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  1. I usually pick some up inside the boat bay near the ramp, before going out. Not sure what size/location they are like at the moment as I have not been down for a while. From memory they are not always small but up to 30cm as you say. Use mashed pilchard for berley if shy, though bread usually works OK. Watch out for the divers/snorkellers down there, I have nearly hooked them or worse start your motor/drive over one, they are not always too smart about where they go and the hazards of snorkle area adjacent to busy ramp. Good luck and let us know how you go.
  2. I found that if slow to respond to bread, I get a pilchard and squish it between my fingers and let it filter into the water like a berley cloud (no chunks). Seems to get them biting. Another trick if you have caught one on bread, use his guts as fresh bait, usually works for me (most times ) Best of luck
  3. Welcome to Fishrader's Dave, hope you managed to catch a fish or two. Reply or PM Ray and he is sure to give you some good advice for Avoca, if he hasn't caught up with you yet. Hope to see you around sometime, if I manage to get out.. Cheers copafisher
  4. Location: Pretty Beach (Central Coast) Access: Western end of Araluen Drive, off Pretty Beach Road (via Killcare Heights and Hardy Bay.) Parking: Limited parking adjacent/nearby, houses nearby may limit problems with thieves. Condition: New(ish), wide single lane ramp, pontoon jetty adjacent to lane. Sandy beach other side. Additional small public wharf nearby. Water off ramp is not deep. Facilities: Picnic tables, Toilets, taps, garbage bins, fish cleaning. Shops at Hardys Bay and Wagstaffe.
  5. I have not really worried about the hollow section too much (it is hot dipped gal) but have sprayed some lano inside and give them as good a quick jet/rinse as I can. The lanolin actually seems to spread itself about quite a bit even if you dont get it on quite right. I expect there is places that I wont stop corrosion but then it is salt water. My brake gear and other non gal stuff are more affected and actually get more frequent top up with lanolin (I try not to get it on the discs & pads). After a stuck steering cable a while back I also give the steering rod a wipe clean and spray lano on and turn motor back and forward occasionally. In last 5 years I have found many people use lano spray on boats, engines, reels and firearms as a universal lubricant/protectant. Its much better than the WD40 my dad always used on the farm. Cheers
  6. Is it gal ? If so the anode probaly wouldn't help, as thats what the gal is for. I liberally coated mine with lanolin spray after being told by others and regularly renew it from spray cans. If I was more proactive I would probably take the boat off each years and and give it a wash with a guerny (it actually has a salt/lanolin/gal crust) and repaint with lanolin(bulk liquid is cheaper than cans). Mine is 5 years old now and so far is holding up good but is showing spots in places where I should probably renew the gal coat with some paint on cold gal. During the dry & severe water restrictions on the coast, I didnt have a rain water tank and wasnt washing it down as well as I normally would. Cheers
  7. Jeez, this is an interesting one. It has taken me quite some time to check the legislation, marine regulations, Australian standards etc. FYI this is what I found, sorry about the long answer but most detail is relevant (I do compliance stuff so you need to check all the relevant legislation, standards, guidelines etc. I am still not sure I have the full picture for my boat ) Very important also - Check your extinguisher, if it's a dry chemical type then you should give it a shake and see if the powder has compacted or hardened at the bottom or side. I give mine a bash when I remember to make sure the powder is not compacted to make sure the extinguisher will work if I need to use it. I don’t recall an expiry date but check to make sure the indicator is in the green. Cheers Steve Schedule 4 Standard of safety equipment carried on recreational vessels (Clauses 83 and 84) Fire extinguishers carried must be of a type suitable for the type of fuel carried on board the vessel as specified in Australian Standard AS 1799.1–1992, Small Pleasure Boats Code—General requirements for power boats (as in force from time to time). They must be designed and manufactured in accordance with an Australian Standard specification for portable fire extinguishers. Extinguishers must be stowed, so as to be readily accessible in the case of fire. It appears AS 1799.1-1992 has been updated, there is a 2009 version out. I found a downloadable pdf at This indicates 6.1.1 Selection The type of fire extinguishers to be carried on a boat shall be appropriate to the type of fires likely to be encountered. NOTE: Guidance on the selection of suitable fire extinguishers is given in AS 2444, and in Appendix G. 6.1.2 General All boats that are powered by a motor should carry at least one extinguisher of rating not less than 5B. 6.1.3 Large tanks Boats that use petrol and have fuel tanks of capacity greater than 25 litres should carry at least one extinguisher of rating not less than 20B. There are other requirements identified, you need to read to check requirements that may apply to your boat eg 6.3 INBOARD ENGINE COMPARTMENTS On inboard boats where an automatic fire extinguishing system is not installed, provision shall be made so that a portable fire extinguisher can be discharged into the engine space while the engine cover remains closed. I will have to get a copy to check AS 2444-and any relevant details. I could not access a copy online. I googled and found a 20B rated extinguisher appears to be a 1 kilogram Dry Chemical Powder ABE which for my boat (4.8m bowrider) is what I have (see ) In regards to maintenance , the Marine Regulations Clause 84 indicates 84 Minimum safety equipment to be carried on recreational vessels (1) The owner and the operator of a vessel must ensure that the vessel carries the safety equipment: (a) specified in Part 1 of Schedule 5 in respect of the vessel, or ( if Part 2 of Schedule 5 modifies the operation of Part 1 of Schedule 5 in relation to the type of vessel concerned, in accordance with Part 1 of that Schedule as so modified. (2) The owner and the operator of a vessel must ensure that the equipment required by this Regulation to be carried on the vessel complies with the standards specified in Schedule 4 in respect of the equipment. (3) The owner and the operator of a vessel must ensure that the equipment required by this Regulation to be carried on the vessel is in good condition. (4) The owner and the operator of a vessel must ensure that the equipment required by this Regulation to be carried on the vessel is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (if any) provided for the equipment. (5) The owner and the operator of a vessel must ensure that the equipment required by this Regulation to be carried on the vessel is replaced when the manufacturer’s specified expiry date (if any) for the equipment is reached. (6) The owner and the operator of a vessel must ensure that the equipment required by this Regulation to be carried on the vessel is stored or placed so as to enable quick and easy access to it. (7) The owner and the operator of a vessel must ensure that each person on board the vessel is aware of where the equipment required by this Regulation to be carried on the vessel is stored or placed. (8) The Maritime Authority may, by notice in writing given to a person who is the owner or operator of a vessel, request the person to provide evidence of a kind specified in the notice relating to the maintenance, condition or storage of any equipment required by this Regulation to be carried on the vessel.
  8. I went for a walk around there about 4pm, must have just missed you. There were a few hardy souls out the front not having much luck. Was hoping to see your new "ice cleats" in action and ask where you got them. How do you tell all the Ray "Junior's" apart? Cheers
  9. What a catch, a real wall hanger . Better start pumping some iron though cause youve got a new PB to beat ! Cheers, Copafisher
  10. Some nice whiting there Bruce, I went over the bridge on Sunday while my "crew" was taking me for his driving lesson, looked like fantastic conditions. I cant seem to get my young bloke out of bed before midday so am often in the same boat (or usually not in it at all). If you are after any crew I am more than willing to come along to help etc and willing to pay my way. Send me a pm if your interested. I also promise not to outfish you, though you might be better of with slinkymalinky Cheers Steve - Copafisher
  11. Member ? Married ?

