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  1. Hey @Raymondhau thanks alot we were running 50 and 80lb leaders
  2. Hey mate, Definitely launch for foreshore, there are squid all over kurnell especially around the Captain Cooks landing and directly opposite around bare island. If it is your first time fishing the bay be cautious around bare island as it can get very dicey there
  3. @mrsswordfisherman yes thanks a bunch, will do! i still remember meeting you at one of the hairtail socials! hopefully there will be another one soon
  4. Yes mate great idea!! Absolutely love that i never even thought of it! 🀣 upgrading camera and grabbing a drone is definitely on our to do list!
  5. Jeez, havent the kings been firing lately in the bay, We went out on 2 separate trips on the first trip we caught a total of 7 kingfish keeping 5 with the largest going 83 Then on the second trip we caught a total of 6 kingfish keeping 3 with the largest going 85. We have been fortunate enough to avoid the plagues of rats with the majority of the fish being over 75cm. Live Squid ofcourse outperformed all other livebait by far, roughly 4 - 1 when compared to live yakkas. Both days we managed fairly high numbers of calamari first day catching 6 and the second day catching 9. Around 3 hou
  6. Hey All, We headed offshore for another day of bottom bashing for Flathead. Simple Paternoster rig with Salted Slimey Mackerel done the trick and outfished all other baits on the day. We were very active in finding the Flathead constantly moving. If your not catching legal flatties within 5 minutes of dropping it's best to up and move until you do. After 3 hours of fishing, we decided to head back with 14 fish biggest going 50cm. Its good to be able to stock the freezer again and have flatties cant wait to get onto the crabs!!
  7. @cogo44 Mate sounds like an awesome day!! and a bloody big boat with 10 people on it!
  8. Started early morning collecting live slimy Mackerel for a chance at a good kingfish and to stock up on slimy fillets to salt. Then headed offshore to try and find the deep sea Flathead. We headed north out of Botany Bay towards Coogee and started searching for them in 30 meters of waters being plagued by Sargent bakers and red rock cods we bounced around eventually working our way out to 50 meters by then we were only just north of Cape Banks. Where we found the patch and boated 6 within 20 minutes by then the wind had picked up and we were forced back inside the bay. All in all, we end
  9. It was actually a few weeks ago. Some of you may remember the post. I've been fishing with my father since i can remember started out with beach fishing and eventually we got a boat about 10yrs ago And all of a sudden it was me waking dad up in the early mornings!!! We have pretty much fished Botany Bay ever since!! Alot of the time just targetting the bread and butter species for a nice feed Flatties, Crabs and Calamari. We would target kings when its the right time of year and we wouldnt get much lukc the odd king here and there and it was never my father that would catch the kingf
  10. yeah they were super fussy on the day i was fishing near bottom where the fish on the sounder were holding and wasnt getting anything. Wound up above mid water column and the moment i did that you could see on the sounder the kingies coming up and attacking the squid!! Then a few moments later was the hookup
  11. Thanks for the support man πŸ™‚ Thats a tough one mate. It is a mixture of patience and confidence if your confident your in the right spot at the right time of day with the right bait and your confident the fish will come around then stay. Usually though as a rule of thumb 45 minutes - 1hr just to give the spot a chance.If we are anchored at a spot that we know produces and for whatever reason theres nothing happening and the sounder isnt lighting up and the burley isnt bringing them in then definitely 45 -60 minutes till we move
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