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  1. has all the rain not been affecting the squid
  2. good rod i have the 7 foot version dunno about your one though
  3. if u want to can you pm me this spot
  4. try going for yellow tails at wharf
  5. do you know any models?
  6. roosters123

    New finder

    Looking at getting my first finder for my 2.5 metre tinny. Looking at spending about $200 gibe or take a bit. Can anyone suggest some good brands and models.
  7. roosters123

    New Boat

    I am looking into buying a boat around the 7000 to 8000 dollar mark. I want a boat that is able to to go the offshore reefs on calm day. And ill only take it out on the right day. Anyway what are some particular brands and models that i should look at buying second hand in order to achieve this. I have been looking at haines and different types of quintrex. Thanks.
  8. also in knots how fast do you reckon it could go
  9. thank you, what brand would u suggest
  10. Pilchards on gangs or in cubes on a long shank hook
  11. what about some of the wrecks, where are they and how should i fish them?
  12. thanks,what should i be looking at using baits or lures?
  13. Planning a trip to middle harbour an going to launch at tunks park in my 3.5 metre tinny with 8 hp. Anyway can anyone give me some decent areas in which i can have a go at some of the bread and butter species like flathead,bream and whiting. Just want to get a couple. Thinking one of the bays maybe suguarloaf or sailors bay? Any help will be appreciated.
  14. asari kayak- under $1000 about 3.7 metres so long enough if conditions get rough and comes with a rudder. Very stable