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  1. Hey guys, we headed out on back to back trips to stock up on some Flathead, our last 3 trips we have a managed a solid feed of flatties. First trip was 3 Flathead all over 45 and one fish going 53. Our second and third trip is what you see here in this video. First day we managed a 65 and 55cm Flathead. To follow it up on the third day with a nice mixed bag of fish with the standout being that stonker whiting!!! Flathead, Slimy Mackerel, Calamari, Tailor and Kingfish are all starting to fire within the bay. There have even been reports of pan size Snapper being caught. Feel free to ask any questions and ill be sure to answer!
  2. Hi guys planning on heading out on Sunday since its such a great day. We usually only fish inside the bay and around the heads but we are going to go out to drift for flatties around Maroubra and coogee etc etc. We thought if there were any reefs in the area or if anyone knows of rough locations around that area we could have a look around for to try our luck on snapper and mowies etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance 😊 Also any help on finding flatties around there would help also 😂😂
  3. We headed out to Botany on Good Friday the 19th for one last crack at the crabs, we managed 4 good sized blue swimmers and we also had a productive day of Flathead fishing. We caught 5 flatties in total all in the low 40's. We then headed out on Easter Monday solely targeting Flathead it was a much more productive day we caught 5 flathead in total and the biggest coming in at a very fat at 65cm caught on 6Lb line it was a great fight! We also caught a rat king at 63cm again on 6Lb which was an even better fight. All in all we had a great day out Caught a nice feed of Flathead and had great fun on light gear. The Bay has been on fire the past months and we haven't came back without a feed in close to 10 fishing trips. As always would love any feedback on the video
  4. Great fish and great photo well done 👍
  5. 100% through the cartilage in the front of the nose that way the fish will stay alive for hours, Also could put a second (snelled) hook in the upper or lower back of the fish making sure to not to go too deep and to avoid the lateral line
  6. Hey all went out last Thursday and posted "Botany Bay mixed bag and lost the big one" So we headed out today again in search of some larger kings inside the bay but also with the idea in mind of still catching a feed of fish. So we headed to our usual squid grounds where we caught 5 nice sized squid I was really tempted to keep some for a feed but decided to send them out live. We then bounced around the bay trying to find the baitschools and in-turn the Kingfish we tried the drums and molineaux but it being a weekend there were 22 boats, 4 kayaks and a team of divers there with a few seals on the break wall. Caught 2 or 3 leatherjackets and decided to up anchor and move, we headed to our favourite kingy spot near Bare Island and managed one legal king. All in all seemed the overall bite wasnt as hot today as it was on thursday which was later confirmed at the boat ramp by other fishos we weren't successful. Even though this trip and our last wasn't succesful and we didnt get our 'big' King i'm still happy that on both days we managed a feed of fish. PS. Turned last Thursdays feed of leather jacket into a seafood risotto and was one of the nicest meals i have had. I wanted to get some feedback for my youtube channel currently im of the mindset to ensure that the videos i upload have better content and contain better catches, but the downside to that is that i dont upload as frequently. So would you guys as the viewer prefer this current format as stated above or would you rather a more casual approach where the videos are more of an update on the day of fishing so you guys as the 'average fisho' know whats going on in the bay? Let me know what you guys think would to hear back from you
  7. Oh okay i have heard of people using trebles on their rigs, do you find that it does increase hookup rate?
  8. Hey everyone, managed to head out on thursday for a nice change being one of the only times going out during the week thats not in the holidays. Our plan was to target kingfish and hopefully bag a few keepers, so started out nice and early hitting squid an hour before dark at watts reefs, didnt catch any. We moved over to our usual spot at kurnell at first light and boated 4 live squid perfect for kingys. We decided to anchor at the drums with a strong burley trail to start catching some nice fish (which usually works well for us this time of year) after 30mins with no takers or even fish on the sounder we pulled anchor and re positioned still within the drums but closer to the channel stayed for another 30 and no takers. So we moved again, we decided to go to molineaux point being that there wouldnt be 20 boats to compete with. We lost two live squid to leather jackets before we changed tactics and actually started targetting the leathers managing to catch 7 with 3 over 30cm biggest going 37cm which were all turned into an amazing seafood risotto (highly highly recommend). With 2 live squid left we started fishing the top of the water column where 2 rat kings were landed one on live squid the other on a squid head. Then we hooked the big one on 50lb gear with drag near 70% spat the hooks after a 5 minute fight. To put that into perspective the two rat kings 62 and 64cm were caught with the same setup and drag setting and were boated within a minute or two. Then the storm picked up around 10:30ish so we headed for the boat ramp with a feed of leather jackets and a good days fish
  9. Hey guys i recently made a video on how we rig our live squid just a simple snell rig through the tip of the hood and one near the head. So what i wanted to know was how everyone else goes about rigging their livies and what hook size you use.
  10. Great work, can't complain with that bag of fish 👍
  11. That looks like an amazing feed, great work there