  12. Jim, Make sure you have the jig the right way up so the rigs hang out not down. You can add bait to the jig to help to sometimes. If they are being fussy with the jig I usually get better results using a good berley and handline. I use pilchard mashed up in your hand to a milk like consistency to get them hattracted and hungy and use a small handline and small hook with a small piece of a tougher bait eg squid, fresh fish guts etc if the jigs's not working. Cheers
  13. More recent strike on the Central Coast. Lightning strike kills tourist - December 5, 2007 - 12:22PM A 27-year-old French tourist who arrived in Australia eight days ago with her boyfriend was killed instantly when she was struck by lightning overnight on the Central Coast. The woman had been standing in ankle-deep water watching her boyfriend fish at Terrigal Beach about 8.20pm when she was struck by lightning, Gosford police said. "[Her boyfriend] was fishing and basically there's just been a lightning strike," a police spokesman said. "It's hit her and knocked her boyfriend and two other people over. "It was a direct strike and it killed her instantly.'' The boyfriend and the two other people were taken to Gosford hospital, but were uninjured, he said. The French embassy has been informed and the boyfriend has already called the woman's family, the spokesman said. Lightning accounts for five to 10 deaths and well over 100 injuries every year in Australia, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.
  14. There is an important reminder from Greg getting fined. The legislation is even more detailed than shown in the Boating handbook, most people dont know where to find it, let alone read or understand it or realise it gets changed occasionally (which is no defense in a court). See and "Search" "In force" for the Marine Safety (General) Regulation 2009 Not only do you need to carry the safety equip, but it must be to the required standard, be in good condition, maintained, within expiry dates, stored/placed for quick and easy access and you must ensure that each person on board the vessel is aware of where the equipment (required by this Regulation to be carried on the vessel) is stored or placed. See clause 84 of the Regs (my bolded text) In relation to the fire bucket/bailer Bucket with lanyard - The bucket must be suitable for bailing water out of the vessel, as well as collecting water for use in case of fire. The bucket must be manufactured from metal or a robust plastic or robust canvas (for example, a Wallaby bucket), and be designed so as not to collapse, distort or lose the handle when full of water. The bucket must not be used for any other purpose and must be readily available at all times. The bucket must have a lanyard (rope) attached of significant length to allow the bucket to be cast over the side and retrieved full of water.. Looks like they got you for two items, given the $250 fine (level 2). It should indicate on the PIN what you were fined for. 93 Penalty notice offences and penalties 4) For the purposes of this Regulation, penalty amounts are expressed in terms of the following levels: Level 2 means a penalty of $250. Schedule 7 Penalty notice offences Clause 84 (1) in respect of one item of equipment Level 1 Clause 84 (1) in respect of more than one item of equipment 2 As part of my boat checks, I usually check my young bloke knows where stuff is and get him to help me checks its OK. Looks like part of this weekends chores might be to check the boat/gear in more detail, I know the flares were bought a while back and I have been using my bucket for keeping yakkas in . Cheers
  15. copafisher

    Boat Trailers

    Ive got a 4.8 Stacer on skids, never seem to get it centred right, skid engages to early on the hull and it goes one side or the other. I cant leave it as it rides on one or other guards and can/does slip off the centre roller and ride on the bracket. A bastard on a busy ramp or if a bad cross wind or tide. The right depth seems to be the trick. I am thinking of getting some rollers for the back. I used to do the drive on method until I had an experience in a quiet, 4 knot area : picture the boat in gear holding against the trailer, hop out and bring the cable back, hook on, go back to flip the ratchet, realise a big wake is coming in and dont make it in time to winch up or grab the boat. Question - Which way do you go when the boats in gear, the fronts hooked to the trailer but the ratchets off and the boat is now got off the skids and is going somewhere else ??? Managed to rescue that without to many blue words and any damage. Good luck, hope you find your solution. Cheers