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  1. fabby! I need to go fishing!!!!
  2. inspiring! i need to shake this 2 week old cold and catch some fish!
  3. down at the rail bridge i am guessing? nice going. thats a good looking fishy.
  4. ving

    Baby crap....

    turtles are a constant catch for me lately... need to find something that they wont eat. 3 baby carp is better than no fish an no fish i better than the best day at work
  5. ving

    Campbelltown Catch a Carp

    yeah it was a good day all up. i only had corn and a bit of bread... I think i need to try something more exotic next time. Just hate spending too much money on carp...
  6. ving

    Campbelltown Catch a Carp

    I only caught one... at a measly 25cm. :/ the record for the day was an absolute monster tho. looked to be 80cm or more!
  7. Campbelltown catch a carp comp is on today... in 50 mins! be there of be square! I bought a new rod when i went to pejar and havent caught a fish since. I hope today is the day i break the drought.
  8. ving

    Big Carp on surface lure!

    cool.i tried a small popper once and got some interest and figured they they probably would take a surface lure. well done
  10. congrats. they are a great sport fish hey my local carp hole is acting up at the moment, they seem to have gone off the corn.
  11. ving

    carp, its been a while

    Oh meow, boys! Lol Sent from my C5303 using Tapatalk
  12. ving


    Might have to try in the cooler months then. Sent from my C5303 using Tapatalk
  13. ving


    Yup. My buddy wants to go there this weekend. Might give it a miss. Anyone got a good location close to there we could go to instead? Sent from my C5303 using Tapatalk
  14. ving


    Apparently overcast days are better. Oh well, next time. I like the new rod. Sent from my C5303 using Tapatalk
  15. G'day y'all! I headed out from c/town home base at 7am (thats early for me) to Pejar Dam, the reputed home of "STONKERS!" according to the australian liberal party. I stopped in town (Goulburn) for some quick munchies and was at the dam unpacking the car by 9.15. I retrieved my backpack, net and rod from the back of my car and headed off on what was a bea-utiful. As i departed the car to the waters edge i managed to get a stick caught in my line... Hang on! that twig has a runner on it! <enter expletives galore> packed up and headed back into town. i keep telling my friends that no one gets lost any more. its near impossible! so I googled "fishing tackle goulburn" and moments later I had a new shimano rod. I must have just about walked all around the damn dam and my legs are sore. Zero fish, I saw some fry harassing a moth and that was it. beautiful dam. the water was nice and high and cool to stand in... the dam just needs fish. (the fish I am told are in the deep water and a yak is the way to go. I used celtas and lil hard bodies all day)