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  1. fishesh

    Sydney Harbour Monday 9th Feb

    WOW, thats a great squid mate
  2. fishesh

    Sydney harbour LB saturday morning

    Good haul mate, any of them becoming sashimi?
  3. fishesh

    WD-40 A Gun Fishing Bait

    i thinks its more due to the placebo effect
  4. fishesh

    Pittwater fishing spots

    Hey guys Im renting a boat next week with some mates. I have never fished this waterway before and I was wandering if anyone can recommend any spots preferably near barrenjoey/palm beach area. Thanks guys
  5. fishesh

    Sydney harbour 19-1-15

    Hey guys Recently I was gifted a shimano sienna 4000 for my birthday and I purchased a shimano sonic pro 6-8kg to pair with it. I rigged it up with 10lb Berkeley trilene and was ready to go. I ran up a mate if he was keen a fishing today as I went to christen the new rod. When we arrived I rigged up with a 1/0 hook followed by prawns and started casting. I was getting bites every drop with hookups every so often. I was just checking my facebook when suddenly my line started buzzing I tightened the drag and the fish started to come in ever so slowly. Bringing him up it was a 38cm breaks PB for me. 15 minutes later a 34cm specimen arrived . I ended the day with 6 leatherjackets and 3 bream
  6. fishesh

    Balmoral/Cobblers - Sat morning

    haha good effort though
  7. fishesh

    Awesome solo sesh today

    Good sesh mate the local canal producing once again
  8. Hey guys My mate just gave me a brand new shimano sienna 4000 reel for my birthday I was wandering what rod I should purchase to suite this reel. Thanks guys
  9. fishesh

    First try in Botany Bay

    Solid bream mate good work
  10. fishesh

    Fish ID(purple rock cod)

    I think it is a purple Rock cod
  11. fishesh

    Balmain For A Learner Fisherman

    You honestly do not need to get this complicated just a handful of pillies every 15 minutes will do as burley. And as I said small hook with a bit of prawn will guarantee you a leatherjacket. Good luck
  12. fishesh

    Smiths Creek over the holidays

    Good sesh that looks like a huge whiting
  13. fishesh

    Balmain For A Learner Fisherman

    Good session for a beginner btw Rays outdoor is really overpriced for fishing gear you can probably get the same thing for half the price at big w or Kmart. Anyway for beginners I wouldn't recommend lures try some prawn on a size 4 long shank at any wharf around Sydney harbour it will guarantee you a leatherjacket
  14. fishesh

    Landbased Fishing Spots ?

    Hey guys I'm a semi experienced fisherman in happy to show you guys some spots and tips for fishing however I'm restricted to public transport as well. If you want to come fishing with me send me a pm I live in epping
  15. fishesh

    Brisbane Waters today

    Nicely done looks like some fat fish there haha