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  1. Thanks so much Wazza, A mine of information...will definitely sort some handlines out with the line you recommend and give it a whirl next time i'm out on the Hawkesbury and the Luderick gut is coming home next time too !! If I get some good catches will let you know how it goes. Thanks again Sardine.
  2. Hi Wazza, Im definitely going to have to try fishing handlines for a bit of fun, reckon the stingray or a Jew could really be a challenge! Looking forward to a trip to Yamba whenever all this lockdown ends, and funny you mention the Luderick as bait, chatting with one of the locals near me some time ago said it used to be his go to for Jewies off the rocks as a livie under a float.....could be the perfect time to give it a go ... and the guts as Bream bait, thanks for all the tips will give them a whirl and let you know how it goes. Cheers Sardine.
  3. Yet again .. Fantastic Wazza..... BUT....dont leave us hanging.... you have to mention the Mulloway now !🤣
  4. Fantastic Tale Wazza, Thanks so much for the read...... definitely a dream destination to tackle Blackies, only problem will be to figure how many different rod /reel combos to take... will have to be an Alan Knight reel amongst them though !! Hopefully get a visit in when all this lockdown is over. stay safe all....
  5. Hi , Not sure if this is the correct place for a post asking about reels, please remove if not ... However... Just enquiring if there are any members who may consider for sale any Alan Knight Blackfish Centrepins.. those built in the 80's with diferent colour Lamipanel / Laminex spools. Would be great to know how many colour variations were produced if anyone has any info. If you find one to spare please PM. Cheers all Psycho Sardine.
  6. hahaha half ya luck.. im working tomorrow ! Thanks for everyones input very informative, looking forward to coming across a sportex and butterworth someday ! enjoy the gin 😜
  7. so.... and don't hate as its just a theoretical question 🤣 Having fished one and two piece rods and comparing actions, in the hands of a good rod builder is there any reason or has anyone been brave enough to do it.... have a 1 piece blank of any make made into 2 piece? If Sportex produced 2 piece blanks and I assume they would be metal ferule joints.... does the make up of 1 and 2 piece blank vary if they are just joined with with said metal ferule joints? Just wondering if it was a common conversion to convert old 1 piece rods into 2 piece.
  8. Hi Ryder, Again may be a silly question, were the sportex blanks manufactured here and are they totally seperate from the German sportex rods?
  9. Hi Killer, so the difference between the 662 and 663 would be similar to a 3 wrap v 4 wrap ? New 663 sounds unreal as does a 2 piece.... can you clarify the yellow blanks are normally Butterworth blanks ? Sportex blanks tend to be the wood grain is that correct? Did they manufacture black and burgundy blanks also?
  10. Awesome reply Luderick angler .. Thanks, now will hit the old books and look for some images. One question: were the sportex and butterworth models you list only sold as 1 piece rods? Cheers
  11. So I'm trying to compile a list / catalogue of brands that produced Blackfish rods, Being a keen blackie fisho it's a bit of a hobby, as for many, to acquire vintage tackle so a wish list of rods would be a great thing to tick off as they can be found... My question is would raiders be willing to comment on known rods and model numbers they have known, seen, used, have or are after collecting themselves? Heres a few questions and any input would really be appreciated... all reference to rods are regarding Blackfish models. Did Sportex and Butterworth produce 2 piece rods or were they all 1 piece ? Were they or has anyone successfully converted a 1 piece to a 2 piece.... ( besides high sticking : ) What were the blank / model numbers for these brands ? Butterworth also produced the Blackfish Deluxe available in burgundy and black I believe as estuary models ... did others also market estuary models? How many brands marketed or used the GP 3145 blank ? was it just Snyder and Excel Composites? Did Jarvis Walker make a specific Tonkin cane 3 piece Balckie rod? If anyone cares to shed some light on models I haven't even mentioned would be great to know just how many Blackie rod variations there are out there. Hope you like the thread and enjoy telling of your favourite Blackie rods. Tight Lines Sardine.
  12. Hi centrepin, really impressive blackies and great write up, I fish a lot of the rocks around northern beaches for blackies but never tried for them up the hawkesbury, wondering if I can combine it with kayak! Is the spot you fish accessible by kayak think it would an awesome day if it’s possible... not one to try and get secret spots but an idea wether it’s possible would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. hi, if videos are still available would be happy to collect and free up some cupboard space for you. if you have mobile let me know to arrange pick up. regards
  14. Hey kingie hunter, I've changed to a daiwa pro tournament nice rid, do however have an as new tcurve coastal 10-20kg which is a nice big fish rod if your interested.
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