a good flushing cheers Bob
  15. BalmainBob

    Georges River

    Gday Joep They would be squirt worms ( bristle worms) I would think that far up the river. I grew up at Panania and never got nippers in that part of the river. Though we did once get green nippers under Alfords Point Bridge amongst the weeds but only a few. Squirt worms are a great bait for bream, I used to pump them at lambeth park. Bob