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  1. the son

    80cm 5KG Kingfish - Botany Bay, Sydney

    Thanks guys we are slowly starting to put it together, I just wish we could get out to fish more cant wait to crack the 1m mark!!
  2. the son

    80cm 5KG Kingfish - Botany Bay, Sydney

    Still yet to crack the 1m mark
  3. Just a quick little update for you guys, We headed out on the 10th of Feb to Botany, with a plan to catch kingies. Unfortunately the wind was too strong to head outside so we had settle for fishing inside the bay Hit the usual squid grounds to no avail only managing one small candy squid, Then bounced around to all other locations that produce squid, still nothing. Downrigged along the Bare Island Bombie seeing crazy activity on the sounder as we were positioning the boat to anchor, WE HOOKED UP!! The water temp on the run in was at 22. The kingie put up a tough fight on the 50lb gear. He Measured in at 82cm weighing just over 5kg. Heres the vid enjoy
  4. the son

    Blue Swimmers Arriving

    Don't forget with the warmer weather and water temps rolling in that crabs will shortly be arriving!! For any of you who are a little rusty Check out this quick informative vid that will have you up and ready in no time
  5. the son

    Big Blue Swimmer Crabs

    Thanks mate
  6. the son


    Guys Big Big things to come me and old bro planning to properly invest our time and money into land based game fishing. We should have our setup ready shortly and all the gear required. We are based in Sydney and are willing to travel upto 3 hours to rock platforms. We have fished Botany Bay by boat for many years so pretty much got that area covered for rock locations. WE are just after some general locations if anyone could help that would be tremendous
  7. the son

    Big Blue Swimmer Crabs

    Yo guys haven't posted in a while haven't had the chance to go out fishing since new years, Heres a quick vid I threw together of left over footage of our crabbing sessions this summer just gone. Its amazing you can get such a great feed of crab in the middle of Sydney, Check the vid for more details, please let me know how you like it and give feedback thanks a lot guys.
  8. the son

    Crabbing rules and regulation

    Hey guys i cant seem to find up to date crabbing laws in nsw, each different page i read always say something different. what i am after mainly is just the current laws on how many pots and witches hats we are allowed on board per person?
  9. the son

    Best place for squid @night syd

    yeah man at the kurnell groynes if you can cast far enough to reach the weed beds youd be laughing also a bare island aswell
  10. the son

    Techniques For Winter kings

    hey guys thanks for the advice we usually have no trouble catching squid in the bay we went out last time and was catching monster squid 30cm hoods were huge. Will definitely hit the heads then and start Downrigging. As for kings inside much or not at all. Cheers for the advice
  11. the son

    Techniques For Winter kings

    Hey guys went out the other week to BB looking for the winter kings to no avail we were trolling lures (x raps) and halcos etc. Just wondering whats the best technique for winterys does it change with the weather usually trolling works well. What do you guys recommend? Downrigging, poppers or just drifting with fresh squid strips
  12. the son

    Botany Bay 80cm kingfish

    Nah mate it was a struggle the first king didn't even want to look at the boat
  13. Hey fellas im wondering how everyone fares on the blue swimmer crabs ive been targetting them for awhile in Botany Bay and have been having no luck. Can anyone please help me out
  14. the son

    Botany Bay 80cm kingfish

    Hey guys with kingy season thought i would shard this video for you guys me and my father went out last year this time of month too and got stuck into some good kingfish inside the bay. Never had much luck with kingys, but this day was one of the best
  15. the son

    89cm flathead

    No worries will start adding stories next time